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Win a Free Kigurumi! | Contest Over

September 12, 2011

Epic Cuteness!

This kitteh will be making the Kigurumi Shop Staff Pick ...and he's CRAZY!!

Want to win a free kigurumi?? This week we’re having our first Kigurumi Photo Contest!

We want to see pictures of your cutest kigurumi pose. The theme for this contest is Epic Cuteness, so the more cheek-pinchingly cute the better! ^^

Please note that there must be someone wearing a kigurumi in the photo. You can use cute animals to increase the cuteness level of the pic, but don’t forget about the kigurumi!

Here’s how we’re gonna do it:

  • Email your super-kawaii kigurumi pic to contest@kigurumi-shop.com (One per person, please)
  • We’ll upload your photos to this Facebook photo album as soon as we can
  • Have you friends vote for your pic by clicking on your photo’s “Like” button
  • We’ll post the winner here (on the blog) Sunday evening!

This is the best part: we’ll be giving away TWO kigurumi. One person will win for having the most “Likes” by 5pm on Sunday the 18th. The other person will be a Kigurumi Shop staff pick!

Even if your picture doesn’t have the most Likes, be sure to check the blog on Sunday night. You can still win! :D

This contest is only a week long so you’ll need to act fast. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook  if you want to be the first to find out about future contests.




This contest is now closed. Here are the winners!

The wining picture based on the most Facebook “Likes” is…

Winner based on "Likes"


And the Kigurumi Staff Pick is….

The Kigurumi Shop Staff Pick

The Kigurumi Shop Staff Pick


We’ll be contacting the winners this evening!


Our Next Contest

We’re going to make some changes to future contests that will make things more fun! Stay tuned for details.

If you want find out about our contests first, follow us on Twitter or subscribe to this blog!

~<3~ Kigurumi Shop

  • Neko

    awh… I don’t have one… T~T.. i thought that would be the point of a contest to win one T~T

  • Neko, we’re thinking up ideas for contests to allow people who don’t have a kigurumi win one. We’ll keep everyone posted! ^^

  • Fishbone

    You guys should’ve enforced a rule to have a hand drawn sign that says something like “I <3 Kigurumi shop!" to prevent fakes from entering. Oh well!

  • For this first contest we allowed people to submit photos that weren’t of themselves. We thought it would be fair to those people who don’t have a Kigurumi.

    In the future we’ll only accept photos if they’re of the person submitting the photo. We’ll come up with fun ways to do this :)

    Thanks for the input. We really want to make these contests fun!

  • Hannah Netherland

    How often will you be having contests? These are quite entertaining.

  • Hannah, we’re not 100% set on how often, but we’re thinking every 7 to 10 days.

    Also, we really like letting people share their kigurumi pics, but we realize that not everyone has a kigurumi. We are thinking about rotating back and forth between contests that require a kigurumi and contests that don’t.

    Any ideas or suggestions are always welcome ^^

  • You guys could do a contest for designing a kigurumi :D

  • We were also thinking about having a contest for modifying the Kigurumi Shop logo. If you haven’t noticed it changes with the seasons. :D

    The only thing that might not be so great with having people design a kigurumi is that it would take us a while to actually have it in our shop. And we might not ever be able to add it if it’s a copyrighted character that we don’t have permission for.

    I guess it would still be fun to see what people come up with! ^^

  • Lopez Lexii

    Instead of designing a kigurumi have a drawing contest on who can think up the best idea through art

  • You read my mind :D

  • Lopez Lexii

    Yay :)

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  • Muffinninjafairy

    I think it would be a cool idea to have people draw out their kigurumi designs. But set rules like it can’t be a character you can’t get copy right for. Like be their own character or of an animal. And make it a special costom kigurumi and if you get enough request for that design THEN you can make more to sell. Hope you like this idea c:

  • Minutedove

    Kiddin me…

  • Kati

    Awws, I didn’t win! But I will keep entering the contests so maybe one day! It’s neat that I’m the first featured photo on the “Photos from our first contest” blog though (Pouting Hello Kitty, lols)! :p

  • :D This IS a cool idea, but realistically it could take a while (like, a year) from the time we have an idea to the time the kigurumi is available for sale in our shop.

    Our kigurumi come from Sazac (the BEST kigurumi manufacturer IMO!), but we’re in a special position that allows us to request new kigurumi based on ideas from our fans. Even still, it takes a while to get a kigurumi from an idea to our store.

  • Your photo was great! Thanks for sharing! <3

    We'll have plenty more contests in the future ^^

  • Guest

    Awh… If I would have know the photo didn’t have to be of the person, then I could have googled a cute picture. Poo. Congrats to the winners.

  • Mhnetherland

    Do a video contest showing how much we love our Kigurumi’s and what we do in them

  • Go_mikay

    Yay!! Thank you for making me the staff pick!! I never win anything! QAQ-
    Thank you! <3

  • Congratulations! :D

    Did you get the email I sent you? ~<3~