Top 10 Cutest YouTube Videos

October 15, 2011

If you follow Kigurumi-Shop on Facebook, then you know that we often post videos at the close of every night. Did I mention that they’re always CUTE videos?!?

Yeah, I know. Sometimes the videos are a little much to handle (because they’re so friggin’ cute!!!!), but we love them so much that we’re devoting this blog post to our top 10 favorites.


10) At number 10 we have…Baby monkeys!!!!

I love these guys. They’re just so cute and innocent…and maybe even a little naughty! :O


9) I love seeing the special affection two animals have for each other displayed in ways that all of us can understand.

Something even as simple as holding hands can be magical, as we see here with these two lovers! <3~


8) I find animals of different species hanging out together so fascinating. That’s why I’ve chosen this adorable little video. Ugh! When the kitteh grabs the doggy closer for a cuddle hug…my heart just melts!!!


7) Any of you who have ever had a dog before know the wtf expression they often give to their owners. This is perhaps the funniest depiction of said display of anarchy against their owner’s authority. He is taking a nap and his owner has the audacity to make him take a walk.

Pffft! I would react the same way!

Applause to this cutie, who makes it in at number 7 on my favorites list.


6) I love kittens. I love them all the time. This video has a lot of kittens. What can I say. I’m in love. <3333333

This video is a classic, filled with heart-stopping fluffay-ness, which I will never get tired of.


5) Penguins. Everyone knows that it’s a scientific FACT; penguins are the cutest and coolest animals EVER. Period. Argue with me. I dare you.    <.<    >.>   <.<

This Penguin is wearing a backpack…a penguin backpack. :O I just died from how adorable this is.


4) This video is awesome. And let me explain why, to those of you who are at this very moment questioning my motives for making it my number 4 favorite,


Yup that’s right. An awkward little uncoordinated kitten, playing with everything he can get his paws on. And he’s FLUFFAY! If you’ve read this blog post up to here, then you already know that I love kittens.


3) This video comes in at number 3. I still remember the first time I saw it. I squeeled so loud that I scared everyone. It’s adorable. Another fact, if you’re keeping track of these things.

An exotic kitten meowing. The cutest sound ever!


2) And so we’ve made it to number 2.

This is tough for me, but I think I’ve made the right choice.

If you like cute fluffy things like me, which, I tend to consider myself an expert on these things, then you’ve already watched this video more than 5 times.

I think I’ve pretty much done the same thing as this little guy in a few classes at school. He pulls it off though. Don’t worry, I won’t tell  anyone that you fell asleep. ;)


1) When I first thought about writing this, there was no question in my mind about which video I would crown as number 1 on my favorites list.

I love this video so much…you have no idea. Seriously. I’ve even imitated the bunny on the left irritating the bunny on the right with my special someone. Yeah. You can imagine how annoying that is. Another fact, which I am VERY proud of. :D

If you haven’t seen this video yet, click immediately. Because I have just changed your life.

You’re welcome. >.<



Oh come on! You didn’t think I’d just pick 10 videos did you????

This last video, is my ultimate favorite video of all time.

It’s so breath-takingly cute that I don’t have the will in me to give it a number. As much as I love kittens (as we’ve established more than once here) I happen to have a secret obsession about penguins. Uh oh! Omg…don’t tell anyone!!! Oh geez, I made it awkward again… <.<  >.>  <.<

Just watch the video. It’s the new craze that is taking over the world. And this guy is a celebrity in my world for sure.

Cookie for president!!!