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Win a Free Kigurumi | Draw Yourself in a Kigurumi | Contest Closed

October 5, 2011

Cute Giraffe

This cute little guy will be the judge for the Kigurumi Shop Staff Pick, and he calls it how he sees it.


This contest is closed. Please scroll down to see the winners.


We’re having another kigurumi contest, but this time we’re switching it up a bit. This contest will give those who don’t have a kigurumi a chance to win one. Yay for free kigurumi!

For this contest, we want you to draw a picture of yourself in a kigurumi… in the natural environment of the kigurumi. What’s that mean?? Well, if you draw yourself in a giraffe kigurumi, maybe you’ll be on the savannas of Africa… or maybe you’ll be sleeping at your desk in class. As always, be creative! The more ridiculous the better, I say. But, then again, I say that about pretty much everything…

The Rules

Your Own Drawing

For this contest, we are requiring that you must own the drawing that you are submitting. By submitting a drawing, you are declaring that you are the owner of the drawing. You also must be OK with us using the drawing on our Facebook page and our blog. And we will be selling prints of your submitted art work to help pay for my ice cream addiction.

Just kidding. I’m not addicted. I can stop whenever I want… I just don’t want to right now.



Any Type of Media other than Photos or Video

You can use any type of media to create your work of art, but no photos, please. However, you can use a camera to take a picture of your drawing or painting… or life-size sculpture. If you want to use computer graphics or illustration software, by all means do so! But no motion graphics or videos.

How to Enter

Email your work of Kigurumi art to contest@kigurumi-shop.com. We’re only allowing one entry per person and don’t forget about the “natural” environment of your kigurumi!

How to Win

Just like the last contest, there will be two winners. One person will win for having the most Facebook “Likes” on his or her submission by 5:00pm Pacific Daylight Time on Sunday the 16th. The other winner will be a Kigurumi Shop Staff Pick!

We will add the submitted drawings to a Facebook photo album as soon as possible so your friends can start voting. We usually add submissions for the day all at once at some point in the evening (PDT).

The Prize

A free kigurumi plus free shipping! The winners will be declared Sunday. Be sure to check back here to see who the winners are!

Please note that you must live in an area that we ship to or be willing to have the kigurumi shipped to a friend or relative, should you win.  We do ship internationally and we reach a good portion of the world, but not everywhere. If you usually have problems with ordering online, you might want to check if we can ship to you by entering your address in the checkout portion of our website just to test.

Now get drawing!

Even if your picture doesn’t have the most Likes, be sure to check the blog on Sunday evening. You can still be the Kigurumi Shop Staff Pick! :D

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter so you can be the first to find out about future contests.

We can’t wait to see what you all come up with!


The Winners


First of all, a HUGE thank you to everyone who submitted their artwork to our contest. We were amazed at how much talent you all have. Browsing through the photo album and looking through all of your awesome work is a pleasure.

We had a much larger response than we were expecting. There is no possible way we could only pick one winner for the Kigurumi Shop Staff Pick, so we’ve decided to break our own rules a little…

The Penguin Queen

Most "Likes"

Hoarding Kitteh

Kigurumi Shop Staff Pick

Tigers Playing

Kigurumi Shop Staff Pick

Angry Kitteh

Kigurumi Shop Staff Pick

Corned Red Panda. Oh Noes!

Kigurumi Shop Staff Pick

The Pumpkin Queen

Kigurumi Shop Staff Pick

We will be contacting the winners over the next couple days at the email addresses that were used to submit the entries.

Our next contest will start very soon. Be sure to follow us on Twitter to be the first to find out about it!

~<3~ Kigurumi Shop

  • Das freut mir.

    A question. Would we be able to choose our prize if we won? Or if we draw ourselves in something that you happen to have in stock but we actually want something else that you have, then…? Just curious. :3

  • Yep! You can choose any kigurumi you’d like if you win. :)

  • Nana-chan

    I sent you my pic like an hour ago and it hasnt posted? ):

  • I’m going through them right now. We got a bunch of submissions in today. :)

  • GrinningPumpkin

    Good luck to everybody!!!

  • I would so love to do some art for this contest but I’m just so swamped with getting ready for New York Comic Con, I might just send in some art for fun after though.

  • Sierra, if you miss this contest, don’t worry. I’m sure we’ll be having more like this in the future ^^

  • asdf.

    Kind of lame somebody is whoring themself out on DA to win, and it’s not necessarily even a drawing of a kigurumi. :|

  • For future references…I was just wondering if I can design my own Kigurumi that is not in the shop yet (ie. a random pokemon)?

  • * A*

    I have a question! How strict are you guys on the “kigu in it’s natural environment” rule, and if we know that there has been a submission that is elsewhere on the internet (aka the art is not owned by the entrant), do we report this?

  • We’re not terribly strict on the environment, but it will be a factor for the Kigurumi Shop Staff Pick.

    Yes, please let us know if the image exists elsewhere on the Internet! We do our best to check all the entries, but the Interwebs are vast and we can’t look everywhere.

  • Please, let me know which entry it is and I’ll take it down.

  • Rosemarie, we don’t do custom kigurumi designs. There are a few companies out there that do, and if you search “custom kigurumi” you can find them.

  • Das freut mir.

    Cool. I like the stuff you guys have; I’m a newbie to kigurumi but I’ve seen them at Anime Expo and online. The flying squirrel and dinozilla are pretty sick. I kinda wish the tails were longer and fluffier for most of these, but I can deal. xD If I can match the fabric I can just mod the kigurumi later. :3 Hoping to get my submission started, finished, and entered by Friday night!

  • Mark Weyer

    The two ones in the lead posted their link on their deviant art. Notice how they have 1000+ votes more than anyone else in the competition? I don’t think it’s fair that they just get a bunch of people to vote for their drawing and leave without even giving the other entries a peek.

  • o_d

    i don’t see any rules against advertising for your own picture to the best of your ability. and if they didn’t consider it to be a kigurumi then they wouldn’t have posted the picture up in the album in the first place.

  • Hope it’s still open, I’m workin’ my butt off trying to make the deadline xD I’m really inspired by the new Hello Kitty Kigurumi, it’s adorable!

  • Kigurumi mods! :D Share pictures if you’re able to make it work :)

  • Oh I see. Yes, it unfortunately kind of does come down to a popularity contest for the Facebook “Likes”… which is why we have the Kigurumi Shop Staff Pick. :)

    It’s going to be really tough to make our pick for this contest, though. We haven’t had anywhere near this many entries on previous contests.

  • Mark Weyer

    Ah Yeah.

  • Fawn, the contest is still open! There’s a chance you could be the Kigurumi Shop Staff Pick ^^

  • Zo

    When will the next contest be??

  • Maskedmurchant

    wow you guys got alot of good ones. it’s to bad i came in late. but oh well heres hoping for staff pick. and i got to see alot fo great artists to.

  • Better late than never! :)

    Yeah, we’ve got quite the task ahead of us. Picking our favorite is not going to be easy…

  • Tastypeachstudios

    Please let me know why my contest entry is no longer up. I worked extremely hard on that and had many likes on it, about 3-400ish on it :/ I’m trying not to be a bug.. but I would just like to know what happened ;__;

  • Das freut mir… nicht. -__-“

    I’m drawing as fast as I physically can, but I can’t possibly finish it AND scan it in time… Darn it! ;____;” I thought the submission deadline would’ve been something more normal, like midnight… Oh well. Maybe next time.

    When will the next contest be, and will it be the same sort of theme or will it be completely different? Cuz if it is, then I kinda have nothing else to do with this drawing… Pity.

    Good luck with picking a submission; you guys have a ton to go through. xD See ya around!

  • Annie

    some meanie reported it thats why ):

  • Kyo

    I don’t see anything wrong with posting your entree on DA if you have that many watchers to help you win i applaud you. i don’t consider it “whoring” at all nor should you. as a fellow artist i find that a bit offensive. and if its not technically a drawing of a kigurumi then i don’t think the judges would count it.

  • GUEST O:

    when will the results come out? O: it says today Sunday….

  • nao


  • Nikki

    AHHHH i must know who one before i go to sleep

  • Bri-Chan

    LAWD DON’T KEEP US WAITING!!!! Who won!?!?!?!

  • Guest

    One of the entries posted on TWO DA accounts and even linked to the post for people to vote… I can give you the link if you want.

  • Hina

    That’s really unfair and that person posted on two different deviantart account?! Even though its popularity, I feel its still unfair for the other contestants!

  • Garfield_girl

    its almost midnight here….who won the contest? i wanna go to bed….

  • Aki


  • Kara

    “one of the entries posted on TWO DA accounts and even linked to the post for people to vote… I can give you the link if you want. ” <- O_o is that even allowed? I mean posting onto DA? I heard a lot of people are making a fuss over it but.. does it really matter if they do or do not post it on DA?

  • Aki

    it shouldn’t really matter I dont think :/ i mean the people who got over 1000+ likes were all from spamming on DA. In the end it was set up as a popularity contest and everything’s kinda fair game after that.

  • Bri-Chan

    No seriously… It’s 4am on the east coast…. I gotta know, then I’ll sleep better.

  • Bri-Chan

    You’re so not the only one…. My head is pounding because I’m so tired, but I gotta know.

  • Claire

    I think they won’t post it today… hopefully results will be out tomorrow?

  • grats every one! you did an awesome job the 2nd picture from the bottom. (red panda one) im glad you won yo. you did a real good job.

  • Aki

    thank youuu <3 <3 It means a lot to me <3

  • I’m so happy that the kitty and red panda ones won! They were my favorites!! Congrats to all winners!! <33

  • ..damnit i’ll never win a contest.. ; 3;

  • So happy that the more unique entries won :D Please keep these contests going, they’re super fun.

  • That question was already asked, and they said it was allowed.

  • Well remember, there was only one winning entry (“most likes”) that was subjective and based on popularity. To be honest, it was clear that that winning entry would be based on the amount of advertising done. All the other winners were based on the staff vote. So really, there’s nothing to complain about.

  • I’m glad the cat drawing one, that one was one of my favorites. * A* Congrats to all the winners!