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Win a Free Kigurumi | Happy Halloween!

October 20, 2011

Halloween Kitteh

The Kigurumi Shop Staff Pick judge. He looks clueless, but he's probably not.

This contest is closed. Please scroll down to see the winners.

Halloween is almost here, so we figured it would make an appropriate theme for our next contest!

The theme for this contest is simply Halloween! Show us some Halloween awesome-ness… while wearing a Sazac kigurumi! Only one person has to be wearing a kigurumi in the photo.

Maybe you’re hanging out in a pumpkin patch or a graveyard… or you just have a camera handy as you’re setting up Halloween decorations and carving pumpkins. To win the Kigurumi Shop Staff Pick you’ll want to have a strong Halloween theme!


The Rules

Your Own Picture

For this photo contest, we are requiring that you must own the picture that you are submitting. By submitting a picture, you are declaring that you are the owner of the picture. You also must be OK with us using the picture on our Facebook page and our blog.

Sazac Kigurumi

The kigurumi must be a Sazac kigurumi. It doesn’t have to come from Kigurumi Shop, but it does need to be Sazac. There have been some imitations recently and we’re just trying to help out the originator of animal pajama onesies!

Not sure if your kigurumi is Sazac? There should be a Sazac tag in your kigurumi. If you have a Hello Kitty or Disney character it’s probably Sazac–the imitations don’t have permission for these kigurumi.

How to Enter

Email your picture to contest@kigurumi-shop.com. We’re only allowing one entry per person.

This email must also include your Facebook name,  your shipping information (Name, Address, Email, Phone Number) and the kigurumi that you would like if you win!

How to Win

There will be two winners. One person will win for having the most Facebook “Likes” on his or her picture by 5pm on Sunday the 30th. The other winner will be a Kigurumi Shop Staff Pic!

We will add the submitted photos to a Facebook photo album as soon as possible so your friends can start voting. We usually add submissions for the day all at once at some point in the evening (US Pacific Time).

The Prize

A free kigurumi plus free shipping! The winners will be declared by Monday evening. Please note that you won’t be able to get your kigurumi in time for Halloween.

Please note that you must live in an area that we ship to or be willing to have the kigurumi shipped to a friend or relative, should you win.  We do ship internationally and we reach a good portion of the world, but not everywhere. If you usually have problems with ordering online, you might want to check if we can ship to you by entering your address in the checkout portion of our website just to test.

Now get Halloween-ing!

Even if your picture doesn’t have the most Likes, be sure to check the blog on Sunday night. You can still be the Kigurumi Shop Staff Pick! :D

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter so you can be the first to find out about future contests.

Good luck!



The Winners


Magic Dinosaur Kigurumi

Most Likes

Vampire Lion Kigurumi

Kigurumi Shop Staff Pick


Thanks to everyone who participated! There were lots of great photos and we’re planning on featuring some of our favorites later in the week.

As always, follow Kigurumi Shop on Twitter or subscribe to the Kigurumi Shop blog to be the first to find out about our next contest!


~<3~ Kigurumi Shop

  • Jbonsaver

    i have a question about the prize….if we win, do we have to order a kigurumi from kigurumi-shop? or would you be able to pick one off of the Sazac website? (Im DYING for that Rilakkuma one, but i dont have enough to buy it Q~Q)

  • :( I can’t participate cause I don’t own one and none of my friends do either! plus I didn’t get my drawing done in time of the last one! I hope I can next time!

  • IFartedLOL

    would a pikachu kigurumi be a sazac kigurumi?? i don’t know what it means by sazac but i did pay quite a lot for my kigurumi so i really hope theres not something wrong with it :S

  • Garfield_girl

    yes it is :3

  • garethmankini

    so if you dont submit ur personal details like home address in the email can u not win??:o coz last time i did but the reply sounded like a robot so how do u get the details 2 u??

  • We would like you to include your shipping information so that if you win we can get your kigurumi to you as soon as possible. ^^

    Gareth, it looks like we haven’t gotten your entry yet. Did you send one in recently? The email you get back is to just let you know that you sent it to the right email. (:

  • Yep, Sazac makes a Pikachu kigurumi!

  • Lalita, we’ll be having more contests that don’t require a kigurumi to enter. Don’t worry! ^^

  • We’re only able to give away kigurumi that are in our shop. But we have alot of cool different ones to choose from. So don’t worry! If you win, I’m sure you’ll be able to find another kigurumi you like. :)

  • YAY! Thank you!!!

  • Guest

    so my boyfriend and i were wondering, is he allowed to enter the contest with me as the kigurumi model? or would that be against the rules?

  • Zeekzook

    Should people who have won previous contests be allowed to win again?

  • Guest

    i already entered the contest. he wants to as well, but he wants to use a picture of me. is that against the rules?

  • Nina

    Id like to make a complain, on one of your photos in the contest is a form of derivative art id appreciate if it was taken down due to because he confessed about copying it


  • chistery

    when will the winners be posted??

  • They’re up now! ^^

  • There are no rules against this in our contest. The contest winners are chosen independently of the fact that a person may have won previously. If your entry follows all of the rules of our contest I see no reason to disqualify an individual because they’ve won in the past. Having said that, we try to be as fair as we can with these contests, so we will take into account the fact that someone may have won before during the decision process of the staff pick. The first winner wins based on the number of likes on our facebook page and is chosen by the fans. No reason to worry though. We really do try to make everyone happy here. :)