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Win a Free Kigurumi | Pillow Fight!

November 22, 2011

When kittehs attack!

These ninja kittens will be judging for the Kigurumi Shop Staff Pick!

This contest is closed. Please scroll down to see the winners.

We’re changing things up quite a bit for our next photo contest, so play close attention… First of all, the theme for this contest is kigurumi pillow fights! Show us epic pillow fighting… while wearing a Sazac kigurumi! Only one person has to be wearing a kigurumi in the photo, but don’t forget the pillows!

The Rules

Your Own Picture

For this photo contest, you must own the picture that you are submitting. By submitting a picture, you are declaring that you are the owner of the picture. You also must be OK with us using the picture on our blog.

Sazac Kigurumi

The kigurumi must be a Sazac kigurumi. It doesn’t have to come from Kigurumi Shop, but it does need to be Sazac. There have been some imitations recently and we’re just trying to help out the originator of animal pajama onesies! Not sure if your kigurumi is Sazac? There should be a Sazac tag in your kigurumi. If you have a Hello Kitty or Disney character it’s probably Sazac–the imitations don’t have permission for these kigurumi.

How to Enter

Email your picture to contest@kigurumi-shop.com. We’re only allowing one entry per person. This email must also include  your shipping information (Name, Address, Email, Phone Number) and the kigurumi that you would like if you win! We will add your photos to the  photo gallery at the bottom of this page (<– this is the new part!) as soon as possible so your friends can start voting. We usually add submissions for the day all at once at some point in the evening (US Pacific Time).

The Prize

There will be EIGHT winners. Yay!  (<– this is also new!)

Two people will win a free kigurumi and free shipping. One will win for having the most votes on his or her picture by 10pm (Pacific Time) on Sunday, December 4th. The other winner will be a Kigurumi Shop Staff Pic!

2 people will win a $40 coupon for coming in 2nd and 3rd place based on votes.

4 people will win a $20 couponfor coming in 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th place based on votes. (A big thanks for Kristen for giving us this idea!)

Please note that you must live in an area that we ship to or be willing to have the kigurumi shipped to a friend or relative, should you win.  We do ship internationally and we reach a good portion of the world, but not everywhere. If you usually have problems with ordering online, you might want to check if we can ship to you by entering your address in the checkout portion of our website just to test.

Now get pillow fighting!

Even if your picture doesn’t have the most votes, you can still be the Kigurumi Shop Staff Pick! :D Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter so you can be the first to find out about future contests. Good luck!

For those who don’t own kigurumi, our next contest won’t require a kigurumi. (:



=> Contest Entries <=

Sadly, the kittehs can't win. ;_;

From Julianne - 1st Place

From Michelle - 4th Place

from Kayleigh - 3rd Place

from Samantha - 5th Place

From Michelle - 2nd Place

From Sarah

From Angel - 7th Place

From Rachel - Kigurumi Shop Staff Pick

From Malin

From Verdi - 6th Place

From Lauren


  • um i do not own a sazac kigurumi, but i do have one i made myself, will i be able to enter that in the contest?

  • You can only enter a Sazac kigurumi in the contest for it to be a valid entry. Sorryz! But we’re really trying to help out the originator of these kigus! :)

  • Sam

    Hey, where do you guys post the contest entry pictures? Will we be able to vote?

  • The contest entry pictures are posted right after the blog (that is above these comments). You can vote on the picture you like by clicking the bottom area where it says “vote on this image”. :)

  • Michelle

    I entered my contest entry, but I don’t see it up here! >///<

  • It’s kind of disappointing that you can only enter a photo if you or someone you know already HAS a kigurumi… it’s rather a huge advantage right there.

    It’d be nice to have a competition that was limited to people without a kigu, but i guess that couldn’t really be enforced.

  • Michelle Hertel

    My picture hasn’t been posted yet…. o A o

  • Turtlebridgett

    im nto able to vote on michelles pic and i think its really cute! but i dont see where it says vote on this image >///<

  • Sorry for taking so long to post your picture, Michelle! It’s up there now. (:

  • Sorry about that. I hadn’t added Michelle’s photo yet. It’s there now ^^

  • We really love to see people doing fun stuff in kigurumi, but I know what you mean. Our next contest will probably be a drawing or art-based kigurumi contest.

    If you have any ideas, please share! We want these contests to be as fun as possible (:

  • Don’t worry, it’s up there now. :>

  • Angel

    The votes on the pictures are acting kind of funny. Some of my friends told me they couldn’t vote and when they clicked to vote it just made the picture bigger. Anyone else having a problem?

  • You can only vote once on an image. If they already voted, then the picture will just get bigger if they click on it. I haven’t heard of anyone having problems voting so far, but let me check into it and get back to you… :)

  • Angel

    Ah, that’s probably what it was. Sorry for the misunderstanding ^^’

  • Would you be interested in doing an art contest that would be sort of a two person thing? Like two people have to work on a picture together and each win a kigurumi? Perhaps after the next contest.

  • Michelle <3

    The voting is strange. My picture says I have 50 votes, but when I click “Vote on this picture” It says I have 58 votes! o.O

  • hmm…maybe you got more votes within that time frame? Now you have 62…Let me look into it for you. :)

  • I’m not sure how this would work. We’ll definitely be considering any ideas, so thank you!

    If you have any more ideas please don’t hesitate to let us know! >.<

  • Lauren

    when are you going to upload more of them?….mine still isnt up :/

  • The Vote Button For Picture #6, By Michelle Isnt Working! The Button Isnt There

  • Its Over, Woooo Great Job Michelle! 2nd Place!!!! <3333

  • GoVerdigo

    Amen! I had to borrow a friend’s from like 200mi. away just to enter it. Sadly I barely got the photo yesterday so my chances of winning my own are low. BUT Hopefully I get at least enough votes to get a coupon and buy the one I want ^__^ (or get staff pic, wink wink)

  • just kidding, its not over yet

  • Kitten

    whoa whoa whoa! whats with these sudden new entries?? theyre DEFINITELY past the deadline. thats SO unfair to the other people who entered ON TIME.

  • GoVerdigo

    The one at the end “Pillow Fight!” Is the best one! I wish it had come sooner!

  • Lauren

    thanks it is mine XD
    i emailed it earlier to them
    ….but they just put it up T-T

  • Kitten, all of the entries added were sent to contest@kigurumi-shop.com. They all entered on time. (:

  • Sorry for not putting your photo up until the very end, Lauren. If you follow us on twitter or subscribe to the blog’s RSS feed, you’ll be able to find out about our contests sooner. (:

  • Lauren

    its fine i completely understand :P
    it was my fault i should have entered earlier….. but thats ok XD
    thanks for the opportunity anyway :D

  • We’re planning on starting our next contest soon, so stay tuned! ^^

  • We just posted the winners! We’ll contact them tomorrow to get them their discount coupons or free kigurumi. :D

    Congratulations to the winners and a thanks to everyone for entering! ~<3~

  • BronyCoco

    But I wouldn’t be able to win that either! I have no drawing skills! Dx

  • Well, it would be simple. Two people would team up. One sketcher, and one color artist. And there would be two different ways to do it. One would be the both hand rendered (i.e both done by hand the good old fashioned way) Or one hand rendered the other computer rendered. I know people who do it all on computers would have a MAJOR lead, so it would have to be one hand rendered. Each would have to have a picture of each artist WHILE working on the item. That way you can verify that two people did work on it and that one was in fact hand done. I personally one draw in pencil and would no issue posting a picture of the finished uncolored item on here. The theme should be something with two characters minimum in it. It would certainly bring a whole new aspect to the contest as now you would have to find someone that can compliment your art style and be able to either use a computer or do the other thing by hand. I would think it would be a REAL challenge that way. And it would be more of a team effort. (Sorry for the novel post.)

  • Ok yeah! That’s a great idea. We’ll definitely consider it. Thank you! :)

  • No problem. If you want to contact me for any other ideas (I always full of them!!! >_> And other things too…..) you can inbox me on FB. Same name as here. I would love helping you think of contests as I have way too many ideas than I know what to do with!

  • wow. l love it.kidding.

  • From Julianne – 1st Place very cool. http://www.hotonesie.com/