Win a Free Kigurumi | Pillow Fight!

November 22, 2011

When kittehs attack!

These ninja kittens will be judging for the Kigurumi Shop Staff Pick!

This contest is closed. Please scroll down to see the winners.

We’re changing things up quite a bit for our next photo contest, so play close attention… First of all, the theme for this contest is kigurumi pillow fights! Show us epic pillow fighting… while wearing a Sazac kigurumi! Only one person has to be wearing a kigurumi in the photo, but don’t forget the pillows!

The Rules

Your Own Picture

For this photo contest, you must own the picture that you are submitting. By submitting a picture, you are declaring that you are the owner of the picture. You also must be OK with us using the picture on our blog.

Sazac Kigurumi

The kigurumi must be a Sazac kigurumi. It doesn’t have to come from Kigurumi Shop, but it does need to be Sazac. There have been some imitations recently and we’re just trying to help out the originator of animal pajama onesies! Not sure if your kigurumi is Sazac? There should be a Sazac tag in your kigurumi. If you have a Hello Kitty or Disney character it’s probably Sazac–the imitations don’t have permission for these kigurumi.

How to Enter

Email your picture to We’re only allowing one entry per person. This email must also include  your shipping information (Name, Address, Email, Phone Number) and the kigurumi that you would like if you win! We will add your photos to the  photo gallery at the bottom of this page (<– this is the new part!) as soon as possible so your friends can start voting. We usually add submissions for the day all at once at some point in the evening (US Pacific Time).

The Prize

There will be EIGHT winners. Yay!  (<– this is also new!)

Two people will win a free kigurumi and free shipping. One will win for having the most votes on his or her picture by 10pm (Pacific Time) on Sunday, December 4th. The other winner will be a Kigurumi Shop Staff Pic!

2 people will win a $40 coupon for coming in 2nd and 3rd place based on votes.

4 people will win a $20 couponfor coming in 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th place based on votes. (A big thanks for Kristen for giving us this idea!)

Please note that you must live in an area that we ship to or be willing to have the kigurumi shipped to a friend or relative, should you win.  We do ship internationally and we reach a good portion of the world, but not everywhere. If you usually have problems with ordering online, you might want to check if we can ship to you by entering your address in the checkout portion of our website just to test.

Now get pillow fighting!

Even if your picture doesn’t have the most votes, you can still be the Kigurumi Shop Staff Pick! :D Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter so you can be the first to find out about future contests. Good luck!

For those who don’t own kigurumi, our next contest won’t require a kigurumi. (:



=> Contest Entries <=

Sadly, the kittehs can't win. ;_;

From Julianne - 1st Place

From Michelle - 4th Place

from Kayleigh - 3rd Place

from Samantha - 5th Place

From Michelle - 2nd Place

From Sarah

From Angel - 7th Place

From Rachel - Kigurumi Shop Staff Pick

From Malin

From Verdi - 6th Place

From Lauren