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Kigurumi Shop is on Vacation

December 24, 2011

Kitteh at Beach

Even kittehs need a vacation every now and again.

We’ll be out of the office until the first week of January. Yay!

Our website is still up and running and we will still be giving out coupons on our Facebook page, but please be aware that we won’t be shipping any orders until the first week of January.

Happy Holidays!


  • Vespertinehf8i

    Will you still be adding contest images? You haven’t added mine yet..

  • http://blog.kigurumi-shop.com/ Kigurumi Shop

    We just added all of the new entries! <3

  • http://blog.kigurumi-shop.com/ Kigurumi Shop

    If you haven’t noticed yet…. we’re back! (: