Win a Free Kigurumi | Holiday Spirit! | Contest Closed

December 12, 2011

Cute Santa Kitteh


This contest is closed. Please scroll down to see the winners.

This kitteh has epic holiday spirit and will be the judge for the Kigurumi Shop Staff Pick

Happy Holidays! It’s time for another Kigurumi Shop contest!

This contest will be an art contest, which means you don’t need to own a kigurumi to enter! Yay!

Entries may be hand-drawn and/or digitally created (but not just a photo manipulation).

The theme for this contest is Holiday Spirit. Take whatever it is you like the most about the Winter Holidays and draw yourself doing it while wearing a kigurumi! Maybe you like decorating your Christmas tree or shopping for gifts. Just draw yourself doing your favorite holiday activity in a kigurumi and you’re set!

The Rules

Your Own Work

For this contest, you must own the artwork that you are submitting. By submitting, you are declaring that you are the owner. You also must be OK with us using it on our blog.

Drawings that are traced or otherwise copied from an existing work will not be accepted.

How to Enter

Email your work to We’re only allowing one entry per person. This email must also include  your shipping information (Name, Address, Email, Phone Number) and the kigurumi that you would like if you win! We will add your work to the  gallery at the bottom of this page as soon as possible so your friends can start voting. We usually add submissions for the day all at once at some point in the evening (US Pacific Time).

The Prize

There will be EIGHT winners. Yay!

Two people will win a free kigurumi and free shipping. One will win for having the most votes on his or her work by 10pm (Pacific Time) on Monday, January 2nd. The other winner will be a Kigurumi Shop Staff Pic!

2 people will win a $40 coupon for coming in 2nd and 3rd place based on votes.

4 people will win a $20 couponfor coming in 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th place based on votes.

Please note that you must live in an area that we ship to or be willing to have the kigurumi shipped to a friend or relative, should you win.  We do ship internationally and we reach a good portion of the world, but not everywhere. If you usually have problems with ordering online, you might want to check if we can ship to you by entering your address in the checkout portion of our website just to test.

Now get drawing!

Even if your drawing doesn’t have the most votes, you can still be the Kigurumi Shop Staff Pick! :D Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter so you can be the first to find out about future contests. Good luck!




=> Winners <=

Free Kigurumi:

From Tofu - 1st Place

$40 Coupon:

From Naomi - 2nd Place

From Maria - 3rd Place


$20 Coupon:

From Alex - 4th Place

From Lindel - 5th Place

From Lee - 6th Place

From Valerie - 7th Place


Free Kigurumi:

From Megan - Kigurumi Shop Staff Pick


=> Contest Entries<=

From Meli

from Josephine

From Kim

From Sai

From Sam

From Stefanie

From Beverly

From Emilie

From Jimilyn

From Mahealani

From Emily

From Mellissa

From Mochi

From Peyton

From Sara

From Sophia

From Amanda

From Chelsey

From Jarand

From Michelle

From Zainab

From Tianna

From Lauren

From Chloe

From Amy

From Dawn

From Cameron

From Quinn

From Tiffany

From Kristie

From Mindy

From Kevin

From Stacy

From Jasmine

From Emily

from Cari

From Angeline

From Roselle

From Millie

From Lise

From Karolina

From Zoe

From Nicole

From Krista

From Kate

From Michelle

From Brianna

From Sarah

From Samantha

From Arlo

From Sophia

From Jasper

From Heather

From Gabriela

From Fredrico

From Devin

From Daniel

From Joy

From Tessa

From Philip

From Miharu

From Michael

From Melissa

From Laurie

From Holly

From Emi

From Caitlyn

From Brianna

From Allison

From Alexis

From Marie

From Yumi

From Tosha

From Nicole

From Kallyn

From Drapova

From Chelsea

From Ashley

From Julie

From Zoe

From Jessica

From Holly

From Cam

From Drea

The kitten can't win, but he still likes it when you vote for him

  • Gilbert

    Will there be a folder for submissions on your facebook page like the last few contests?

  • Kigurumi Shop

    Gilbert, yes we’ll add photos to our Facebook page, but you’ll need to cast your votes here on the blog. (:

  • Foxyrikkuyrp

    Where are the entries?

  • Kigurumi Shop

    I just added them now! (:

  • Just want a fair chance

    Pfft, like anything drawing can beat a digitally created picture..These things are just so unfair.

  • Santa

    you definitely specified that the image MUST be a drawing and shouldnt be a photo manipulation. thats EXACTLY what the person in the pink hello kitty kigu did.

  • Kitten

    you really shouldnt complain. theyre trying their hardest to make them fair. its impossible to make a COMPLETELY fair contest like this.
    also, the last art contest had some traditionally drawn pictures as winners. dont jump to conclusions. just keep entering and youll win one eventually :3

  • Voting Problem?

    I noticed while I was voting that the count doesn’t seem right. One picture had 3 votes, but when I voted it suddenly had 6. So I refreshed to see where they all stood now, and it had 3 votes again. How do I tell who’s winning??

  • Kigurumi Shop

    We wanted to make it clear that the entry has to be more than *just* a photo manipulation. We don’t want people to just take a picture of themselves and write “Happy Holidays” or that sort of thing. The entry you’re referring to had quite a bit of actual drawing. The photo made up a small portion.

  • Melissa

    How do I vote for a picture? D;

  • comic entry

    Hey my entry is a comic strip thing click on it to read it please sorry about the not so good drawing skills =)

  • guest

    when will you be posting the new entry’s ? :)

  • guest

    I think thats unfair, because i cant draw to save my life, but i find it so much easier to draw on a tablet or using my mouse :3

  • Tosha_w10

    Can I put my picture here? I can’t seem to mail it in!

  • Kigurumi Shop

    Do you think we should separate the contests and have a hand-drawn only contest and a digital only contest? (:

  • Kigurumi Shop

    Yep, we did pick a couple hand-drawn entries if I remember correctly! (:

  • Kigurumi Shop

    The voting is a little strange. It takes a while to register sometimes. We’re looking into a solution. Thanks for letting us know! (:

  • Kigurumi Shop

    Click on “Vote on this image”. It should be on the bottom left of each photo. Please let me know if you don’t see it.

  • Kigurumi Shop

    Tosha, we got your email. We’ll add your photo right now! (:

  • Kigurumi Shop

    I’ll put up the new entries now. We just got a bunch in! :D

  • pigleg

    do previous winners have a chance at winning a second time?

    i would love to try to win one of these as a gift for my friend.

  • Candy

    That would be fantastic! Since I draw by hand more I get easily discouraged when I see computer-made art because it looks way better than hand drawn stuff.

  • guest001

    I think you guys should really follow your own rules more and be alot more thorough at looking at entries that are submitted in your contests. I was taking a look at you last contest which the theme for was “PILLOW FIGHT!” keep this them in mind.

    The entry which came in 6TH place has absolutely NOTHING!!! to do with a pillow fight. The only thing the picture has is a girl sitting on her bed in a kigurumi holding a few stuffed animals and is surrounded by alot more stuffed animals. You can’t even see a pillow anywhere in the photo, this photo in my opinion didn’t even come close to meeting the theme and should not have even been posted up. The photos above AND below the 6th place photo BOTH actually fit the theme of the contest yet didn’t place but MIGHT have stood a chance at placing if the 6th place photo wouldn’t have ever been allowed by you guys.

    IF YOU ARE GOING TO SET A THEME OR SET RULES THEN STAND BY THEM!!!! If a photo doesn’t fit the theme then send an apology letter to the sender of the photo stating why it can not be accepted and tell them they can still enter if they send in another photo that does fit the theme.

    Also looking back at another previous contest I believe entering a contest from you guys and trying to win STAFF PICK is a sometimes a big waste of time for anyone who does not have good photo taking/editing skills or good looks or someone who might be a staff friend. The halloween contest is a great example of that.

    The staff pick in that contest was in NO WAY strong in the halloween theme which as you stated and I quote “To win the Kigurumi Shop Staff Pick you’ll want to have a strong Halloween theme!” in that photo all you have is some nice lighting, halloween contacts, fake blood (which blood for a lion is actually kinda normal) and a PRETTY GIRL!

    I saw PLENTY of other entries in that contest that deserved to win WAY MORE!! Honestly the winner for staff pick if I saw that picture without knowing what a kigurumi is I wouldn’t know what the hell she is wearing, considering your a company that sells kigurumi’s and these are KIGURUMI CONTESTS you should want people to really be able to see the kigurumi in the photo.

  • Saiofthedesert

    wheni submitted my drawing in the email i forgot to say what kigurumi i wanted im just gonna say it here and that would be the panda one

  • Alex

    I’ve also noticed problems with the voting. Some of my friends weren’t able to vote. Hope things get fixed soon. Thanks!

  • Silly_people

    after taking so much heat from everyone, i just want to remind you guys that you are doing an AWESOME job. these contests are very generous (even if some selfish people dont think so)

  • Anonymous

    Is it really a drawing if someone basically traces an image and slaps on some clip art?

  • Kigurumi Shop

    I’m very sorry that you feel this way. ):

    We do turn down quite a few entries every contest for not fitting the given theme, but I see what you mean about that particular entry in our pillow fight contest. We didn’t receive many entries for that contest, which is why we accepted her picture. We appreciated the fact that she took the time to enter the contest and we felt that the picture wasn’t *that* far from the theme.

    An entrant’s looks are not a factor when determining the Kigurumi Shop Staff Pick. We choose to have a Kigurumi Shop Staff Pick so that the contests aren’t completely popularity-based, which is often the case with contests based on votes.

    Thank you for taking the time to express your opinions. We are always looking for ways to improve our contests to make them more fun and fair, and we’ll definitely keep your ideas in mind as we go through the entries for this and future contests.

  • Kigurumi Shop

    Everyone has a chance to win! (:

  • Kigurumi Shop

    Okay, thanks for letting us know! We always double check at the end of the contest just to be sure (:

  • Kigurumi Shop

    Yes, there are some issues with the voting. It only allows one person per internet connection to vote, so if your friends are in an office or coffee shop together, only one will be able to vote. We apologize for the inconvenience that this causes.

  • Kigurumi Shop

    No. We do our best to check every image for things like this, but it’s difficult. Is one of the entries guilty of this? Please let us know and provide us with a link to the original art work.

  • Kigurumi Shop

    Thanks for the support. (: We love to see people’s artistic talents! These contests are fun for us. ^^

  • Kigurumi Shop

    Okay! We’ll look into doing this for future drawing contests!

  • naddamoose

    I’m really liking the one posted by this Marie person. Very cute! <3

  • Amatatsu13

    when are you going to post more entries XD

  • Foxyrikkuyrp

    *waiting for my entry to be entered* :3


  • Kigurumi Shop

    I just added them! (:

  • Kigurumi Shop

    It’s up now! (:

  • Pches_0220

    pretty damn sure that the picure submitted by drea has been created using the Mac Apple Appl;ication for animation, iv’e seen something quite a few very similar creations made by this app has it carries the similarities,,, as stated in the rules it is a competition for artist drawings. not computer creations and cgi’d animations… just my thoughts though,,

    alternatively there are some amazing drawings here,

    Just saying,
    The random guest known as PEACHES!!!!

  • MokonaBlack

    Do you talley up the votes from Facebook & here, or just here?

  • Fiohduiguir

    Pretty sure the comic strip is just photo manipulation !

  • Koolkika1996

    I just sent in my drawing! (: Oh also, I noticed that it says not to copy from existing work.. Is it ok to copy a pose from existing work? Thankss! <3 Kigurumi!!!

  • Mau

    I hope there’s still time to submit. I’m almost done with mine, I will submit it tomorrow. ^^

  • Kigurumi Shop

    There’s plenty of time! We’ll accept entries up until the deadline on January 2nd. (:

  • Kigurumi Shop

    We just tally up the votes from here. (:

  • Kigurumi Shop

    Hmm I’m not sure. If you’re copying a picture of a person in a kigurumi, that’s not allowed. If you’re taking a pose from something unrelated and using it as inspiration for an original work, that’s fine. (:

  • Kigurumi Shop

    That one does have some photo manipulation, but it’s more than *just* a photo manipulation. What we really don’t want to see are submissions that are 90% photo and 10% drawing! (:

  • Koolkika1996

    Yay!!! Thats great cause the picture with the pose was wearing a santa outfit haha! :D

  • Mae

    I dont like the votiing whenever i vote for something it remains the constant number and wont change it ):


    whenever i vote for a picture the number wont change it remains the constant number this doesnt seem very fair…

  • Mae Jinx

    The voting button wont work ):

  • Kigurumi Shop

    Yes, there are some issues with the voting. It only allows one person per internet connection to vote, so if you are in an office or coffee shop, only one person will be able to vote. We apologize for the inconvenience that this causes and we are looking for a solution.

  • Kigurumi Shop

    Sometimes it takes a few moments for the vote to register, but it might be because the voting system only allows one person per internet connection to vote. We are looking into a different voting system for future contests.

  • Kigurumi Shop

    Thanks for your input! (:

    It would be difficult for us to limit digital entries based on how they were created, but in the future we may split up art contests into a separate hand-drawn-only contest and a separate digital-only contest.

  • Kigurumi Shop

    Sometimes it takes a few moments for the vote to register, but it might be because the voting system only allows one person per internet connection to vote. We are looking into a different voting system for future contests.

  • Yomers

    Why do you have it so that the oldest/first entries are at the top? I think it kind of gives them an unfair advantage because they are always seen first, and it’s annoying to have to scroll so far down just to see new entries past all the ones I’ve seen before:/ ?

  • Yomers

    Why do you have it so that the oldest/first entries are at the top? I think it kind of gives them an unfair advantage because they are always seen first, and it’s annoying to have to scroll so far down just to see new entries past all the ones I’ve seen before:/ ?

  • Cloudiie

    This is just a potential idea for the next competition, but rather than having people vote as the contest goes along and entries are submitted, open up the contest for entries for a couple weeks (gives people enough time to enter) and then open voting all at once for another couple weeks or something.
    I think this would make voting a little more accurate and fair

  • Sam

    Do the “likes” on facebook count as “votes”?

  • Minsc_arendia

    Granted, there are a lot of problems, but I still think it is awfully nice of you guys to give out free kigurumi (not sure what plural is for it…). Thanks for being so cool.

  • Snugglypanda123

    i think that your contest seems a bit unfair the way things are uploaded. i think that since there’s only alowed one vote per internet connection and there are new entries uploaded everyday what if you vote for someone the first day and then the next day there’s an even better enty that you wished you could have voted for. I think that you guys for another cpntest should have a submission deadline and not upload any pictured until after the dealine and then have a voting deadline that way each drawing has a more of a fair chance to get votes…I dont know if that even made any sense….

  • Kigurumi Shop

    You are allowed to vote for as many entries as you’d like, but you are only allowed to vote once for each particular entry. So, if there are 10 drawings that you like, you can vote for all of them. (:

    And your idea for a submission deadline and a voting deadline is very good. We’ll look into doing that for our next contests. Thanks! (:

  • Kigurumi Shop

    We’re only counting the votes on our blog for the contest. (:

  • Kigurumi Shop

    Thanks! We’re always trying to make the contests better. There have been lots of great suggestions for how to improve for next time.

    The plural of “kigurumi” is “kigurumi”, just like the plural of “sushi” is “sushi”. (:

  • Kigurumi Shop

    Great idea! Our other contests that we held on our blog didn’t have nearly as many entries, so that wasn’t an issue, but it is annoying to have to scroll down to see the newest entries. I’ve reordered them so the newest ones are first. (:

  • Kigurumi Shop

    Ooo that’s a good idea. We’ll try it for our next contest! (:

  • Dont-be-stupid

    so really, you dont want a FAIR contest, you want one that caters to your abilities so you can have a chance over all others to win. awesome.
    dont penalize people who CAN draw just because you cant. try to focus on winning fairly from now on, instead of selfishly bitching that the contest isnt fair.

  • Uzamaki_suzuki

    I noticed you added new enteries in fb but didn’t add my photo on there yet its on the blog.I find that unfair…

  • Foxyrikkuyrp

    Just a thought but.. Just to kind of make it more fair I think that you should make certain contests hand drawn only, and make a second contest for computer generated arts. :3
    Although, you would then have to gib away TWO Kigurumi’s. (Oh nuu!)

  • Foxyrikkuyrp

    I was the 69th comment Lulz. xD

  • Minsc_arendia


  • Kigurumi Shop

    This is a good idea and we’re planning on splitting up future contests into categories like this. We will probably have separate contests, though. One month will be hand-drawn, next month computer generated, etc.

    Thanks for the suggestion! (:

  • Kigurumi Shop

    Facebook has very strict rules about images that we can upload. Unfortunately, they have found some similarities between your entry and another image, which they consider to be a copyright issue. Although, we trust that your image is an original and cannot find any image it is similar to, Facebook will not allow us to upload it. :<

    Don't worry though! The votes only count on the blog. :)

  • Nuoro

    My draw doesn’t have a vote button whyyy D:

  • Kristie

    When will my picture be up? I sent it in last night.

  • Ekyoko

    my art ish the fox wif “emi =^w^=” i tried realy ard with it i hand drew it first then took a pic of it had to upload it to my comp then straighten it out then cant color it in paint >.< 2- 3 days x.x but was rlly fun =3 and this is my first contest sooooo yea. btw its not on ur fb was their an issue?

  • Kigurumi Shop

    I just added your photo, Kristie. I must have just missed yours when I added them last night. Sorry about that!

  • Kigurumi Shop

    Thanks for entering the contest! (: I just added your photo along with a few others to our Facebook page.

  • Kigurumi Shop

    If you vote on your picture the Vote button will disappear. The system only allows one vote per image based on your internet connection. So, if you’re sharing an internet connection with someone who already voted on your picture, you may not be able to vote. The best solution is to use an internet connection at a different location. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  • Ekyoko

    yay thankz =D

  • Question~

    I have a question, if the voting is only one person per internet connections, can siblings “like” the photo on facebook instead? Would that count?

  • Iluvjk1011

    Hello Merry Christmas eve! ^.^ Um I was wondering when the other drawings will be uploaded

  • Kigurumi Shop

    I just put them up now. Sorry for the delay — yesterday was CRAZY! :D

  • Kigurumi Shop

    If you have a second computer, you may be able to vote again from it. If that doesn’t work or if you don’t have a second computer, you can try visiting a coffee shop or library and using the internet connection there. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  • No-Cheaters

    the entry by “Karissa” has been traced. it is a character from Shakugan no Shana. the original work can be found here:

    please disqualify them
    thank you

  • Nabby Nab

    There are so many great drawings… prob i wont be able to win… ={
    …but ill join in anyways, jus to giv it a try =)

  • Nabby Nab

    Hello =)
    I just wanted to ask, wouldn’t it be more fair if not only the people votes are counted BUT ALSO some judges from the “Kigurimi Shop”?, because i just thought some of the drawings shud be winners too you kno~ ^-^
    Cos rite now i see most of the digitally created ones are winning…
    Just thought i wanted u to kno~ =}
    I LOVE KIGURUMI SHOP!!! <3 <3 <3 =D

  • PotatoMonster

    xD I became very happy just seeing my drawing being posted up haha. It’s the one by Tianna.
    Thanks for posting my drawing up! I wish everyone the best of luck.

  • PotatoMonster

    Oh and it seems some of my friends/people are having troubles voting on my drawing.
    D: At first, I thought it was that they already voted, but more and more are starting to tell me their problems with the voting.

  • Yomers

    Last art contest both of the winners were hand draw though, so I think it’s okay for some digital art ones to get their turn

  • Nabby Nab

    ohh… okay then thats fine =)

  • Kigurumi Shop

    Thank you for letting us know. I’ll have the image removed.

  • Kigurumi Shop

    I’m sorry to hear about the trouble with the voting. :< We are aware of the issues and are looking to resolve them. Sometimes it takes a while for the votes to be registered, and other times people are prevented from voting because the system only allows one vote per internet connection — if your friends are sharing an internet connection with someone who already voted on a picture, they won't be able to vote again.

  • Kigurumi Shop

    Thanks for entering! We are planning on having more art contests, so you’ll have more opportunities to win in the future. (:

  • Kigurumi Shop

    In the future we’re planning on splitting up art contests into hand-drawn and digital categories to prevent this. There are so many amazing entries it’s going to be tough for the judges to pick the Kigurumi Shop Staff Pick!

  • Sophia

    When are the new pictures going to be posted? :O

  • Sophia

    YAY!!!!! Mine is up and has votes!!!!! I’m happy now :3

  • Peyton Kaylene

    I cant afford a scanner or a good phone. :I But I do have a laptop with a camera.

  • Kigurumi Shop

    Yay! :D

  • who_stole_my_cookie

    “Just draw yourself doing your favorite holiday activity in a kigurumi and you’re set!” – that’s what contest is about, but there are plenty of entries with just a person in kigurumi staring from the screen… with no subject or story behind it .____. that would be not fair if one of those win

    Anyways, Happy New Year and thank you for all those wonderful contests! ^U^

  • NOT FAIR!!!

    That isn’t fair tofu is entering again she already won a kigurumi in the last drawing contest and she’s gonna win again……

  • Tofued

    Before you start pointing fingers and decide to slander my name, you might want to check your facts. In no way did I win the last art contest. Thank you.

  • Mau

    Hi! I was wondering if there would be an extension for the contest?(even if it’s just a day) Because I’ve been having mad problems with my comp/internet since Christmas and today it was fixed (those people took a long time and still lags a bit!) and I couldn’t finish the drawing until today! If not then it’s ok, I understand but I figured I’d ask anyways.

  • Kigurumi Shop

    This contest is officially closed. We’ve counted the votes as of 10pm and now the judges are trying to choose the Kigurumi Shop Staff Pick. We’ll post the results tomorrow. Thanks for all of the amazing entries!

  • PerfectPurple:)


  • Nuoro


  • lol

    what are you smoking, she didn’t win anything in the last contest.

  • Yomers

    I agree, I don’t understand what a lot of the pictures have to do with doing what you love doing for the holidays…

  • Yomers

    I agree, I don’t understand what a lot of the pictures have to do with doing what you love doing for the holidays…

  • Aera

    I submitted mine on the 1st and i thought the deadline is 2nd but i dont see my work up there?