5 Activities a Kigurumi Makes Epic

March 2, 2012

Kigurumi are not your normal attire, as we all know. In my personal experiences, a Kigurumi just makes everything that much more epic. Wearing one takes anything to the next level.

In the hopes of arousing the adventurous spirit in you here are a few things I’ve done done while wearing a kigurumi.

~Scenario # 1~

This picture has nothing to do with this scenario. I just think it’s cute. <.< >.>

I’m ready to go to bed. I’m wearing my penguin kigurumi and I can’t fall asleep. Suckage. So what I do is I pick up a book I feel like reading. Somehow, I feel incredibly adventurous now. What usually ends up happening is that my mind will wander. Creating a story in my head much more epic than what I’m reading. At this point I fall asleep and my dreams are magical.

This probably sounds totally lame, but I don’t care. Don’t knock it ‘til you try it!

~Scenario # 2~

Me in my favorite kigurumi.

At some point in my life, I make an effort to go to the grocery store. This usually happens when we don’t have anything else to eat in the house. It feels like a chore sometimes. I’ve found a way to make it the most exciting thing ever to do. Wear a kigurumi! I swear it makes grocery shopping so epic. Everyone at the store will be jealous of your awesome outfit.

For added fun…I go to the food aisle that looks the most like something the animal I’m wearing would eat and just stand there acting casual. Best!

~Scenario # 3~

Lunch time!

Call a few friends to join you in the festivities. This is what you do; have everyone wear a kigurumi and go to an establishment that sells food. You get to hang out with buddies and it’s just that much more fun. Wearing a kigurumi makes an ordinary thing like eating feel like an adventure. You have to try it!

~Scenario # 4~

Probably one of the most fun things to do is to wear a kigurumi to school. Your friends get to be jealous of your coolness and you get to be comfy all day. Nothing beats that. School is boring sometimes. Add a kigurumi in the mix and you’ll be glowing all day. It really does make everything feel magical.

~Scenario # 5~


Laundry. It needs to be done. You need clean clothes. Wear your kigurumi as your clothes are being washed and you can bask in the feeling of accomplishing something. I think this goes for any chore. Just do it in a kigurumi and it actually feels like you’re doing something fun!

Try these things out for yourself to fully appreciate the magnitude of epic-ness I’m talking about.

Wearing a kigurumi even makes doing nothing epic. So go! Go do something epic!