Katie’s Encyclopedia: Deadliest Mammal Contenders

March 23, 2012

In my experience, the littler the animal the cuter it is and therefore more dangerous. This got me thinking. What is the littlest most deadly thing out there?

I’ve comprised a list of what I think are some things to watch out for: 

1. Pygmy Shrew (or pretty much any kind of shrew)

Cute and Little, Beware!

Cute and Little, Beware!

The pygmy shrew is tiny! It has to eat ALL the time to stay alive. Which means it kills dragons. Everyone is scared of this little guy.

2. Kitti’s Hog-Nosed Bat



The Kitti’s Hog-Nosed Bat has a pig-like snout, which makes it related to pigs. And pigs are evil!

3. Bunnies

Attack of the bunny!

Attack of the bunny!

Anything little and fluffy is definitely dangerous. I’ve heard rumors that this bunny offers you cookies to make you feel safe. D:

4. Tasmanian Devil

He's cute. He's little. No brainer.

He’s cute. He’s little. No brainer.

They’re monsters.

5. Porcupine Hedgehog!


Clearly something to watch out for...

Clearly something to watch out for…

I saw this picture recently and feared for my life.

Tell me what you think. Leave a comment below letting me know what little mammals you think we should defend ourselves against!