Katie’s Encyclopedia: Why Cats Have a Bad Rep

April 3, 2012



Let me be honest, I think cats are adorable. I love how easy they are to cuddle and play with. Recently, however, I was told by someone very close to me that cats are “stupid”. Well, I think his face is stupid, but I know he has his reasons. I’m going to highlight a few reasons why I think people don’t appreciate the cuteness of cats as I do.

1. Cats are independent.

They do what they want to do. All they need you for is food and cuddling. 

2. Cats are lazy.

They play hard. They also sleep hard (up to 16 hours! D:)

3. Cats are moody.

They want to play with you so bad and then they just walk away to find some place else to fall asleep. Don’t get your feelings hurt, cats just have very short term goals. 

4. “My cat’s breath smells like cat food.”- Ralph Wiggum

It’s a little fishy sometimes.

5. Cats are selfish.

They want to play with you whenever, wherever, even if that interferes with your schedule.

Good enough to eat.

Good enough to eat.

Tell me below what you think about cats. How are cats not adorable to everyone??