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Special Kigurumi Sale!

July 17, 2012

Hello kigurumi lovers!

We’re having our biggest sale ever on kigurumi.  Your favorite kigurumi are available for the super-awesome price of $40.  D:

Don’t miss out on a great discount! Just visit:


You have to sign up in order to take part in the sale, but it’s quick and easy.

The sale will be on-going until Thursday morning.



  • cosmiczombie

    The discount won’t make any difference.. at least for me. I live in Norway, and the only shipping option available is almost $40, as far as I can remember. :/

  • It will save you a good amount at least! I apologize for the shipping cost, but the shipping price isn’t controlled by us. Shipping is through USPS. But at least it will save you some cash. (:

  • Sayourimail

    What time does the sale end? :3

  • It ended Thursday morning at 7am pacific time 7/19/12.

  • X123xxabcx

    when will you get products for 183cm tall people?

  • Jorghe

    They think I’m one left in size XL shirt in pants 38