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Halloween Kigurumi are here!

September 18, 2012

We thought it was about time to unveil the Halloween festivities… so here they are! Check out the spooky banner and logo that we’ve just added to our home page.

Kigurumi Shop Halloween Logo

Kigurumi Shop turns into a pumpkin after midnight

Kigurumi Shop Halloween Banner... spooky!

Wolves and Bats and Dinosaurs oh my! …plus some Skeletons, a Cat and a… Koala?

New Kigurumi!

And check out the new products that we’ve added to our Halloween Kigurumi section

Halloween Black Cat Kigurumi

Spooky Black Cat Kigurumi

Halloween Bat Kigurumi_

Halloween Bat Kigurumi

Halloween Pumpkin Kigurumi

Halloween Pumpkin Kigurumi

These are seasonal items and they won’t be around forever! If you’ve always wanted to be a Pumpkin, now’s your chance.

~<3~ Kigurumi Shop

  • Sarafimm

    These are great! Too bad I’m too tall for them…
    What I would like to see are more “barnyard” Kigurumi like a pig, sheep, horse, goat, etc. I’m already thinking of the cow for some “country and western” folk I know. They would get a kick out of them!! Perfect for those lazy days of winter!!

  • Sorry to hear that you’re too tall for them. :< Just curious, how tall is too tall? I have friends who are 6' 4"+ who wear them and they look alright… maybe a little short on the wrists and ankles, but that's it.

    More farm animals would be fun! And yes, kigurumi are great for Winter! :D

  • Imxxkari44

    I’m too short..

  • Have you tried one on before? One of our models is about 4′ 11″ and our kigurumi fit her OK. They’re baggy on her but it looks cute!

    This is her:

    You can find her a few places across the site.

  • Rissa

    I feel like if i were to get the bat, im so short that the wings would touch the ground when i put my arms down, which wouldnt be good for trick-or-treating. please respond SOON!!!!! I need to oreder a kigurumi ASAP for halloween! thx! and i’m 5’2″. thx! @kigurumishop:disqus

  • Rissa, sorry for taking so long to get back to you. I didn’t notice you had posted this comment. We sold of out the bat fairly quickly and we won’t be getting any more in time for Halloween. ):