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Buying a Kigurumi for Halloween?

October 6, 2013

Kigurumi Halloween | Kigurumi Shop

Have a Kigurumi Halloween!

First of all, excellent decision. Your friends and fellow party-goers will be confused and envious, but mostly amazed.

Secondly, please please please don’t wait until the last minute to place your order. The sooner the better.

Below is a list of shipping times for for the US.

East Coast
6 business days by Ground
3 Business days by 2nd Day Air
2 Business days by Next Day Air

Mid West
5 business days by Ground
3 Business days by 2nd Day Air
2 Business days by Next Day Air

West Coast
4 business days by Ground
3 Business days by 2nd Day Air
2 Business days by Next Day Air

Hawaii / Alaska
4 business days by Ground
3 Business days by 2nd Day Air
2 Business days by Next Day Air


  • Camille

    My friend is most likely ordering her kigurumi today or tomorrow. Will it be here, in Minnesota, in time for Halloween?

  • Neu Architect

    I’ve have just ordered today and would like to know when I’ll be receiving my Kigurumi Wolf costume.



  • We have lots of kigurumi coming in very soon! We’re making them available for pre-order once we confirm the quantities.

  • Bu

    Will I really receive it before Halloween? What if it’s late? :C
    I hope I ordered it in time (which was tonight) …
    Great shop, by the by. (*O*)

  • PatriciaV24

    I like this they’re so cute and adorable and not slutty like the rest of the girl costumes. Will the giraffe be available for pre-order soon? Please put it up soon, I really really really want it :(

  • Yobo

    How about the penguin one??

  • Ana

    Hi! I ordered the kangaroo kigurumi on October 5th. Will it get here by the 27th? or Halloween?
    P.S. I live on the east coast if that helps :)

  • Lauren

    Will the kigumis listed as “shipping Oct 22” arrive by Halloween (assuming I ordered it today)? (ground shipping to east coast)

  • Dingus

    I want to know this, as well. I live in OK, will I get it in time when it ships out on the 22nd?

  • Sarah

    For anyone curious, I ordered mine on the 8th and it arrives tomorrow (the 17th) and I live on the east coast. Hope that helps some of you as far as how fast it ships :)

  • hoot

    I ordered mine on the 7th but it still hasn’t arrived…

  • Hi Hoot! Please email info@kigurumi-shop.com with your order number and they can take a look at your order status! :D

  • Hi Patricia! We prefer cute and adorable ;) The giraffe will be back in stock Oct. 22nd. You can pre-order it here:



  • Hi Yobo!

    The Penguin Kigu will be shipping Oct. 22nd. You can pre-order here:


    Make sure you get your order in because they’re going fast!


  • Hi Lauren! As long as you have placed your order already and depending on which Kigurumi you ordered, you should be receiving your order in time for Halloween! :o

  • tiffany

    i live in California and just ordered my koala kigurumi, will i get it in time?!? :/

  • Helen

    I live in NJ and if I order today, will I get my kigurumi by Halloween?

  • anto

    If I order my costume today will it arrive on time for halloween? I live in Texas!

  • pripanda

    i live in a city 8 hours from LA. if i order my panda kigurumi tomorrow after 12pm, do you think i can still get it by halloween??

  • Haileww

    I orderd a white tiger Kigurumi on the 15th or 17th I don’t quite remember. I was curious when it should arrive I would hope before Halloween.:c I’ve been dying for it!! Please reply ASAP c: fannks!

  • Hi Tiffany! You should definitely get it in time if you haven’t gotten it yet! :D

  • Hi Helen,

    It depends on which shipping method you choose. To be safe, we have expedite shipping available during the checkout process. You can see our shipping times here:



  • Hi Anto,

    Our estimated shipping times can be found here:


    We also have expedite shipping available during the checkout process!


  • Hi Pripanda, you should be able to get it in time for Halloween if you ordered already. :D

  • Hi Halleww! Please email your order number to info@kigurumi-shop.com and they can give you the status on your order! :D

  • Jenny

    Would a kigurumi work for my 6’2″ friend?

  • true

    im not sure if i can order but if i ordered in october . (i live in la) would i get it in time for halloween

  • HaijinSeo

    I can only order things which says its on stock early September?

  • It might be a little short at the ankle cuffs and wrist cuffs. Our Dinosaur Kigurumi model is 6′, and you can see that it’s a little short on him: http://kigurumi-shop.com/Dinosaur-Kigurumi.aspx

  • If you live in LA, then yes! We ship from Texas, so as long as you order before the 21st of October, you’ll be good. ^^

  • Rosa

    Will the blue unicorn kigurumi be back in stock before Halloween????

  • Stevie

    Okay I ordered my Kigu the 5th and I’m not sure when it is gonna ship..will you guys send me an e-mail letting me know when it ships?

  • jaquez

    what if i order today will it get here by halloween

  • Mysti

    My dad said that he’d order my onesie this Friday (18th) Would it be in by the 30th or Halloween? Thanks :3

  • Mysti

    Oops I forgot to mention that I live near San Diego, California, thanks again :)

  • dino or dragon???

    i wanted to know if the kigurumi has any metal. im only asking because my job allow us to dress up for halloween but we are a metal free enviorment and it has to make it through a metal detector so no metal zippers or metal buttons. please let me know? also i live in TX DFW area how long would it take for me to receive my kigurumi if i order it in the next few days?

  • Kigurumi Shop

    As long as the item you choose is “in stock” and is not on a “pre-order” status as it says on the site, you should be able to receive yours in time for Halloween.

  • CassieWay

    What about your Amazon shop? If we ordered it a week or so ago, will it arrive in time before Halloween as well?

  • Matt

    Hi! I really wanted a fox but they are preorder. if I buy/pre-order it tonight or tomorrow, will I get it for Halloween. (Im in continental US). it says something about October 18 for the ship date?

  • emma

    hi iordeed yesterday with ground shipping will it be here by halloween

  • Melissa

    Hello! If I placed an order on the 17th, will it arrive in Virginia before Halloween if I ordered with the ground rate?

  • Cameron

    Will I be able to recieve it prior to halloween next Friday, the 25th if I ordered today?

  • K

    The Tabby Cat kigu says it’s on pre-order and that it will be shipped on or before the 21st. I live in the US, does that mean I’ll have to get expedited shipping for it to show up on Halloween, even if I place my order on the 18th? :/

  • Ken

    I am getting them now. Will i get it on time for Halloween with the ground shipping?

  • KC

    If I place an order today (like right now) will it make it by Friday the 25th?

  • Michelle

    Will I get my order in time for halloween if I order today? I live in the US

  • Sheldon

    I really want a seal kigurumi but it’s out of stock and I wont have it for Halloween! D;

  • Rich

    Hello, I live in Dallas, TX and was wondering if I order today October 24, 2013, if I would get it by Saturday October 26th, provided I get the next day area shipping option.

  • koala

    Purchased this morning using ground shipping. Live in los angeles county. The notes above said it takes 4 business days which means it should arrive Wednesday 10/30 Is that correct?

  • Worried girl

    I ordered my kigurumi today (10/27) at 9:00am Central time. I live in Illinois…will it get here in time for Halloween? D:

  • Alyssa

    i bought my kigumi on the 25th. do you think it will be here by halloween?

  • Mary Loy

    What does UPS 2 day air mean?

  • Mary Loy

    My names Mary and to day is Oct 30 if I do 1 day shipping will it be here tomorrow for Halloween? or can you do over night shipping for me? I live in IL I need to know ASAP!