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Free Kigurumi Give Away!

October 3, 2013

Enter for your chance to win one of 5 kigurumi from our Kigurumi or Kids Kigurumi categories!

To enter, just follow the instructions on the widget below! Winners will be chosen at random and announced on Friday the 11th.

Contest open to US residents only.


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Winners will be contacted directly via email. Congratulations!

  • Samantha Minaya

    Do we get to choose the one we want if we win?

  • Maieus

    I don’t even use my twitter, every. I did for this. :>



  • Felix Keigh

    I’m so excited, I hope I win, I’ve wanted a kigu for forever! Which of the five do we get to choose from?

  • Rachel

    uh….do we get to choose the one that we want? Cause I really want the tabby cat one…./.

  • Brittany Barker

    I would be the most grateful person in the entire world if i won the kigurimi i never ask for anything, i give to my community the humane society, world wildlife and other helpful organizations. but i love anime and conventions and would quite honestly be the happiest person in the entire world if i could win the kigurimi and get to share the joy and see children smile when they see someone in a kigurimi of their favorite character. :) please pick me i would

  • Frances

    Done with my entry :) Do we get to choose which one we want?

  • Hatty

    Theres six there, but at any rate, I hope I win too! :)

  • Tara McClenic

    Oh my glob! I so want to win one!!!

  • Mikayla K MP

    I need moar!!!!!

  • Guest



    (“)_(“) bunny hopes I win.

  • Shannon Secosky-Smith

    bunny hopes I win : )

  • Yep! You can choose your kigurumi ^^

  • You’ll be able to choose the kigurumi you’d like. ^^

  • Hey Felix, you get to pick the kigurumi that you’d like! =^^=

  • Yep! You can choose whichever kigurumi you’d live, as long as we have it in stock.^^

  • Samantha Minaya


  • Samantha Minaya

    Awesome! I love the fox :)

  • guest

    I hope I can win uwu I’ve wanted a kigurumi since forever but I don’t have enough money and I still work hard..

  • Caroline

    Omg! I’ve always wanted a kigurumi! :3

  • Haylee

    I really want one so bad, it looks so comfortable to be in :O I’ve been looking everywhere for this!!! and now that i found it its too much for me >_<