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Kigurumi Giveaway!

January 21, 2014

win a kigurumi

We’re having our first giveaway of the new year!

It’s super easy to enter for a chance to win one of the three kigurumi we’re giving away. Using the entry form below, Like Kigurumi Shop on Facebook and verify that you’re signed up for our newsletter. After that, you’re in!

You can earn extra entries by following Kigurumi Shop on Twitter and Pinterest, and even more entries by tweeting about the contest and pinning our kigurumi group photo! (You can do all of these from the entry widget below.)

Oh, and then you can share the contest with your friends to earn even more entries.

Kigurumi are the most fun way to stay warm through these last weeks of winter, and the high-quality of our SAZAC kigurumi ensures that they’ll last for many winters (and Halloweens!) to come.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Three winners will be chosen at random and will be able to take their pick from our Kigurumi and Kids Kigurumi categories.

Good luck!

  • Tessa Gonser

    I hope I get one! I’ve really wanted one for awhile now cx. so I really do hope I get picked :3

  • Dashie Blueburger

    Me 2 :D I would walk about in public with one on :D

  • Brittney Crowe

    Ive been wanting one so badd! I hope I win! ♡

  • Andre Watson

    I’ve been wanting the Bat, been too broked though. At least I have my wulfywulfywulfywulf.

  • Porscia Alvarado

    I want to win one these are so cute! Plus I have a group that go to events & sport these & I’m the only one that doesn’t have one!!! And I’m to broke to buy one!. Please help me complete my group puzzle

  • Taylor Moon Morales

    I’d be the coolest thug at RadCon. :D

  • Tara McClenic

    I really want to win a kigurumi! I bought one from KigurumiShop for my daughter as a Christmas presesnt, but wasn’t able to afford a 2nd one for my son who wanted one too. Hoping to win one for him!

  • skye

    Been wanting one of these for over a year. No money to buy one. No relatives will gift one to me. Heck, my own mother wont let me use my own money given as gifts to buy one :(

  • Cupcake

    Crossing my fingers & toes! :)

  • Oh yay! I hope I win. I love your kigurumis!

  • Didi M

    I would love to win one for my son. I bought my daughter one for Halloween and he is wanting one. Thank you so much for the chace

  • Gabrielle M.

    Hoping to win! See, I’ll get the funny looks and tell where I got it. I stay warm and cute and you get advertising. Win-win for both of us, right?

  • kat


  • Mama B

    Really hoping to win one so I can give it to my daughter for a high school graduation present!

  • Anna Friedl

    I made a pinterest account so that i have the best chances at winning. I don’t even know what pinterest is! Don’t bother telling me

  • hilary

    i so have been wanting a bunny or a fox one

  • Donna Yost

    I just love these .. warm comfy and cute!

  • Ariana Nam

    I really hope I can win one! I can just picture myself walkin down town with swag on! Hahaha

  • Elisa

    I really hope I can win one !!! These are just so cute

  • lexie

    Ive wanted one for a while but I haven’t had the money:( I hope I can win one. This is totally my style and id totally go to parties wearing it

  • Cindy Layton

    I honestly never had one.. im poor. :( i always wanted one since the 2009… never got one.. hopefully im one of the lucky ones if not…whoever the winner is hopefullt they enjoy it. :)

  • Amy

    I really want a kigurumi :D

  • Eléonore Cello

    Hello , i hope i can win *-*

  • Ivonne Garcia

    I want to be cute too :(

  • Naomi H

    I hope I win one I give it to my sister she just found out she has cancer and I think it would make her smile

  • candy igarashi

    I never had a kigurumi >__<
    I really want one so badly, plus it'll make a perfect birthday gift since my birthday is on the 28th of this month! (: ♥ <3

  • I would love to win one as a birthday present. :) Good luck to everyone entering~!

  • Vy


  • Brenda S

    asldf I would really really really love to win one… I’ve been entering all the giveaways for the past year because I haven’t been able to afford buying one myself :c

  • Narplexia

    I hope to win, I would like to get a froggy one for my Mum’s birthday in February!

  • whooleeus

    Crossing my fingers

  • Brenda S

    I hope I can win this giveaway!! asldkfjsd

  • Meg Tucker

    Would LOVE to win! TYTY for the chance!

  • Melanie

    I hope I win so I can get the pig for me an a minne mouse for my cus and also i really want one so bad

  • Jeanaleah M. Harman

    I would love to win, but if I don’t, I’ll be patient and wait for a Sea Otter to come out!