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Win a Summer Kigurumi!

May 16, 2014

Summer Kigurumi


Enter to win your choice of our new Summer Kigurumi styles!

Earn extra entries by following Kigurumi Shop on Twitter and Pinterest, and earn even more entries by tweeting about the contest and pinning our Summer Kigurumi photo! (You can do all of these from the entry widget below.)

You can share the contest with your friends to earn even more entries.

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Three winners will be chosen at random and will be able to take their pick from any of our Summer Kigurumi styles.

  • nao

    Good luck all

  • Tara McClenic

    *fingers crossed*

  • Jennifer Marie Gonsior

    It won’t let me sign in through fb

  • Christine Jordan

    Would love to win :)

  • Kat Katerina

    It would be sooo awesome to win one, that’s for sure!! They’re all so cute too!! ^o^

  • Victoria Trevino

    ^_^ Hope I win.. Woohoo.

  • ThePillowGrabber

    Rilakkumas are my favourite! <3

  • Mimi

    I feel like I’m forever entering to win one of these! =) I would L<3VE one! Seriously,
    super cute! *fingers, toes, legs and arms crossed*

  • Pikachuu_ZombieHero

    gosh. ♥

  • Donna Yost

    These are all so fun and cute

  • Michelle Peters

    I really really really want to win! I don’t currently have a kigurumi and i’ve always wanted one! Plus i never win anything T^T

  • And the best of luck to you as well Nao! :D

  • Hi Tara! Good Luck ;)

  • Hi Jennifer! What response are you getting when you try to login with FB?

  • Hi Christine! Which one would you choose if you do win?! ^^

  • Hi Kat! Glad you <3 them! Which Summer Kigurumi do you like best?!

  • Hi Victoria! =^^= Good luck!

  • We <3 them too!

  • Hi Mimi! Thanks for entering. Wishing you the best of luck! If you do win, which summer kigurumi will you choose?

  • <3 =^_^=

  • Hi Donna! So glad you <3 them!

  • Good luck Michelle! :D

  • Kernah Fequiere

    The kigurumis are so cute I love them and hope I win

  • MoMo


  • Christine Jordan

    Hi :) They are all awesome so it’s a hard choice but I am thinking the Gloomy Bear in black :)

  • Kat Katerina

    It’s hard to choose! they’re all so cute!! ^_^ Though I think I like the ‘Gloomy Bear Black Kigurumi’ The best! ^_^ Though I still like them all! ~<3

  • aikone

    Ugh I want one so bad >~< my best friend has the totoro one and I love it. But if I had to choose I would pick either the black gloom or reg gloom

  • hilary

    man..i would love one..it would be amazingly cute and comfortable..curses why do i have to be so poor.

  • I hope I hope I HOPE~! ^.^ <3

  • Nelissa Solomon

    Gosh, I want one of these so bad. > u <
    Good luck, everyone!!

  • Awesomeandkool

    Want one so bad:3

  • Pa Xiong

    Really hope I do win this drawing!
    Why because I never tried this before or won anything on any drawings online. It’ll be great 2 have that winning experience :-)

  • Pa Xiong

    Me wanna win! :-)

  • What an awesome way to kick-start the Summer! Good luck to everyone entering~!

  • Rox JC

    check check check! I would love a summer Kigu!! the other one is super warm!

  • Glad you <3 them!!!

  • Hi Momo! Wishing you lots of luck! :D

  • Hi Aikone! Great choice! Good luck :)

  • Hi Hilary! Wishing you lots of luck in this giveaway!!!

  • Hi Eri! Hope is a wonderful thing ;)

  • Hi Nelissa! Same to you!!! :D

  • Good luck ;3

  • Hi Pa! Wishing you the best of luck in this Summer Kigurumi Giveaway!!!

  • Hi Jasmine! Happy Summer time and good luck!!! :D

  • Good luck Rox!!! :)

  • Brittany

    Ah, I’ve always really wanted to have a kigurimi but I’ve never had the money to be able to buy one! Ahhh, I really hope I win.

  • Carly

    I have never won anything like :) I hope I can break that losing streak now lol.

  • Carly

    *like this

  • Cyanne Carlile

    There so cute ^-^ I’ve always wanted one! Good luck everyone

  • Lucky

    Awesome contest, I’d enter but I prefer the regular kigirumi’s, so I’ll pass and give a better chance for those that want one. Hope the winners love em! :D

  • Charissa Juntura

    I’ve always wanted a Kigurumi :3 I live in Midcoast Maine so even on those breezy summer nights, a Kigurumi would be perfect!

  • Paige Halliday

    This would be a fantastic birthday present <3

  • Hoping it’s your lucky day ;)

  • Hi Carly! Wishing you lots of luck!!! >>

  • Hi Cyanne! ^^ Same to you!!!

  • That’s SO nice of you! the Summer Kigurumi are great in Hot weather though :D

  • Hi Charissa! Good Luck in the giveaway!!! ^^

  • Hi Paige! Great idea! Everyone <3's kigurumi!!!

  • Lucky

    I am a cat person, so maybe if there was a cat one! lol

  • Buff

    I entered in the last give away and didn’t win, but I have a better feeling about this one!! I really want a rilakuma summer kigurumi! >u<

  • 천사

    omg omg omg I want it so bad!!

  • sam


  • amie2737

    Please !
    I need it c:

  • Kanade

    Good Luck Friends!

  • Jennifer Marie Gonsior

    It’s fixed now sorry it took me a long time to respond! Thanks though! :)