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Kigurumi Animal Onesie Giveaway

August 18, 2014

Kigurumi Animal Onesie Giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Now’s your chance to win a kigu from Kigurumi Shop! We will pick three winners at random to take their pick from our Kigurumi , XL Kigurumi, and Kids Kigurumi categories.

Good luck!

  • tara

    i really hope i win this for my birthday :3

  • Christiana Goodgion

    Ah! I really want to win one! :D I’ve been wanting one for forever!

  • who cares

    I am from Turkey and i really want to win a kigurumi they are soy qewt

  • jeannette.s

    I want a closet stuffed with kigurumis ^_^ ♥ thank you for keeping your store running and all the deals you give.

  • Hi Tara! Happy Birthday!!! :D good luck

  • Good luck to you!!!

  • Hi Jeannette! A Kigurumi option for every day of the month sounds great! Good Luck in your quest to a closet full of Kigurumi :D

  • Sara Hennig

    I will win one day XD sorry I’m very determined and always que for every give away you guys have. I want to have a closet full one day

  • Lucky

    Awesome! Thanks again for a giveaway, Hopefully I can get Lucky and win this time ;)

    Still want that Fierce tiger kigurumi, it’s too awesome! :D

  • who cares

    thank you :3

  • Lizzy b

    This would be awesome to win ive wanted one for a while they are so freaking cool

  • Awesomeandkool

    I hope I do win. I always wanted a fox kigurumi :)

  • april may

    My birthday is coming next soon and I hope I win! ^-^ I’ve been wanting to get a Kigurumi is just so kawaii! ><

  • Tabetha M

    I’ve been dying for a kigurumi from you guys <3 hope I can win

  • Sammie

    I’ve always wanted a kigurumi hope I win! ♡

  • kendra jarrell

    Well today is my birthday so I wud love this as a cool gift I’ve wanted one for a while now

  • Glad you <3 our Kigurumi Sara!

  • Wishing you Lots of Luck! ;D

  • Hi Lizzy B! Good luck in the Kigurumi Giveaway! :)

  • =^_^= Good Luck :D

  • Happy Birthday!!! Good Luck! :D

  • Good Luck Tabetha! :D

  • Glad you <3 our Kigurumi Sammie! Best of Luck!

  • Happy Birthday Kendra!!! :D Good Luck in our Kigurumi Giveaway!!!

  • Chibi Picky Kiki

    Crossing my fingers! hope to win one for me or for my cute little baby princess <3

  • Hope Emerick

    Ugh I hope I win!! My last one got stolen D:

  • Kira☆Kira

    Aww sorry to hear that D: good luck!

  • Sofia Oliveira

    I hope this is also an international giveaway!

  • Theresa Annalee

    You guys are definitely the best place to get Kigurumis, I LOVE the giraffe one I ordered with you :3 I’m totally going to wear it for our annual Halloween party.

  • Halley Destin See

    Ahhhh I hope I win!

  • DeeDee

    So much excite. The anticipation for these contests are so freaking intense! KIGU PHOWAHRR!

  • Martyna

    I hope this applies to the summer kigurumis to!

  • My second chance to try and win a kigu for college! Thank you Kigurumi Shop. Good luck to all those entering! ✨

  • melB


  • CupcakeTerror

    Would love a warm Kigurumi hug!

  • catherinerae

    How do you get a chance to win

  • Hi MelB!

    SO Kawaii! <3

  • Huggs from Kigurumi! Good luck! :D

  • Hi Catherinerae!

    Above these comments is the entry box. You can login with your email or facebook to enter. Good luck!!! :D

  • catherinerae

    Thank you :)

  • Caz

    I really want to get a pink gloomy bear kigu! >.<

  • karen german

    I wanna win so bad…I want the fox or the pink one..Hope I win been trying for a minute now.<3

  • Esme

    I hope I win so I can get a kigurumi for an amazing friend she loves Keroppi. Wish me and everyone luck!!!

  • shayna wolves

    I want

  • shayna wolves

    I want a wolf pijamas.Because i like wolf very much .

  • Annette Broxton

    These are toooooo cute

  • Tamiczan

    I wish I could win this time :< I'm really dreaming of the Rilakkuma onesie!

  • Tiffany

    If I win this it will be My First Kigu!!!

  • Alicia

    This Is awesome!!

  • Hi Caz!

    It’s almost time for the drawing! Good Luck!!! :D

  • Hi Karen! Wishing you lots of luck from Kigurumi! <3

  • Hi Esme!

    What a great friend you are! Good luck!

  • Hi Shayna! The wolf kigurumi is Awesome!

  • Hi Annette! Glad you <3 them! Good luck!

  • Hi Tamiczan! Good luck in the giveaway! It’s almost time!!!

  • Hi Tiffany! Wishing you lots of luck to win your first Kigurumi! :D

  • Hi Alicia! Glad you <3 it! Good luck! :)

  • Jackie Watkins

    Still debating on which one to keep my eye on, in case I somehow win: The skeleton kigu or the sloth kigu?

  • Em

    ahhh almost time! so excited! good luck everyone >.<

  • hilary

    i’d pick the fox one..if only so i can dance to it..to the song “What does the fox say”

  • Erica

    I’ve wanted the dino kigurumi for a very long time. >.< Here's hoping I win!

  • Cassandra Knight

    I REALLY hope I win. I want the panda one so bad <3

  • Violet

    Is the contest over??
    When will the Winners be picked?? Or Shown on the website or FB

  • Fabricio ve

    I want to win :D I like kigurumi shop, You’re awesome