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Kigurumi Animal Onesie Giveaway!

October 21, 2014

a Rafflecopter giveaway

We’re having one last giveaway before Halloween to give our fans a chance to win a kigurumi animal onesie for the 31st!

Three winners will be picked at random to choose from our Kigurumi, XL Kigurumi, and Kids Kigurumi categories.

Good luck!

  • jesper wiessing

    I am troubled…I can’t tweet about it! ;_; how come?

  • Hi Jesper,

    We are looking into why you may be having an issue with twitter in regards to the giveaway. I apologize for the inconvenience. Did you try entering through facebook or your email address?

  • jesper wiessing

    I didn’t try with Facebook, but I posted blog.kigurumi-shop.com to twitter and that worked fine to tweet! I hope it was OK! It’s still a link to the competition!
    No need to apologise, it wasn’t your fault! ^_^

  • Lucky

    Heyo, my Luck doesn’t seem to be working! Maybe this time is the right one.

    Lol Thanks again for the Giveaway, Kigurumi shop, also I used tiny url to shorten your url and now twitter let me post it! So maybe you can use that to fix the automated one Rafflecopter uses?

    Good luck everyone!

  • Barbara Mayes

    Error creating tweet is what I am getting for the twitter link part.

  • TMD

    twitter is identifying the prewritten tweet as spam. people need to tweet in their own words for it to go through!

  • Chelsea Carter

    My determination is uncanny. Lady luck be by my side!

  • Meg Tucker

    same here!

  • UrbanElf

    Haha it’s like Christmas in December, two giveaways in such a short time! Good luck everyone ^___^

  • Meg Tucker

    Bummer about the tweets.. I tried doing my own words but the url is being identified as spam and won’t post.

  • Shawna Snopek

    I tried doing that but I still got the automated message

  • Dee Valles

    I would love to get a Kigurumi. Please pick me.

  • jennifer nielsen

    me too! :(

  • Alyssa Lopez

    Crossing my fingers! Hopefully I’ll win………eventually

  • Magui Pietrobelli

    I have to win some day….maybe not today..maybe not tomorrow BUT ONE DAY…A KIGURUMI WILL BE MINE muaaahahahaha

  • Katelyn

    Please Please Please let me have a chance XC

  • Paulina Bączalska

    It would be sooooo cool if I won. A perfect gift for my birthday! :3

  • MidnightRyuu

    I actually already have a Kigurumi that I love so much.I’m just trying to win one for my mom for her birthday

  • Jessica Berry

    Oooh! I hope to win! Fingers Crossed! :)

  • Chelsea Carter


  • Cassandra Knight

    yep, same here

  • Synthia Morales

    Awesome! XD

  • Thank you for this! I still wanted to be cuddly & fierce for Halloween! :D

  • Wanda Patterson

    Thanks for the contest.

  • Cassandra Knight

    had to delete the provided links in the tweet & make one using tinyurl. the link i made goes straight to this giveaway page, so it is still technically promoting the giveaway. until the twitter issue is fixed i think this is the only way it’ll work

  • Janize Ramirez

    You guys are the best ever! So many opportunities to win c: good luck everyone!!

  • Merlot Noir

    ^^I’ve definitely tried that, but it didn’t work. I thought maybe it was the link, like I tweeted the link too many times.

  • Merlot Noir

    Looks like there are 2 URLs for the KIGU giveaway when you try to tweet it, I just erased one of them, and made sure the link I didn’t erase still went to the giveaway page, then submitted it, it did work. Hopefully that counts.

  • Nelissa Solomon

    good luuuuccckkk!!

  • Marbles

    Twitter won’t let you post what they consider ‘spam’ tweets anymore :( so that entry may not work

  • Sami J

    here we go again ^.^ still really want to win one for my friend

  • Katie Smolar

    I want to win one for my little bro. he wants the red fox

  • Dulce Salgado

    Trying this one more time c: ! I hope I win one! ♡

  • Rubai Sora

    Good luck to everyone!

  • jennifer nielsen

    Sill cant tweet… Havent been able to tweet at all yet :/

  • Sarah Barnes

    I would enjoy the green lizard/Dragon onesie so i can crawl to my nephew an yell “I AM GODZILLA,HEAR ME ROAR”. Lol i still do it even without a suit. He and i love the old an new godzilla movies. >:3

  • Shawna Snopek

    It works if you just take off the second URL

  • 브렌다

    Trying one more time. Good luck everybody!!

  • Vivi

    Same!! :((

  • JoyAnne

    Thank you for another chance T_T You guys are great, regardless of whether I win or not <3

  • Nicole


  • tammie morgenstern

    Love to win Kigurumi!

  • Jennifer L

    Yay, one more time! Good luck, everyone!

  • Good Luck with the Giveaway!!! :D

  • Hi Barbara and Everyone else! We apologize for the inconvenience. It should be fixed now. Good luck to you all!!! :D

  • Good Luck Chelsea!!! <3

  • Giveaways, giveaways and more giveaways! Good Luck! :D

  • Hi Meg! We are SO sorry about that! It’s fixed now. :D Good luck!

  • Good Luck Dee! **…**… :D

  • Wishing you lots of LUCK Alyssa!!!

  • You’re so determined Magui!!! Good Luck! <3

  • Good Luck Katelyn! :D :D :D

  • Happy Birthday Paulina!!! ^^ <3 Good Luck! ;)

  • That’s SO sweet!!! :3 Good luck to you!

  • Good Luck Jessica! *…*…*…*

  • :D!!!! :) <3

  • You’re welcome Jasmine! :D

  • Good Luck Wanda! :D

  • Thanks Cassandra! We apologize for the inconvenience! The twitter issue has been fixed. Good Luck in the giveaway!!! :D

  • Thanks Janize! Kigurumi <3's our FANS!!! :D

  • Hi Merlot! We apologize for the inconvenience. The twitter issue has been fixed and you are entered to win. Good Luck to you!!! <3

  • Same to you Nelissa!!! :)

  • Hi Marbles! We apologize for the inconvenience. The twitter issue has been fixed. Good luck to you! :D

  • Good luck this time SAMI!!! :D

  • Hi Katie! The Red Fox is a GREAT choice! Good Luck! :D =^-^=

  • Wishing you lots of luck Dulce!!! ^^

  • Same to you Rubai! ;)

  • Hi Jennifer! We apologize for the inconvenience. The twitter issue has been resolved. Good luck to you!!!! :D

  • LOL Sarah!!! Sounds Awesome! :D Good Luck!

  • Same to you!!! >

  • You’re welcome JoyAnne!! Good Luck! ;)

  • <3 Good Luck Tammie! <3

  • Same to you Jennifer!!! Good Luck, <3 Kigurumi

  • UrbanElf

    I just realized I meant to write “Christmas in October” … lol “OTL

  • Paulina Bączalska

    Thanks! <3

  • Merlot Noir

    :3 Thanks yew!! <3

  • Sam Morgan

    I really hope I win. ;o;

  • Lily Pontsler

    Fingers cross for the kigurumi win~ My friend is being a grey kitty and I hope to get the black kitty in time :3

  • Miahahahabajaha

    Seriously I’ve been wanting to be a Rilakkuma bear for years now and my mom is against me buying it ;-;

  • Amber

    Hoping I win this! I never win contests >~<

  • Michelle M

    I hope I win I’ve been wanting one for years ):

  • Elisa

    T^T the amount of want is sooooo realllll

  • Chelsea

    Oh man this would be so cool!!!!!! xD Make my planning easy and cute this year for sure. *^* <3 Good Luck everyone!

  • Meg Tucker

    Yay! I got a tweetskie LOL!

  • Steph

    I hope luck is on my side, this could be an early birthday gift. :D

  • Ashlie

    I would love to win one!

  • Katie Peeler

    If I won I’d have a really hard time picking one! I think I’d pick the unicorn.. or hello kitty?? or corgi!!!!??

  • Magui Pietrobelli

    Yes! hahah Thanks! :D

  • Magui Pietrobelli

    I want to win I want to win I want to win I want to win I want to win I want to win I want to win I want to win I want to win I want to win I want to win -run in circules – Imagine if a i win some day.. I will die hahaha

  • Hi Sam! Good Luck!!! :)

  • Hi Lily! That would be SO cute! =^^= <3 =^^=

  • Good Luck to you then! ;)

  • Good Luck Amber!!! ^^

  • *Good Luck to you Michelle! :D

  • >>> Good Luck to Me! >>>

  • IT’s super easy and you”ll look GREAT!!! Good Luck :D

  • Happy Birthday Steph! Good Luck :D

  • <3 Wishing you lots of LUCK Ashlie!!! <3

  • There are SO many options!!! :D Good Luck!

  • YAY!!! Good Luck to you Magui! ;)

  • Squeee!~ 12 hours left!!!!! Good Luck everyone!

  • Taylor Fromm

    I hope I win one!! ;__; it be perfect to get the skeleton won for my fursuit ;_;

  • Rei

    I want to win! I just convinced my friends to wear kigus and give out free hugs at Portland Pride next year. So far we’ve settled on Hunter, pink unicorn and purple unicorn. Others are still deciding because of all the cute options.

  • Mega L

    There is a 120% chance I will loose but I might as well try :-/

  • Mega L


  • Hannah

    Here’s hoping. I wanna win since I still haven’t put together a costume and winning would give me one!

  • Sheri M.

    Give it another shot. Maybe my luck will change?

  • Lucky

    I hope I won this time T_T