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Kigurumi Giveaway!

October 16, 2014

Kigurumi Owls and Kigurumi Unicorns, Together at Last! <3

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Just in time for Halloween, we’re giving our fans another chance to win the kigurumi of their dreams! =^___^=

Three winners will be picked at random to choose from our Kigurumi , XL Kigurumi, and Kids Kigurumi categories.

Good luck!

  • Jordan Kumm

    Hoping to get a kigurumi for my birthday on the 25th -fingers crossed-

  • hilary olson

    OH man…i hope i win. I could use something cuddly and cute to wear this winter. it gets cold in north dakota. Plus i can also use it at conventions i go to

  • Shawna Snopek

    Trying again!! I gotta win one of these!! I love them so much <3

  • John

    I hope I win this time. I could use one to keep warm all winter long. And to look cute in the summer months at night. Please let me win this time

  • UrbanElf

    Good luck everyone ^___^ just in time for the winter chill :)

  • Nic Kingan

    Might as well try again..lol. Even though this is like winning the lotto.

  • Magui Pietrobelli

    I really want to win! T_T
    I participed in every one! ajjaja

  • Yvette Cruz

    I never win these competitions.. <3 I hope I win one! <3 they're adorable.

  • Megan McLaughlin

    Oh yay! Another chance for my tuxedo kitty!

  • elena

    Twitter isnt even working.. Dangit!! :c and i want a kigurumi so bad ;c

  • Danielle

    Hopefully I win this time, if not I’ll keep trying! Good luck to all who enter

  • Lucky

    Hopefully I can get Lucky this time! ;P

    In time for Halloween too. I’d be the best Fierce tiger ever.

    Thanks again for the chance Kigurumi shop <3

  • Melissa Cunningham

    I love these!!!! These are so cute!!!!!nive always wanted one :)

  • Hope

    They are soo cute. (^◇^)

  • Trying Again ..i want the red panda or the fox <3

  • Just in time for Halloween!

  • Janize Ramirez

    Trying once more! Good luck everyone *・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)’・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*

  • Mimi

    Please please please be meee!!!! <3

  • Rubai Sora

    Let’s try this again~ So want to win~

  • Pikapaws

    crossing fingers <3

  • Katie

    I’d love win something for once in my life.

  • Gaurdi-chan

    I hope I can win this time! X3

  • Patty Bieber

    Would love to surprise my daughter with one of these!

  • Nelissa Solomon

    my birthday is right before halloween. would LOVE to win one of these!!
    good luck everyone!!

  • nick

    For my girlfriend she will love this(:

  • Katie Glenn

    I need one!! Please be me!

  • Hope I win this time! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  • Nikki

    Not usually a winner, hope that changes !

  • Sarah Barnes

    I would like to have one…to roll around in :3

  • JoyAnne

    Woah, you guys are mega generous! I mean, there was a giveaway last week too :O I’d love to win one, but I suppose I’ll be happy for whoever wins (just imagining what it’s like for them seeing their names in the raffle results is a nice thought) Thanks for hosting another raffle! :3

  • Dulce Salgado

    Gunna try again ^-^ they are soooo cute! ♡

  • Shannon

    I really hope to win a cute kigurumi! I love the hello kitty ones so much!

  • Hayley Clark

    OK so are the various tasks it has you do the way you enter to win?

  • Magui Pietrobelli

    I Will try every one till i win hahahaa

  • Sami J

    would love to win for my friend <3 love the onesies sooo much

  • John

    Yeah. Do what it says and your entered

  • i would ove the red panda xl

  • Dee

    Ahhh I want to win so bad. I want one for my roommate so we can match and will be crazy cool for Halloweennnn~!

  • Sami J

    really want to win a onesie for my friend!!

  • Mina

    all of these Kigu’s are adorable <3 <3 <3

  • Ashley N. McIntosh

    hope i can win!! I am so excited I really want one :D /

  • jesper wiessing

    let’s hope for the best and good luck everyone! :3

  • Happy Birthday Jordan!!! Good Luck <3

  • Hi Hilary! Sounds like you have it all planned out… ;)

  • Hi Shawna! Good luck this time! :D

  • Good Luck this time John!!! :)

  • Good luck to you too UrbanElf ;)

  • Wishing you lots of luck this time Nic!

  • :3 Good luck Magui :)

  • ^^ Glad you <3 them Yvette! ;)

  • =^^= YAy! one of my favorites! http://kigurumi-shop.com/Black-Cat-Kigurumi.aspx

    Good luck!

  • Were you able to enter using your facebook account or email address?

  • You never know ;)

  • Glad you <3 them! Good luck Melissa!

  • We think so too ;) Good luck hope!

  • Perfect time to win a Kigurmi! Good Luck! :)

  • Good luck to you too Janize! ^^

  • Good Luck Mimi! *..*..*..* :)

  • **…..**…..** Good luck to you Rubai!!!

  • ;) Wishing you lots of luck Pikapaws!

  • Everyone has the same chances… it could be you Katie! :)

  • :3 Good Luck Gaurdi-chan! :3

  • That’s so sweet Priscilla! which one would you pick?! :D

  • Happy Birthday//Happy Halloween!!! **…**…**…. :D

  • Hi Nick!!! <3 What a great boyfriend!!! Good luck <3

  • <3 Good Luck KATIE! <3

  • <3 * * * Wishing you lots of LUCK Cassie <3 * * *

  • Everyone has the same chances Nikki!! :) Good luck <3

  • :3 Good Luck Sarah! :3

  • You’re welcome JoyAnne! Kigurumi <3's OUR FANS!!!! :D

  • Good Luck Dulce!!! :D

  • Once you login and submit your information, you’re entered for a chance to win the giveaway! Good luck Hayley :D

  • Entering every giveaway will surely give you the best chances! Good Luck Magui ;)

  • That’s so sweet of you SAMI :D *>>>**>>>**

  • Hi Ruby! The Red Panda is a GREAT choice!!! :D

  • That would be SO cute!!! Can’t wait to see the pics if you win! :D

  • Good Luck Sami! ;)

  • Glad you <3 them Mina! Good Luck!!!

  • Hi Ashley! Good Luck! :)

  • :D Good Luck to you too Jesper! :D **

  • Jasmine Reed

    i’ll keep trying until i get it!! I really want that sheep kigu!

  • Priscilla Campos

    Oh I’m torn between 7 of them lol I know she loves the Red Fox Kigurumi but she also likes Rilakkuma, Angel, Scramp, Hedgehog, Gizmo, Blue Budgie, Blue Unicorn and Panda Kigurumis! Oh the Sweet Torture Lol! So Many adorable ones to choose from. I’ll have to trick her into telling me her Must-Have If I have the good fortune of winning Lol Fingers crossed!

  • elena

    I could use FB and my email, i believe. Its just that twitter was not working at all :/. Everything i tried it kept blocking out the site or something.

  • Tara McClenic

    I NEED this in my life! All three of us (my daughter, son & myself) need a kigurumi! ^_^

  • Lucky
  • Cristi Shiverdecker

    Ive been wanting one of these for years! Please be me! ^.^

  • claire coyote

    pleeeeeeaaaaaaase let me win (fingers crossed)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ninjaney


  • CupcakeTerror

    Crossing my fingers and toes!

  • hilary olson

    yep I do! I always enter these things with the same plan. Its always good to plan ahead lol. One of these days a kirugumi will be mine

  • Merlot Noir

    Haha! I’ve been entering this contest faithfully for months, and I will continue to enter faithfully until I win! Love these!

  • 브렌다

    These are too cute! Good luck everyone! *crosses fingers*

  • Shannon

    These are so cute, i’ve been dying for one.

  • Lizlove

    Good luck everyone! Halloween is just around the corner, so stay in the spooky spirit!

  • Nikita R

    I’m going to try~! It doesn’t hurt to try so why not?

  • Sherry Burton

    I hope I win!!!! Not only do I love these, but my daughters do too!

  • Ashley N. McIntosh

    good luck to everyone! I am really hoping I win this time :D

  • Vivi

    How exciting! I’ve always wanted a kigu!!!! Good luck to everyone!!! ^_^ ♡♡♡♡

  • irwinsbum

    Gonna try to win! I’ve wanted one for so long, and Halloween is coming up! Good luck to everyone. :)

  • April O’Neil

    Would o totally love to win one!!

  • Missha

    I REALLY hope to win! I want a Korilakkuma Kigu so much! ;-;

  • Jess O.

    Thanks so much for doing this!

  • Courtney Baumgartner

    Hope I can add to my growing collection. If not, there is always people asking what to get me for Christmas!! :D

  • Lydia Nadine

    I need a new kigu this would be perfect ^w^

  • Kathleen Ek

    I have a anime youth group I formed for my girls. We now have 42 members and do a couple of Anime conventions a year. They sell these there for about $75 and wow those kids buy. They love to wear them at the conventions..specially on Sunday the last day of the con. I would love to win one for a grab bag gift for one of my members ;)

  • Katie Peeler

    Hope whoever wins appreciates how adorable these are :)

  • John

    I know I would enjoy it if I won. I.want the Flying Squirrel Kigurumi

  • Mirra Lampkin

    How do we know who won?

  • Dee

    ;w; I didn’t win – but I ordered one anyway. I’ll post pics and romp alone.

  • Sarah Barnes

    Did i really win ,i mean even if i didn’t im glad i got a reply back,thank you for the repky and possibly a win.

  • Magui Pietrobelli

    I participed in every one hahaha

  • Ashley G.

    I got so excited when I read “Ashley”, then so bummed when I read “H” ;(

  • Sarah Burbach

    Which Sarah B won? Haha

  • Rei

    Congrats to the winners! It’s really cool that Kigurumi Shop does these giveaways regularly. I just purchased a red panda kigu and a hedgehog kigu for my partner and I in time for Halloween (and the chilly northwest weather) but obviously we need one to wash and one to wear, right? I will definitely enter the next contest!

  • Sarah Barnes

    Which sarah B. did win?