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We’re Giving Away Three Kigu Onesies!

November 26, 2014

Kigurumi Animal Onesie Giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Kigurumi are the best way to stay warm and cozy through fall and winter, so there’s no better time than the present to have another kigurumi giveaway! =^____^=

Three winners will be picked at random to choose from our Kigurumi, XL Kigurumi, and Kids Kigurumi categories.

Good luck!

  • Rei

    Good luck everyone! If I win, I’ll gift it away. I know someone who would love, love a Hunter kigu for Xmas!

  • good luck Every Body ^_^

  • Mama B

    I’d love to give one to my daughter at college!

  • Deanna

    I’d looove to win my first kigu! :-)

  • Tom

    Good Luck everyone. :3

  • momo

    I would love to win one! They’re so cute! :3

  • Debbie

    Good luck to everyone! This would make my sons christmas, you have no idea. My fingers are crossed!

  • Millie Reade

    I haven’t had onesie pajamas since like 10 years ago. I would love to get one by Christmas ^.^

  • Jessica Berry

    I really would like to stay warm and cozy with Kigurumi this winter! Yes Please! :)

  • Magui Pietrobelli

    I want one!! Is my bday soon and i want to waer one on my bday!!

  • Kiramay

    Aweasome! So excited for the giveaway :)

  • Pinkamena

    I’d be pretty cool to win one of these

  • Giselle

    I hope I can win one of these for the pajama party at my convention.

  • Stephanie

    How do you enter?

  • JZ


  • Michelle Marchmon

    I would love to win one ;-)

  • My chance to win the perfect Christmas gift..! Thanks for the giveaway, KigurumiShop! Good luck everyone :)

  • Christina Colon

    So exciting!! <3 <3 <3

  • Lai

    I would love to win one, especially on these cold winter days.. I would definitely wear it when I have to go to college, perfect for when I need to get the train at 6am..

  • ryiokun

    If I win, I’ll give them away to three of my closest friends. :)

  • Zheris

    If I get a kigu, I’ll get a flying squirrel so I can pretend to fly and also to make a mess of things pretending I’m flying because I’m a flying squirrel knocking things over in kigu

  • Kayla

    This would be a nice early birthday gift

  • Kalyn Parkhurst

    Kigus are my all time favorite, I love them so much. My friend has one and I got one for Christmas, but I gave it to my brother because he wanted it so badly. I’ve never been able to afford one of my own, so this would be a really great opportunity for me (:

  • Christine Park

    I would love to get one!

  • sarah heredia

    would love one

  • Mara

    a birthday kigu would be the best birthday ever!

  • John

    Good luck to everyone. I’m trying for the 4th time. Hope I win this time cause I could use it to give someone a nice warm gift for Christmas this year.

  • Bequtty S Gonzlz

    I really really badly want one!!

  • Bequtty S Gonzlz

    I really,really badly want one for me :-)

  • Tanner

    My family can’t afford christmas this year, but this is the only thing I want c: I think I’d be a cute lion, I am only 5’4..and I’m 18 years old. >.< It would mean so much to me! plus, I've never won anything so this is worth a shot!!! c:

  • Tucker

    I want to win one for my sister to pick out for her birthday its the 12 of Dec!!! :) I hope I win she really wants one :)

  • Tucker

    I really want to win!! My sister would die to have one :)

  • Tucker

    if I win, I’m giving it to my sister for her birthday :D she has been begging for one, and I saw this on facebook so hopefully I win!!! (:

  • Tucker

    I really hope I get picked, I’m trying to win this for my little sister :) Good luck everyone :)

  • Tanner

    It’d be hard to pick from all the different animals, but the lion is my favorite. I’d end up wearing it all the time and play with my cats in it. it’d be so cute c: I wish everyone good luck!!! <3

  • Tanner

    I’d end up wearing it everyday and sleep in it, lions are my favorite and I really hope I win!!! :)

  • Bobby

    Trying to win for my girlfriend, she’d be so cute running around in one, I wish everyone the best of luck!!

  • Cora

    I hope you win girl!! :3

  • Tanner

    thanks c:

  • Tucker

    I hope you win sis!!!! :)

  • Bobby

    I hope you win boo bear <3 I love you :)

  • Bobby

    Yoooooo man

  • Tanner

    Thanks for trying, I hope we win :)

  • Tanner

    I love you too Bobby ((((: <3

  • Tanner

    I hope one of us wins!!!

  • Charlie

    I don’t have much money and wouldn’t be able to buy one myself but I have hope even though I’ve never won anything before~ I love unicorns and the joy that they bring! Thanks you guys! Good luck to everyone!! ^-^

  • bree

    honestly love these and america doesnt sell many good ones!!! i hope i win these all are so cute and michigan is so cold!!

  • Deanna

    I’d love to win my very first kigurumi! It’d be a great holiday surprise!

  • Kira

    I just moved in with my brother and don’t have the money for a bed or blanket right now. I have been layering up and using sheets to cover up with at night. It would be really great to have something else to keep me warm this winter.

  • Jennifer Marie Gonsior

    Omg! I definitely need one of these to keep me warm at night! If I won I’d be the happiest I ever have been in months not a lot has been going great for me so fingers crossed! :)

  • Elisabeth

    Eeekk! So cuite! Good luck everybody!

  • Tamara Aulestiarte

    I volunteer tutoring kids, helping them with Mathematics and English, it’d be lovely to surprise them one of these days, they’ve been so good so far and I am so proud of them. I also love these onesies, I’m a big fan!

  • carissa


  • Luisa Alvarez

    I have never won anything before so please lol

  • Rose Gonzalez

    Me and my family can’t really afford much this christmas, and I truly want to get one for my younger sister. She’s 8 years old, and she would LOVE it! I bet she would look super cute as well. :’3
    Good luck everyone! <3

  • Judy Soeum

    To be honest with you, I want one for myself. Parents always think of it as foolish, I want to be rebellious for once. Help me out?

  • Robin

    I hope I win one of these. I have entered some of these contests and never won. I love these. Good luck to youguys and happy holidays. God bless.

  • yvette samora

    I never won anything before i hope i win ive wanted one for ever but dont have any money,omg it would be amazing to win one id be the happiest person ever !!! :3

  • Robin

    I hope you guys win.

  • Robin

    God bless. Good luck.

  • MeKirra Gardner

    The Hello Kitty one is so cute!! I want that one if I win!! ^^

  • Meg Tucker

    Good luck everyone!

  • Ashley gould

    I have a one year old and she won’t get much from me or daddy this year and even if Idid win it would be something cute to get when she got older. I lost my job and my fiance doesn’t really make close enough so it would be a great thing for him too since he has been wanting one for years and I have always wanted one but never had the money. I don’t usually win anything but it would make a great gift for my bubbie and her daddy. Just had to try :)

  • Kristen Mohr

    I really hope I win. I want to give one of these to my little cousin for Christmas.

  • Injah

    I know a lot of us can’t have Christmas this year, so as much as I’d like to win, I really do hope a kigu makes your year!

  • donna porter

    OMG Way Cute!

  • Kailah

    I tried this thing six times already, and I’m still trying. My birthday is on December 3rd, turning 16, and I have always wanted a kigurumi. Besides nobody knows what a kigurumi is in my family, some didn’t even know what a iPod was, so I started to try this . Does this happen with you too? Anyways, Good luck everyone!

  • Clover

    I want to win for my best friends. One of them can’t have Christmas this year cause her family’s poor and I want to keep her warm all year long. And the other friend I just appreciate so much. She does so much for me…

  • Lucky

    One day I hope to be Lucky enough to win! I still love that fierce tiger kigurumi! And it would make a perfect Christmas gift. Living on my own now so Christmas is a little lonelier.

  • Pa Ying Lee

    yay. lol. i entered. yay even though i know i won’t get it. yay. xP

  • Susan M Cleland

    My teenage girls and their teenage cousins would LOVE these. Just have to figure out which one for which one.

  • jasmin

    Ooooooooooo this is actually a nice thing to do.

  • Lesly

    I want to get this for the most amazing sister/partner in crime in the whole wide world … Ik she wants one of these cute outfit and all i want to see her to be happy and smiling cuz she is amazing and deserves it… A cute lil panda she will be. To the best girl in the world :)

  • Michelle lauer

    Yes please :)

  • Jennifer L

    Good luck, everyone! :)

  • Hana

    Hope you win ^~^ im going to try too :3 good luck<3

  • yay,i won….thank you soo much..i sent a msg on facebook since my internet was having issues and it did not want to load the page..untill right now :)