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We’re Giving Away Three Kigurumi!

November 10, 2014

a Rafflecopter giveaway

It’s time for another kigurumi giveaway! =^____^=

Three winners will be picked at random to choose from our Kigurumi, XL Kigurumi, and Kids Kigurumi categories.

Good luck!

  • Malin

    Is this giveaway open internationally?

  • 브렌다

    Alright! Time to try again! Good luck everybody! These are too cute!!!

  • Rubai Sora

    Good luck to everyone~ I hope I win this time!

  • I hope I win this time!!! <3

  • Ines Saltares

    Omg, need!

  • annaureste

    Woo hoo good luck everyone ;-)

  • Jennifer Nielsen

    Hope I win!! It’s getting cold here and my Kigu isn’t doing justice :(

  • Hooray, another giveaway! Just in time for the Christmas season. I’m crossing my fingers for this one…Good luck everyone! (=

  • Kachina Larissa Williams-Varga

    Crossing my fingers for this! This would be perfect to sleep in for this cold weather. Oh and with some nice hot cocoa, yas<3

  • chanell

    crossing my fingers

  • Shannon

    Good luck everyone! ^_^ I really hope to win one for the winter!!

  • Polar Plunge Mom

    Can you please make these with zippers instead of buttons? It takes too long to put on/take off if you have to go to the bathroom! :)

  • John

    I really hope I win. I been trying everytime to win one of these. They are very cute and comfortable and they do keep you warm in the winter. If I do win I’m choosing the Flying Squirrel Kigurumi

  • Lindsey Hutson

    These are the coolest… Well, warmest most awesome things ever!!! My poor old Blue Owl has no pockets plus he is looking/ feeling worse for wear. Now there are like 50 new designs to choose from!!! …WITH pockets!!! Congratulations to whoever the winners are & trust me, you will LOVE this thing!!! <3

  • Jenni Ly

    Yay! Another give away! Good luck, everyone!! :)

  • Katelyn

    Crossing my fingers!!

  • Julia Heredia

    I would love one (:

  • Guest

    So. Excited.

  • Rei

    I’ve barely had the heat on in my place since I got my red panda kigurumi for Halloween. All my other pajamas just sit there looking sad. I hope I win another one because I hate being without my kigu on laundry day!

  • Rei

    I actually like the buttons over a zipper. A zipper would be rougher on the inside, it would be harder to have it down part-way without it coming open further, and it wouldn’t allow the fabric to stretch and give as much, putting more strain on the stitching. Also, if a button comes loose, it’s much easier to repair than a broken zipper, meaning your kigu lasts longer and care is easier. The buttons also make a built-in fly for male-bodied folks and you only have to unbutton a few to pull the kigu down. If you unbutton from the middle all the way to the last button on the bottom, you can even pull your legs out without taking your arms out if you want. Putting a crazy long zipper on these things would also add to the cost, but if you want, it wouldn’t be too tough to put a zipper in on your own.

  • That One Geeky Girl

    UGH! I want one SO bad!!! This would make binge watching Netflix so much more comfy and wonderful. I would wear it seriously all the time.

  • Nina Bear

    I need one for winter! I live in wisco

  • Angelique

    I want one soo badly XD but I’d have a hard time choosing, so many of these are adorable- if not all of them! Thank you for the giveaway, and good luck. :D

  • shayna wolves

    I love that wolf and the japanese fox kigurumi.I like the button and it’s is warm.

  • Shiabushiabu

    I CANT WAIT!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE KIGURUMIS! THEY BRING OUT THE LITTLE KID IN ME. If I win one, I’ll wear it around the trains in Singapore :p

  • anika


  • Catrin Gold (of Ravioli Rose)

    So many of my friends have one, and they look so comfy, I want one so bad! If I win, I’m definitely scheduling a kigu photoshoot! We all cosplay, and I have ideas for photos that would be a lot of fun!

  • Jamie Rich

    I want a corgi so bad. My sister has a frog and an owl. I got to wear the owl for a Halloween party, and I’m hooked!! I’m keeping my fingers crossed, but I don’t usually win these sorts of contests.

  • emmylove8992

    Oooo i would LOVE one of these!

  • Brianna

    I really would love to have one of these. Its been on my to do list forever. It’d be so great to get one these for free!

  • La’Quese Watts

    Hope I win, would really love a Pink gloomy bear one for the next con I attend. ^-^

  • Jacquie


  • smays

    I have a pet sugar glider
    so I want one so bad haha

  • Courtney Baumgartner

    Really hope I get one haha. Im in the snow belt this year, and this would be my weapon against the cold weather :D

  • Jay

    Ive been seeing alot of these al around~ and i dont have one yet! They look so comfy and warm which would make winter more tolerable<333

  • Teppa

    I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed ittttttttttttttttttttttt <3

  • Teppa

    oh and i’d like an XL Panda VuV

  • allieslucid

    My. Hopes. And. DREAMS.

  • manda

    I hope I win X3 I want the lemur or the white tiger one!

  • Jennifer Nielsen

    Do you guys have a Carrot one? I want a Carrot one. Yeah it’s weird I know but Idc! X3

  • meagan cummings

    Huge fan, I always wanted oneee!! Super kawaiiii

  • Meg Tucker

    woohoo!! thanks for another chance!!

  • Jennifer Marie Gonsior

    My fingers are crossed I really need one of these I have always love the skeleton one that and it would definitely keep me warm in my cold room brrr!!!

  • Alicia Elias

    Can always sew one in. :)

  • Deanna

    This would be my first kigurumi, & I’d love to win it! :-)

  • Lucky

    Trying again, if I am truly Lucky I should win even against these crazy odds. I may have lost in the past but your kigurumi’s are the best! So I gotta keep trying <3 Sazac.

  • John

    Good luck to everyone. I really hope I win this time I would pick the Flying Squirrel Kigurumi.

  • Nikita Richtofen

    I really want a Sheep one~! They are so cute.

  • mackenzie

    i neeeeed to win! i love these so much!! (i want/need the XL dinosaur if i win)

  • mackenzie

    Hannah Hart sells them!

  • I would love to be a frog <3

  • Farrah Linn

    My friend Ashley has a couple of these, her friend Lauren has one too, seeing all the pictures they post of them, and how cute they are, I figured I’de enter! :3

  • Deanna

    I’d love to win my first kigurumi! They’re so cute & comfy looking!

  • I feel like my family would appreciate it more if I won my sloth kigurumi instead of them getting it for me for christmas XD

  • Chanell Taylor

    i hope i get to choose one… :) really excited even if i dont im going to enter in every giveaway i really want the koala!

  • mackenzie

    when will the winners be announced?

  • Meli

    I hope I’m able to win the lil brother one, he’s been wanting one forever.

  • John

    I didn’t win again. These contest are so rigged. I might just have to buy one since I will never win one

  • Jack

    Just because you didn’t win doesn’t mean that the contest was rigged. There were 20,134 entries, and your entries are only a small small fraction of those entries. Don’t give up, and if you really need one at this moment and you aren’t patient enough to wait until the day that you win one (which might be never), then just buy one. :)

  • Dannie Charlotte

    I need three more kigurimi to make my kigu family Dx