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Animal Onesie Giveaway!

January 6, 2015

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Enter for your chance to win a kigurumi animal onesie!

Three winners will be picked at random to choose from our Kigurumi, XL Kigurumi, and Kids Kigurumi categories.

Good luck!

  • Ida

    So excited about this! I love my Stitch kigurumi so much, I’d love to win another one! x

  • I love my Fox Kigurumi and my lil brother loves his Tiger one,i would love to win one for my other lil Brother,he wants to be Bones..lol

  • NatalieTheHedgehog

    Is leaving an entry how we enter? I love my hedgehog kigu because when I am wearing it, I feel like nothing can stop me!!

  • Jen

    I’d love one! I’ve always wanted one!

  • Thank you for another giveaway and another chance! It’s my birth month so I’m feeling lucky :)
    Good luck everybody!

  • John

    I would love to win one as there so Cute &
    Adorable. Idk which one I should choose if I do win 1 of these someone help me out thanks just incase I do end up winning this time.

  • Deyanna

    Trying this again! It’s my birthday next Sunday and it’d be cool to win one, but best of luck to everyone!

  • Jai


  • Lucky

    I love your Kigurumi’s! One day I’ll get Lucky on one of the giveaways ;)

  • Idil

    Good luck to everyone!! I’ve never won a giveaway myself but must be an exciting thing to win out of bunch of people! Thank you Kigurumi Shop! :)

  • Alexis

    I would love to win those cute kigurumi a. Especially now that they have they’re new animals and all ^^

  • ladywillowgrey

    It won’t give me a option to tweet or pin it. There is nothing I can click. But I entered anyways. So excited! :D

  • Ashley Perry

    Yay Giveaway time.. *does shimmy dance*…now imagine this dance in a Corgi Kigurumi *wink wink*

  • Daniel Buxbaum

    Hurray! Giveaway time is the best time! *happy shuffle dance in a purple unicorn Kigurumi* ;D

  • Dee

    These are so cool and cute, I love the giveaways. Thanks for doing this! ^_^

  • Austria Quezada

    I’d live in one of your Kigurumis!!! I want one!!! Pleaseeeee!!!!!

  • Gia Hunter

    cute product, good luck all

  • marysamiljan

    I bought one for a gift for the holidays, and now I’m so jealous. I want my own!!

  • donna porter

    so cute

  • Briana Cook

    I need a flying squirrel and unicorn for my collections!

  • Kindle

    I’m so excited for this lol

  • Camille LeeAnn Williams


  • Amy Simms

    I would love to win one! They’re so cute and loveable! From what I’ve heard they’re really comfy, warm and awesome. It sucks that I’ve been really tight on money and I’m dying to get one. Hopefully being one of the three winners it would be very nice (/.)

  • Susan M Cleland

    Bought FIVE for Christmas presents. All the girls LOVED them. I have washed our 2 and they washed beautifully. I can hardly decide what other ones my teens might need.

  • Krystal Kawaii Klypso-Chan

    I would love to win one of the Kitty ones or the black Hello Kitty one! I’ve never had one before and I think they’re so adorable! :)

  • Esuna

    I really want the budgie kigurumi

  • Amani Cooper

    I never had one of these but I always wanted one. Do you think they’re comfortable enough to sleep in? Hope I win so I can find out. Good luck everyone!

  • Kirby Brown

    I have always wanted one, but never had the money to get one. I would love to have a big kitty one <3

  • Stephanie

    If Im lucky enough to get one I’d probably never take it off lol.

  • Cait

    I have been wanting one of these for a while, just never had the money for one…but if I won, I love the dinosaur one! :-)

  • Juliana


  • Dannie Charlotte

    I need more kigurimi >.3<]

  • Kibi Haze

    Oh please pick me :3 I’ve never won a single thing in my life and I would love and kigurumi! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Emily

    Sad thing is I dont have a pinterest.. but oh welll haha these are super adorbs ugh

  • Anna Davenport

    Oo!!! Now I could have a chance to kawaii in the streets and sheets!! I’ve always wanted one… *.*

  • Nikita Richtofen

    They all so cute~!

  • Bryanna Farinha

    Ive wanted one for so long and every time i try to save up for one i end up spending the money on something else D:

  • Eva Sweeps Kendall

    Really cool…would luv to win one!

  • So awesome! I would love to win one. I remember falling in love with them back in the late 90s when I saw Lain wearing one.

  • Katie Glenn

    I’ve gotta win it eventually O__O

  • Sidney

    I reaaalllyyy want one. I’d wear it constantly haha.

  • midnight-vines

    Kigirumi ^·^

  • Val Chimera Monstér

    Kigurumis are way too adorable. I shall slowly but surely replace my entire wardrobe with kigurumi so that I can be absolutely adorable and super comfortable all the time! Sqweee!

  • Ines Saltares

    I want to be a unicorn ❣◕ ‿ ◕❣

  • Guest

    I would love to win the Grey wolf kigurumi on. Lol good luck everyone!!!

  • Winterwolf13

    I would love to win the Grey wolf kigurumi one. Good luck everyone :) all of them are cute!!!

  • Windi Kuhn

    I would love to win the Panda kigurumi :) since you no longer have the Totoro one :(

  • rave babe

    I would love the panda c:

  • Tara McClenic

    A kigurumi would be perfect to cheer me up after all these sad events lately.

  • nanibani

    I always wanted one but i can’t afford one right now

  • Sarah Fitzgibbon

    i know i wont win but why not i know i cant afford anything really but i would love to get one i think they are so cute and it would be great if i won one and i would give this website great reviews

  • Lorin

    The black cat and fox ones are so cute! I would have loved the Totoro one

  • rikk

    I need the panda one =[

  • GrellFTW

    Augh, I would love one of these! I’ve entered basically every contest for this there has been and so far no luck. One day soon though…

  • Kelly

    Fingers crossed participating pays off! Love the kigurumis :D

  • Mandy Ash

    I would love to win a blue unicorn kigurumi :) I would also love to wear it to the mall and watch peoples awkward faces staring XD

  • jenelle

    I would love to win the mint colored unicorn kigurumi please :’)

  • Kat Bendabout

    I’d love the rilakkuma kigurumi :3 It’s so adorable & it’s make me so happy if I won it! :)

  • KIKI

    the hedgehog one, it’s so cute!

  • John

    KIKI – I was thinking between the Flying Squirrel, The Fierce Tiger, Leopard or the Dinosaur with the green tail w/ the green down the tail. But the Hedgehog one sounds like a option as well. This is my 5th time entering. So good luck to everyone

  • Tram Meas

    I love the Elephant Kigurumi ! :D

  • Meg Tucker

    <<<<< pick me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hannah M.

    how do you enter??

  • John

    Just do what it says to do at the top

  • maria

    iwant the sloth kigurumi

  • Hannah M.

    Is there supposed to be a thing that loads after that little triangle thing? My computer won’t load it

  • John

    Yea there is. But I’m logged in so I can do what t says to do.

  • Kathryn Whitney Larson

    I have to spend a lot of time in my jammies, and I really, REALLY want a kigurumi! They just look so cute and snuggly! I think I want a cat one, but the fox one is soooo cute… so many adorable choices!

  • Glad you <3 it Gia! Good luck to you as well.

  • That was very sweet of you Mary! Good luck to you! <3

  • :D best of luck donna!

  • Both are great choices Briana! :)

  • YAY Kindle! :D :D :D

  • You sure do Camille! ;)

  • ^^ Good luck to you Amy! :D

  • Good to hear Susan! :D Best of luck! ;)

  • =^^= Great choices Krystal!!! =^^=

  • The budgie is So cute!!! Good Luck Esuna! :D

  • Hi Amani! We sleep in our Kigurumi all the time! :D They are very comfy!!!

  • =^^= Here’s hoping you win your kitty kigurumi Kirby! :D

  • ^^ Hehe Kigurumi are comfy enough to wear at all times! Good Luck Stephanie! :)

  • The Dinosaur is SO awesome!!! :D Good luck Cait!

  • YAY Juliana! THanks for entering the giveaway. Good Luck! :D

  • Hi Dannie! Which Kigurumi will you choose next if you win?! :D

  • Good Luck Kibi! <3

  • You can enter the giveaway through Facebook or Email as well. Good Luck Emily! :D

  • ^^ Good luck Anna! *..*..*..*

  • Glad you <3 them Nikita!

  • Hi Bryanna! Good luck this time! :D

  • Good Luck Eva! *..*..*..*

  • Hi Nicole! Which Kigurumi would you choose if you won the giveaway?! :D

  • Good Luck this Time Katie!!! :D <3 :D <3

  • Good Luck to you Sidney! ^^

  • YAY!!! Good Luck!

  • Sounds like a Fantastic idea Val!!! Good Luck to you! :D :) :P

  • Hi Ines! Unicorns are magical! Good Luck^^

  • The Grey Wolf Kigurumi is Awesome!!! =^-^=

  • =^-^= Good Luck to You Winterwolf ;)

  • (*0*) The Panda is Adorable! Good Luck Windi!!!

  • *..*..*..* <3 Good Luck RAVE BABE!!! <3

  • I’m Sorry to hear times are tough Tara… Kigurumi are Great pick me ups! ;) Good Luck to you!!! :D

  • Good Luck in the Kigurumi giveaway Nanibani! :D

  • Ines Saltares

    Thank you (✿◠‿◠) 9,000+ entries, I’ll be needing it. (๑´ㅂ`๑)

  • How do you know you wont win?! Every entry has equal chances! :D Good Luck to you Sarah!!!

  • =^^= Good Luck Lorin!!!

  • The Panda is Awesome!!! Good Luck Rikk!

  • Good Luck this time Grell! :)

  • It sure does Kelly! ;) Good luck!

  • You would brighten everyone’s day!! :D

  • Hi Jenelle! Good Luck ^^

  • YAY!!! ^^ Good Luck to you Kat!

  • Glad you <3 it Tram!!!

  • ^^ Good Luck Meg! ;)

  • Did it end up working for you Hannah?

  • The Sloth is AWESOME!!! :D Good Luck Maria

  • =^^= Good Luck to you Kathryn!!!

  • So many awesome ones. I think I’d pick the Rilakkuma one though!

  • Susan M Cleland

    My girls need another one. I can’t keep them out of the laundry.

  • Sarah Fitzgibbon

    true and thanksyou

  • Mackenzie R

    Both my cousins received kigurumi for Christmas and I want to join them! My hope of I win is to get the red panda one!

  • Mackenzie R


  • Meg Tucker

    Thanks for the chance!

  • Sidney

    Thank you so much!! =^^= And thank you for this opportunity!

  • Nicki Mari

    I really want to win a unicorn kigurumi because its sooooo cute and all my friends have one so I want one too <3 <3 I've never acually wore one of them before and I want it sooooooooooooo bad :)

  • Niky

    I would love to win a rilakkuma kigurumi :’3

  • Kigurumi Kitteh

    I REALLY want the snake Kigurumi! Its just so cute and the arms are so unique!

  • Jacinda Turek

    I love these give aways! there so exciting. Really hope to get one THERE JUST TOO ADORABLE<333 Any of the kitty or bunny ones -cuteness is mah weakness-

  • cyndi lou

    What else can i do to win??? I need that pug one!!!!

  • Connie Yap

    I really hope I can win this giveaway. I really love the Blue Unicorn Kigurumi >.<

  • Kitty Zoppe

    I would rock the spooky black cat. Sooo cute! I borrowed my friends unicorn one and it was soo comfy and warm lol

  • sami

    I have the blue owl one and I love it. I love all of them :)

  • Baylee Christina Guthrie

    I want the unicorn one

  • Chrissy Simons

    I love these soooo much! I’m so excited your having a giveaway!

  • Tuesday Boutin

    i wish i could get the fierce yellow tiger one, i could use it for a Toradora! cosplay. although i’m sad the totoro one isnt there anymore

  • Sarabi Pearson

    Oh please oh please oh please oh pleaseee!! It would be so awesome having another one

  • Eero Valor

    I’ve been dying to get one but never could! One day! “Shakes fist in air” penguin please regular ❤

  • Hannah Elizabeth

    I would love to win the sheep kigurumi it’s soooo cute!

  • Jeaven Walters

    I really want to win the unicorn or the Eeyore oneeee!

  • Hannah M.

    Not yet, but I’m determined to enter! I’ll try on another computer.

  • Linda Stull


  • Kachina Larissa Williams-Varga

    I have my fingers crossed! I wanna win my first Kigurumi <3 :) Definitely want the
    New Hello Kitty Kigurumi! It would be perfect for my Hello Kitty Collection =^.^=

  • Kachina Larissa Williams-Varga

    It’s not huge, yet…but it’s something lol :)

  • I would LOVE to win one of these :3 even if I don’t, I plan to get the panda with my birthday money in March. Good luck everyone!!!!

  • prpleluvr

    I found this website through one of my favorite Youtubers! I really want the Hanyo Usagi Kigurumi, doesnt matter which color, or any of the Sanrio character Kigurumis!!! Love this website, it is soo cute! XD

  • John


  • Shannon

    Are you still doing the giveaway?I really really really really want the hedgehog one but it’s so much more expensive than any other onesie I look at and it’s the only one I like so if there’s anyway I could all get one I would really appreciate it.;) my email is shannon.lee4323@gmail.com

  • Tara McClenic

    The winners have already been chosen.

  • Shannon

    Ok thank you if you ever have another giveaway please let me know :) Shannon