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Win A Free Kigurumi Animal Onesie!

February 10, 2015

SAZAC Kigurumi Animal Onesie

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Enter for your chance to win a SAZAC kigurumi animal onesie!

Three winners will be picked at random to choose from our Kigurumi, XL Kigurumi, and Kids Kigurumi categories.

Good luck!

  • Linda Meranda

    So cute, thanks for the giveaway

  • Dianna Tagaban

    One of these days, pay or win, I’ll get my hands on one!

  • One day I too shall win a kigurumi! ONE DAY

  • Jessica Berry

    Thanks for the contest! Fingers Crossed! :)

  • Jessi Gonzalez

    Love these!! Fingers crossed to win one for meeeee :)

  • bryanna farinha

    I want one so badly, but i cant afford one. But i WILL have one someday!:D

  • Allyson Clarkson

    Thanks for this opportunity!!! Hope I get to the chance to win one of these!! Love you guys!

  • Safeya LeeAnn Turner-Keen

    I want one so bad!!!

  • Mackenzie R

    Oh I hope I can finally get one! Both of my cousins have them and they look so awesome! Going for the red panda!

  • Yay! Another giveaway just in time for Valentine’s! Maybe I’ll win…Then my kigu can be my Valentine ㅋㅋㅋ

  • Danielle

    Maybe this will finally be my time,or come DragonCon I’ll buy one!

  • Rebecca.crossing

    Weeeee!! I hope I win this time!! <3 yay! Thanks for always doing so many giveaways <3

  • Miranda Panda

    Hopefully I win this time!

  • Brianna Monroy

    Either getting one from a giveaway or purchasing one it’ll be my first time having one :-)

  • Cindy

    I hope to win >_< ! Thx for giveaways =D

  • Windi Kuhn

    I hope I win this time! I really want the Panda, since you no longer have the Totoro one.
    And thank you so much for these giveaways!

  • Jerry Cundiff

    I love these!

  • Sabrina

    Really want one for my daughter. Well I might have to try it out first. Lol. Wish me luck.

  • TP

    My 5 year old loves her unicorn, & my 3 year old tomboy loves her dinosaur on cold fl nights….soo cute!

  • John

    I hope I win one so I can be warm the rest of winter and beyond. This is my 5th time entering so it would be nice to win at least 1. But if I do it’s gonna be hard to choose which one I want.

  • Sara B

    Gah! I need one so bad!!!

  • Meaghan

    I’ll get one for my next con!!

  • Kat Bendabout

    I want the Rilakkuma Kigurumi. It’s so cute & I hope I win :3 <3

  • Harlie Pasco

    Want one soooo bad! <3 I love them!

  • Jennifer Wheeler

    Ive been trying for years to win one of these. Id really like to own one. Its just so much not in my budget right now. -Sigh- Maybe one day.

  • Alissa Narvaez

    So Awesome, My Husband and I will have one eventually =)

  • Niky

    スゴイ ^o^ ich würde ebenfalls gerne einen gewinnen! x’3 Rilakkuma ♥

  • Esuna

    Entering another giveaway. Hopefully I can win that budgie kigurumi. :'(

  • Jennifer L

    Hooray! Another giveaway! Good luck, everyone! :)

  • Norah E. Lynom

    Hopefully I Can Win One ^___^

  • La’Quese Watts

    Dont have a twitter or pineterest hope my chances are still good to be able to win one :(

  • Catt halsey

    I cannot help but wish I win!!! I have never won anything and a kigurumi would be the most amazing thing to win!!

  • GrellFTW

    Eventually, I’ll win one of these. Either that, or I’ll shove around to buy one. But one day I shall have one… And there shall be nothing better to study in.

  • sara roebuck

    I neeeeeed one!

  • Winterwolf13

    I would love to have the grey wolf one. Good luck every!!

  • Lisa

    My daughter got one for Christmas and I brought two for her friends. They are adorable! This mom could use one. :)

  • @BrittneyBear

    Hoping to get one for my sweet boyfriend!! He REALLY wants the white tiger or fox!

  • mayolottegirls

    I want one too, hope I win one this time~!

  • Luisa Alvarez

    I hope to win one day please pick me

  • Breanna KindaCausey

    Will rock Kigurumi at Animecons ✌ and the occasional walmart

  • HELyes

    I want iiiit

  • Becca Holly Jay

    I want the blue budgie in the worse way!

  • julia


  • tiffany

    I want one I don’t care what character I just want one!

  • Jenifer Moore

    Thank you

  • i pray i can win one,My little brother would be overjoyed :)

  • Shou

    I want to win a cute Kigurumi *-* thank you <3

  • Esuna

    Maybe I can win this time.

  • Esme Heeniix Vazquez

    Been trying to win one forever but i never do…that still doesnt stop me from keep trying :)

  • Janelle Capizano

    Real nice, i already have the red panda, but i think i might want the fox as well. Very comfy

  • uolo

    How do I know I entered?

  • Kachina Larissa Williams-Varga

    I’m still hoping for that hello kitty onesie! <3

  • Sidney

    Yay another givaway! Thank you! Though I can’t decide which one I’d get though if I won or even bought one– there are several I love!

  • hanakin skywalker

    I had a really cute one that I wore all the time, and my puppy chewed it to pieces :l it made me very upset!

  • John

    You will see 12/12 if u entered each thing

  • Ylene Williams

    They’re amazing *^*

  • Britt Saunders

    Sweet. Good luck, peeps.

  • Buggy D

    I cant wait to see the entry winners :D

  • PanduhTimeBomb

    Super hoping i get a panda one day pink purple whatever panda is my spirit animal pretty sure if i get one i would wear it all day everyday

  • Katelyn

    I shall be a dragon one day!!

  • Nur Ilylia Najmi

    i never have a kigurumi pajamas before….so if i win one i will be really happy….not to mention all of the pajamas is sooooooooo CUTE!!

    i really want one…….god please let me have one of this,….hahaha…..

  • John

    Good luck to everyone. I really hope I win this time. Which one should I choose if I win cause they have so many to choose from?

  • Cal

    Is hoping to win one for megacon this year ; u ; last day of cons are so tiresome and I would like to lounge around like a bum

  • Lucky

    Wow 10 thousand entries, I really need to be Lucky :P

  • Tera Noctem

    please please please

  • tiffany

    I want one!!!!!!

  • tiffany

    I realm am hoping I win I want one so bad

  • John

    Everyone needs to be lucky. It would be nice to win a free one

  • John

    Same here I can’t think either

  • Amanda Rieder

    I’m curious about how they contact the winners so they can claim their Kigurumi because that’s been on my mind for whenever the chance comes up to win one