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Kigurumi Giveaway!

March 31, 2015

SAZAC Kigurumi Animal Onesie

a Rafflecopter giveaway

It’s that time again! Now’s your chance to win an official SAZAC kigurumi animal onesie!

Three winners will be picked at random to choose from our Kigurumi, XL Kigurumi, and Kids Kigurumi categories.

Good luck!

  • Amber Bendrick

    So hoping to win

  • John

    Me to

  • John

    I really want to win this time. I know which one I’m getting if I win.

  • Jacquelyn Neuffer

    These are so sweet!

  • Magui Pietrobelli

    I really want to win T_T
    I have tried so many times

  • Donna Yost

    I want to win one for my best friend for her birthday (just a few days late) she has wanted one forever

  • CrossbowBlood

    Look so comfortable and too cute! I hope I win.

  • Melissa

    Hope I’m Able Win =0

  • Janelle Capizano

    I hope so, i have 1 but the others are cute too

  • Ashley Paul

    I love these! I would love to win one for my son!

  • Patricia

    I’ve been wanting a kigurumi for a long time. They look so comfy~

  • Virginia Burton

    <3 i hope i get it this time. <3

  • Jeneane Weiss

    Love the quality! Hoping to win a new baby for my collections. #iwearkigurumieveryday. Thanks for the chance

  • Niky

    good luck everyone ^^

  • Michelle Marchmon

    I would so love to win this time

  • This isn’t an April Fool’s joke is it..? Haha, kidding. And I’m still entering either way~ ^.^

  • Danielle

    Let’s see if I can win this time! Keeping fingers crossed

  • Chanell Taylor

    i hope i finally win one

  • Flip McKenzie

    Fingers crossed that I win

  • Winterwolf13

    A wolf kigurumi would be nice. Good luck everyone. Going to keep trying for these give aways maybe one day I will get it XD

  • gaelle

    Hey ! it will be a pleasure to adopt one more kirugimi in my “Marseille” (France) ;)

  • Anna Divina Beazer

    want want want!

  • Chibival

    Hopefully I win something one day!

  • Ami chan

    ohhhh i really want to win!!!!! i love kigurumi <33

  • Lori

    Always wanted a pair

  • would love one for my lil brother <3

  • Siobhán McMurray

    I would love to win one for my daughter.

  • Esuna

    I’ve entered so many giveaways! Maybe this time I can win. :(

  • Crystal

    This would be so awesome!!! <3

  • david smee

    Paws crossed… One of these days soon, I’ll be posting the Kigurumi I’ve won!

  • jenny

    Omg please please please!!! Ive never had one!

  • AerosmithNirvana


  • Bridgitte Waltz

    If I win, totally getting the Hedgehog Kigurumi and wearing it everywhere. :D Here’s to hope and prayer.

  • Rini_Bunny

    I love onesies

  • Marilyn

    May the best man win! :)

  • caitlin scimeca

    Never owned one but I’ve always wanted one. And i would wear it everywhere especially conventions!!!!

  • Spacemermaid

    I’ve never had one and these are so cute. I want one to wear to my first con !!

  • Katie Schiewek

    I might go for the raccoon kigu because it’s super adorable! ^-^

  • Nico

    I want the korgi kigurumi!!!!

  • Elizabeth Sunset

    I have the Hedgehog one and it is SO CUTE!

  • julie

    I love these they are adorable

  • Hoping to win these super cute kigurumi’s. >___< I've always wanted one since forever basically.

  • Cassie Malik

    Hope I win (btw do you just comment and that’s how you answer

  • Cassie Malik

    I mean enter

  • Windi Kuhn

    I would really love to win an XL Panda kigurumi!

  • Romina C. Godoy

    I’d want an XL Owl or Bat Kigurumi. :3 Please, and Thank you! <3~!

  • Maria Moreno

    I would like one.

  • otakuprincess~

    Im gonna win this time! I usually lose contest stuff but a butterfly landed on my shoulder today and that super luckey so i really think i can win this one!

  • carlet

    if i win i will wear mine to school

  • Le

    How do we enter?? :)

  • Le

    Nvm. I think i got it :)

  • Tracy P

    I need to win this for my daughter!!

  • Shigatsu

    Kigurumis for the win!!! :D Best things ever!!

  • Scianon

    Cross my fingers I win! >-<

  • Raymond Stone

    In it to WIN it! Thank You!

  • Sara Leinonen

    I would love to have a pink unicorn kigurumi c:

  • Sara Leinonen

    How do i participate?

  • Walrus

    This is my first time! I am going to wear mine to Atlantic City Boardwalk Convention if I win!

  • KaTie Rellinger

    Fuzzy wuzzy was a bear, fuzzy wuzzy had no hair, fuzzy wuzzy wasn’t really fuzzy, was he? No, but I will be if I win the Kigurumi animal onesie for the Easter Giveaway!

  • Fabienne Elbert

    entered with all 12! Fingers crossed! :) Adult-Unicorn-Kigurumi I’m on my way! :3

  • Tara McClenic

    I am really hoping I get lucky this time. I need something that will uplift my mood… just been so down lately & this would truly make me happy every time I’d wear it. <3

  • MopTop

    My daughter is fascinated with Owls…. would love to win!

  • Mark Mapano Mangubat

    Danganronpa Monokuma Kigurumi c:

  • Dashi

    I hope i’ll win, so i can add a Zebra to my Tiger and Horse ^_^!
    good luck everyone!

  • CrossbowBlood

    I love the fox and skeleton one!! I hope I win!!

  • LinnVicious

    This is basically the only way I’ll own one since my husband won’t let me spend the money on one. Please oh please let it be me this time!

  • ShaythePanda

    I really wanna win a fox kigurumi for my bf

  • Judy Ann Carlow

    Omg these are so cute ! I want one !

  • Alexx

    I really really wanna win this… been dying to win a kigurumi forever but won’t be able to afford one for a while… I want to win the Tigger one <3

  • susan king

    Thank you for this giveaway ! These are just to dang cute !!

  • Alexx

    I NEED to win this… i’m dying to win the Tigger Kigurumi…

  • Alexx

    Love love love kigurumis, PLEASE LET ME WIN
    Totally gonna start a trend at school when I get my first kigurumi :3

  • Alexx

    This teen boy NEEDS the Tigger kigurumi… I’m very insecure and I feel that wearing the Tigger Kigurumi will boost my self confidence when wearing it. I also LOVE cute things and I feel this would boost my happiness too…

  • Alexx

    *casually rants on about how I need the Tigger Kigurumi even though I know I can’t win, nor afford it*

  • Alexx

    Your husband shouldn’t control just one splurge, and besides, I’m sure he’d love to see you stylin’ in a kigurumi, hun.
    Even if you don’t win, go for it anyways c:
    I’m sure he’ll get over it ;)

  • Tiffany Monroe

    I want one please, I’ve been trying so hard to get my hands on one but it doesn’t work.PLEASE I NEED ONE!!!!!!

  • Alexx

    When will the winners be announced?

  • Muhammad Waseem

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  • Mariah Wallace

    Congrats winners.:(