Support for the Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund

April 28, 2015

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On Saturday 4/28/2015, a powerful earthquake with 7.8-magnitude struck Nepal and its citizens, leaving houses, villages, and cities in turmoil and severely damaged. This was one of Nepal’s worst earthquakes in 80 years — with rising death tolls and reports of severe damage being updated daily. With families and friends separated and terrified, without food or shelter, they need all the help and aid they can get to start working towards recovery.

The American Red Cross is open to worldwide support for the Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund, with all donations going towards helping Nepal and the tens of thousands of people who were affected by this tragic natural disaster. Proceeds will aid in providing first aid and healthcare to those injured during the disaster, in addition to providing non-food relief kits that contain items such as blankets, clothing, and other personal hygiene items.

Between Tuesday and Thursday, customers using the coupon code HelpNepal will save $10 on all kigurumi and we will donate $10 on their behalf. Customers will receive an eCard from the Red Cross thanking them for their support as confirmation of their contribution.

Click on the logo above to jump directly to the Red Cross Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund page or click here.

Thank you for your support!