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Enter to Win a Kigurumi!

June 9, 2015

Kigurumi Owls and Kigurumi Unicorns, Together at Last!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

We’re giving away three kigurumi animal onesies! Enter now and we’ll be announcing the winners on Friday the 19th.

Three winners will be picked at random to choose from our Kigurumi, XL Kigurumi, and Kids Kigurumi categories.

Good luck!

  • Windi Kuhn

    Would REALLY like to win a XL Panda!! <3
    I've been trying to win one for the past 5 months! :D

  • Elizabeth Ann Prothero

    The panda XL is so cute, I hope I could win it so I can let everyone in my college want one too.

  • Troy Vaughn

    I would very much love to eventually get a XL Panda Kigu, it’s just so freaking cute!!

  • Niky

    I would really love to win an rilakkuma kigurumi! >3<

  • Donna Yost

    I want a penguin one so bad!

  • Noelle Gerardo

    Would love to have an XL Fox Kigurumi~

  • Are the summer Rilakkuma kigurumi back in stock? I would like to win that one! :)

  • LeighBear

    I so so so so so need one of these omg

  • Jacquelyn Neuffer

    How stinkin’ cute!!!!

  • Lauren Ogden

    Must have one Too cute not to have one.always wanted something like this

  • ✧ ✮ ⋆ §†år ⋆ ✮ ✧

    THEY’RE. SO. CUTE. I WANT. I NEEEED.. o(╥﹏╥)o

  • Taylor Lynn Wray

    These are all so cute!

  • NatalieTheHedgehog


  • Jessica Kopriva

    The 19th is my birthday, it’d be a great present. Just saying ;p

  • Salena Keene

    Come one’s call come all!!!! Onesie parade!!!!!

  • Miyu Chan

    Awwww these are so adorable! <3 Thank you so much for the giveaway! <3 These kigurumis look so soft and snuggly =^.^= <3

  • John

    I hope I finally win this time.

  • Sharon Yang

    AWW I always wear these to sleep! Never need a blanket in the winter after I discovered these cute snuggly livesavers. Have to thank the person who invented these ^ω^

  • Stelle Luna Paige

    These are so awesome! perfect to wear to work!

  • Cassandra Martinez

    The Rilakkuma is so adorable!

  • Maya Kabata

    once i get a job i think i know what i’m blowing my money on

  • Michelle Ledezma


  • Lericia Marks

    Does a unicorn count? Cus I really want a unicorn kigurumi.. otherwise I can be a kangaroo.. or red panda :P

  • Liz Loberg

    I would really like to get a pug one. I work with a pug rescue group and it would be fun to wear to events.

  • Amu

    Still haven’t decided on one that I absolutely wanted to get. Many of them are WAY too cute, and look like I just want to lounge around in them all day. Would totally love to win one!!

  • I would love to win a L Bunny!

  • Lucía Palma

    Would love to have a M Bat Kigurumi! ♥

  • Reece Noel Bolden

    I really would love to have an XL Scrump onesie. I love Lilo and Stitch and always had a soft spot for Lilo’s poor egg filled head dolly in desperate need of surgery.

  • Terri Maeda

    I’ve never had a Kigurumi. However, I have a friend that loves these. So today i’m trying my luck to get a Kigurumi so see how much awesomeness it is~!

  • Marie yoon

    sooo kawaii awsome

  • Asia Bailey

    I really want gloomy bear, korilakuma,or usagi. <3 they all look sooooo kawaii! :3

  • Gracekelly Ovalles

    I’ve never been fortunate enough to buy one so this would be a blessing if I could actually win something like this. Heheh I love things like Kigurumi’s makes my otaku side want to come out . I think I’d be happy with whatever I can win Heheh

  • Jenna Catallo

    I’ve always wanted a kigurumi! I would be so appreciative if you chose me! That skeleton print is screaming my my name!

  • Chelsea Marie

    At last, my chance to be a REAL penguin.

  • disqus_n8PqpQA7Sh

    I’m in love with Corgis so I would LOVE to win the Corgi. I could finally live out my dream of being a Corg. <333 Thank you so much for the chance! :* Entering as much as I can, and sharing.

  • Emily Reising

    Dying to have my very own corgi kigurumi because who wouldn’t??

  • KittyKatarina

    I would love love love an XL giraffe kigurumi! I have 39 giraffe related items and this one would complete my collection. It would also keep me comfy on D&D nights.

  • Taylor

    I would really love to receive the pink dino <3

  • MnLady

    Love the Tabby Cat!

  • Anne Youngs

    i wanna be stitch

  • jBrizzle

    Would love to win a onesie :)
    Always wanted one.

  • julie

    White tiger head

  • Lindsey Hutson

    I absolutely adore my Owl & Lisa Frank Hunter BUT, since I am 6 foot tall, I had to have mine made longer. You may recall the chick that talked about wanting a bell bottom legged Owl? I had that done to my Hunter too! I am super stoked about the XL section!!! Not only that but I noticed you are also expanding your designs for us giants!!! Thank you!!! If I was lucky enough to win I would get an XL Kangaroo!!! Thank you for your adorable & awesome products & good luck one & all!!!

  • Mya Cowley

    The winners are announced on the 19th, which is my Birthday, this would be a really cool birthday gift! >w<

  • AerosmithNirvana


  • Chels Bear

    I want pile one. Soo kAwaii.

  • Chels Bear

    I want teddy bear one because I am called little bear

  • John

    I really want to win a free one. It will be hard to choose which one though. I’m thinking the Flying Squirrel one it’s so cute. :)

  • Ashley Newborn

    I would really like the skeleton. I wish luck to everyone!

  • Kiki Junee

    I want to win one of these! This is sooo cute!! It will be a birthday present for me coz the next day of the announcement will be my birthday! I want the Panda or the pig one!! :)

  • Rick_J

    I just want one and my two sisters have one! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • John

    I hope it’s my lucky day to get a free one. Been trying for years to get a free one. I hope today’s the day I win one

  • Chels Bear

    XL sloth is soooo awesome looking and cute

  • Olivia Deardorff

    I want the scrump kigurami. It’s so gosh darn cute

  • Olivia Deardorff

    The scrump one is soooo cutw

  • Gabriella D’Auria

    Single mommy just dumped dad BC of domestic violence for six yrs. Unicorn for me xl or daughter she’s like 6T Thanks so much!!! It’d make us so happy