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SAZAC Animal Onesie Giveaway

November 19, 2015

Kigurumi Giveaway - Win a Kigurumi Animal Onesie

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Three SAZAC Kigurumi animal onesies are looking for a new home. We’ll be picking the winners on Friday, November 27th, so enter today!

Three winners will be picked at random. Winners can choose from our Kigurumi, XL Kigurumi, and Kids Kigurumi categories.

Good luck!

  • Jessica Berry

    Fingers Crossed! This would make my holidays! :)

  • Jeremy Jorgensen

    Need this for the other daughter

  • Bilal Noori

    reallly want the danganronpa monokuma kigurumi. Loved the show and it is absolutely adorably cute.

  • Dove Russo

    I wear mine so much they are getting tiny holes in them! Not the fault of the product…I just wear them to lots and lots of events that have fire!

  • Jenny

    We wore ours for Halloween and also while playing scrabble. They are so well made and comfy!!!

  • Robert Sharron

    i would choose either stitch or the skeleton

  • Caroline Ramsey

    I hope I win! I really want the sloth one! It’s adorable!

  • Sandy

    This would make me the happiest Kigurumi shopper if I win!??

  • Elizabeth Lamb

    I hope i win!! I would love the stitch one!! I would be so f*cking happy!!!

  • Léah Collins

    Winter is coming. And, a new kigurumi would be awesome to cuddle up and stay warm in~ ♡

  • Niky

    Good Luck everyone. ?

  • Maraea Flores-Persad

    Out of 8,000 people I really dought I will be that lucky 1.

  • Sarah Marie

    I would love to win one of these and wear it under my work uniform it is so cold when I work this would make it better

  • Ashley Goetz

    Ooh pick me! I would like tabby cat but if I win I dont care what animal :)


  • Lolo Leatherman

    Pick me! I’d love to win one for my bf for Shambhala!

  • Esme Heeniix Vazquez

    Giveaway ends same day as my birthday! :) crossing my fingers to win one xD good luck everyone!

  • Meghan Nightingale

    I would love to crawl into a kigurumi after a upcoming surgery I will be having. Kigurumi are not only the most comfortable thing on earth but comforting as well. :)

  • Mackenzie Dornak

    I would just like to have a kigurumi

  • Silver

    I need it!!!

  • Misty Echols

    I would love to have a Kigurumi to wear at anime conventions ?

  • Marge McCartney

    My daughter and her 3 friends wore matching unicorn Kigurumi’s for Halloween. I sure would love to have one! :-) We ski/snowboard every year in VA, I can only imagine how snugly and warm they are next to the fire.

  • Marge McCartney

    My Daughter and her friends on Halloween!

  • Alicia Gerze

    Too cute!! Hope I win. Would love to wear:)

  • Brandey Imes

    Winning is almost impossible but what the hell….doesn’t hurt to try right? It would be amazeballs if I won. Good luck to everyone. PEACE&LOVE

  • Good Luck to you Brandey! :D

  • Which Kigurumi would you choose if you won?! :)

  • The Unicorn Crew! <3

  • That would be so fun Marge! Good luck : D

  • Wishing you luck Misty ***

  • Good luck to you silver!

  • Which kigurumi would you choose Mackenzie! <3

  • Wishing you lots of luck in this giveaway Meghan! :D

  • Happy Birthday Esme! :D

  • That’s sweet Lolo! Wishing you luck <3

  • Wow! Good luck!

  • =^^= great choice Sarah!

  • There’s always a change Maraea!

  • Same to you Niky! :D

  • cuddle time! yay! Good luck :0

  • Great choice Elizabeth! <3

  • Hi Sandy :D :D :D Good luck!

  • Good luck Caroline! :D

  • Hi Robert! Good luck to you <3

  • What a comfy Halloween ***

  • It’s time for a new one then Dove! Good luck

  • Good luck Bilal

  • What a great dad Jeremy :D

  • Happy Holidays Jessica >>

  • Sarah Tirado

    Is this the way to enter to win one? I would love any XL except the Dino or Giraffe. I would wear it all the time :))

  • Tamara Greenlee

    Those are so cute… I love them all :-)

  • Caroline Ramsey

    Ty :D

  • Thanks. <3 <3 <3

  • Alicia Gerze

    The blue unicorn!

  • Lindsey Yoder

    #thanksgiving i would love to win one! Is this how we enter? =^_^=

  • Meaghan

    My brother would love the XL fox!! I want to get it to him for Christmas!

  • Gail

    I would love to win a kigurumi I know my chances are 1-1000s but hey worth a try right. If I do win I would love a rilakkuma one I can just see myself running around the house in it and wearing it for this christmas

  • karen k wilson

    I Would love to win .i bought micky mouse pjs at walmart 1year ago

  • Lauren

    I would LOVE to win a Kigurumi! I’ve been in LOVE with the trend for years now and I can’t get enough of just how ADORABLE they are!

  • =^^= Good luck Ashley

  • HI Sarah, above the comments in the box, you can enter using facebook or your email address. Good Luck :D

  • Glad you <3 them Tamara!

  • Hi Lindsey, above the comments in the box, you can enter with your facebook or email address. Good luck to you! :)

  • Hi Meaghan! =^-^= Good luck

  • Everyone has the same chance Gail and there’s always a winner! Good luck! :D

  • HI Karen! :D Good luck >>

  • Best wishes Lauren :)

  • Steven Winchester

    i want to win!!!!

  • Shaymie~♥

    Hopefully this time will be my lucky time. :3

  • Crystel Rose Alessi

    Literally all I want for Christmas.

  • Cassidy Amber Wales

    I hope this is my best and only time I win…

  • Amanda Ann Steed

    I need another to match my panda one!!

  • Shai

    bought my first sloth one 2 years ago, hopefully get this one for free ;D

  • Wolfie

    I’ve entered this giveaway and the last. How am I supposed to help it? They’re all super cute! Hopefully if I win I can save my family a bit of money at Christmas ^0^ I hope I win! Good luck everyone!

  • Autumn Hall

    i bought my Rilakkuma kigurumi last year, really wanting to have another! maybe a fox or panda this time :)

  • PolitelyInsulting

    Where are the winners announced? Am I just looking in the wrong place?

  • Donna Yost

    Congrats to the winners