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Be My Kigurumi Valentine Giveaway!

January 28, 2016

Kigurumi Owls and Kigurumi Unicorns, Together at Last!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

We’re doing things a little differently for this special Valentine’s giveaway. Two winners will receive two kigurumi each – one for you, and one for whomever you deem worthy of your affection. (Your imaginary friend is a valid choice.)

The winners will be picked at random to choose from our Kigurumi, XL Kigurumi, and Kids Kigurumi categories. The last day to enter the giveaway is February 4th.

Good luck!

❤❤❤ ⚤ ⚢ ⚣ ⚥⚥ ❤❤❤

One shipping address per winner.

  • Stephanie

    Im so excited!! This would be the best gift ever for my girlfriend!!

  • Jessica Berry

    Fingers crossed that one day I will win!

  • Oukura

    Good luck to the winners! I really hope i win cause i want to give one to my bf lol

  • Léah Collins

    Gotta keep trying! Seeing my husband in one of these would make my year, haha! XD

  • Marco Carranza

    I keep missing out where the winners are announced!

  • Courtney Baumgartner

    I hope to get one for my best friend and I!! It would make a great gift lol <3

  • DeánnaDestruction

    Hope I can win one for my fiancé and I

  • Bhevarri

    omg yes!!! My boyfriend and I need matching kigus <3

  • Lindsey Yoder


  • Caroline Ramsey

    My husband definitely needs a tiger one ^.^

  • Niky

    Uiii ヽ(*≧ω≦*)ノ

  • Lindsey Hutson

    Thank you for this pawesome opurtunity!!! I love my Blue Owl and Hunter that we had made into bell sleeved and bell bottom Owl and Psychedelic Leopards!!! It would be Purrrfect to finally get my paws on some XLs!!! Grey Tabby and Kangaroo have been speaking to me for years now!!! Good luck everyone!!!

  • adry

    omg so adorable <3

  • Tori

    Fingers crossed i win in time for my birthday :c

  • Julia Bauer

    really hope to get one. so fun!

  • Hi Stephanie! :) Good Luck to you <3

  • Hi Jessica! Best wishes to you :D

  • *** Good Luck to you too Oukura! ***

  • Hi Leah! Good luck in the contest! :D

  • Hi Marco, we haven’t announced the winners for the Valentine’s Giveaway yet. There are still 5 days left and we will announce it here on this page and facebook. :D

  • That would be nice Courtney! Best wishes! :D

  • <3 Kigurumi Love <3

  • Which Kigurumi would you choose?! :D

  • YAY!!!! :D

  • Which one would you get Caroline?! :)

  • cute! :D

  • =^^= Good luck to you too Lindsey!

  • Glad you <3 it Adry!

  • Happy Birthday Tori! :D

  • Which one would you choose Julia?! :D

  • Jessica Berry


  • Bhevarri

    We love all things spooky, so a pair of Skeletons would be great! Or unicorns! Haha <3

  • Shaymie~♥

    Hopefully I win one, because the struggle is too real. Also I could give one to my friend as a late birthday present. :3

  • Tori

    Thankyou so much for the birthday wishes ;w;

  • I really want to get my boyfriend a Rilakkuma kigu! ✨?✨

  • Good luck to you Shaymie <3

  • Hi Jasmine! Good luck in the giveaway! :D

  • Thank you ^_^

  • Pink Parfait

    Really love Kigurumi!

  • Lucía Palma

    Kigus are so cute, I wish my girlfriend could have one, she really loves the bat kigu. Tomorrow is our third anniversary and this would be the perfect gift <3
    Good luck everyone!

  • Niihao

    How are winners chosen? Is it by random?

  • John

    They are chosen by random.org I think.

  • John

    I hope this is the contest I finally win cause I really want to get one but never have the money to order one. It’s hard to choose which one to pick though. I’m debating between the Hamster & Flying Squirrel they are both cute. Please pick me so me & my girlfriend can have one and snuggle together for movie night

  • ?MymyxTiti?

    Oh thank you so much for this! My baby and I could rock out our first onesies on Valentines day! The MonokumaxMonomi onesies would be a lovely match. We can make it ❤

  • Tiffany Albertson

    I’d love to win them for my friend and her mom for Lexinton comic con in March!

  • Miss LydiaYang

    I really hope I win! I have entered about 4 giveaways in the past but have never won sadly. But if you keep making giveaways I will always try my best and always enter.

  • Marla Jones

    super exciting :)

  • Kaila

    Hoping I actually win a giveaway for once. I enter them all the time but nope ):
    This is the one place I’ve ever seen a onesie anywhere near my size (I’m a 6’1″18 year old female that isn’t big boned!), and I wish I could order one but I don’t have the money right now >_<

    The fox one has been on my wishlist for ages <3

  • Ro

    would be awesome to have the unicorns <3 me and my bf already have matching foxes :D

  • Sixsinz

    Awesome sauce! I would love one!

  • Velvet and Lace

    I loveee Kigu’s x3 I hope I win one! <3

  • Ashley Goetz

    Pick me : )

  • Ai Luo

    I hope I win… I’ve been wanting a matching pair for me and my boyfriend for a while now! It would be great to wear them together on Valentines Day!

  • nymphography

    Oh man, I just gave away two kigurumi to a couple of friends of mine for Christmas. They were overjoyed, much more so than I could have anticipated. (Honestly I felt a little selfish when I first bought them- mostly wanted to see my friends wearing them and be adorable :P ) I’m always in the mood to add another one to my collection, but right now it sounds even more tempting to give away both to some other friends of mine who seemed really jealous they hadn’t ended up on my Santa’s list this year! Pick me, and I’ll bring them all over to the kigurumi side of life in no time! lol <3

  • I need one for my best friend so we can be weird together <3

  • Kayla Anderson

    I really would like win one and give the other one to my best friend so we can be cozy single pringles together on the valentines day

  • Natalia

    I want have kigurumi with my cousin beacuse we love them and we can do many funny things. We want kigurumi wiem we was a Child and we will be So So happy wiem we win kirgurumi. We think About Korilakkuma kigurumi and Stich kirgurumi but i can choose beacuse all kigurumis ale So cute:)
    And in Valentine’s Day we think About goes to the skate pool in kigurumis and Goes to sabaton gig in kigurumis. We hope we will win :)
    Greetings From Poland:)

  • Miss LydiaYang

    I do hope I win this giveaway! I’ve entered these giveaways about 4 times and still have not won anything but I am still willing to try. Thank you so much if you do pick me.

  • Isaiah Queen

    Good luck all, Would love to win!

  • Jennifer

    I’m just happy they’re doing a contest like this :D An adorable way to ring in the lovey Valentine’s day cheer! Good luck to everyone!