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We are giving away THREE Kigurumi!

August 22, 2017

Hey there Kigurumi Fans! 

Are you ready for another Kigurumi Shop Giveaway? >> From August 22nd – August 31st, enter for the chance to WIN one of three Kigurumi in our giveaway! << The winners will be announced on the social media on September 1st, 2017 and will be able to choose from our Kigurumi Shop collection. Good luck! 

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  • Kathy Lane

    Awesome giveaway!

  • onna

    Entering again. It would nice to have a dragon to wear when I feel like growling at someone at work.

  • Sonia Halbrook


  • Mariah alejandre

    It would be super cool and comfy to wear since I’m going to have Surgery. I would love to be toothless.

  • Tatiyana

    I really hope I win this! My bday is Sept 1st it would be the best gift😍

  • Untung M


  • keith

    i hope that i can get one , our school is doing the paper bag princess role play , it would be perfect if i can have the kigurumi

  • Katrina Stanton

    Joined and entered. Cheers Katrina

  • Jacklyn Carter

    I hope I get one I love dragons 🐉

  • Ellie

    Yeahh~ i followed and stuff XD

  • Glad you <3 it Kathy! Good Luck :D

  • :) You’re welcome Sonia ;)

  • Wishing you a quick recovery Mariah!

  • Happy early Birthday Tatiyana!! Good Luck.

  • Happy Birthday to you too ;)

  • Good luck Keith! :D :D :D

  • Yay Katrina! >> :D

  • Hi Jacklyn! Dragons are the coolest creatures!!! >> :)

  • Wishing you lots of luck Ellie! =^^=

  • Audrey Ciaravolo

    Joined and Made all the stuff, cheeers ❤️❤️

  • Elizabeth Pelcha

    Done! <3

  • JoyAnne

    It was my Birthday yesterday, and the dragon kigus are the ones I would have picked anyway 😮 So for me this is the dream giveaway! Thanks for giving us all a chance to win!

    Edit: for the first time I referred my friend to enter and she did a few days ago, but the number of entries I have hasn’t increased :O Also, every day my number of entries goes from 15 down to 13 – even though I’ve been Tweeting about the giveaway a few times. Is this a glitch? 😮

  • Danielle

    Hope I win,I love dragons!

  • Donna Yost

    I love dragons! We love them so much we had dragons as a theme for our wedding!

  • sharkgirlgaming

    I hope to win Either the Kangaroo, Otter, Flying squirrel, Blue budgie, or Walrus Kigurumi!

  • Christine Jordan

    Toothless <3

  • Armeitha Vrieze

    i hope to win too, i’m going to an convention TomoFair on 29th and 30th of september . and i really want to dress up as toothless. love the movies <3

  • Armeitha Vrieze

    i mean 30 september and 1 october, second october is also my birthday. XXX

  • Christi Barrenechea

    omg its soooooo cute

  • Lydia

    Btw an Ian only before words that start with a e I o or u so it’s a convention