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Vote for Our Next XL Kigurumi!

September 27, 2017

If you’re having issues voting, please try casting your vote from this page. After clicking the link, scroll down a bit to find the poll.

What Should Our Next XL Kigurumi Be?

  • marie yoon

    i voted the shiba inu

  • Jill

    This poll isn’t working in my iPhone. I keep getting a message that says an error has occurred

  • Brandye1980

    It will not work for me either

  • Thanks for letting us know! What browser are you using?

  • Hi Jill, thanks for the comment. What browser are you using? It seems to be working in Safari and Chrome.

  • i like that i can add in my own option! i really want a kuromi xl kigurumi

  • but the poll isnt working for me either and im using chrome.

  • Jill

    I was in Safari on my iphone but now am trying to use Chrome on my desktop computer and still getting the same error message. I am trying to write in an idea under other if that is helpful

  • Brandye1980

    There is a comment below mine and I got the same error message as she did thank you for replying so sweet

  • Brandye1980

    I think it just may be a glitch it wasn’t doing it for me either but they replied back they’re going to fix it

  • Hi Jill. Thanks so much for all the info. It’s super appreciated!

    It appears that there are some issues when voting from this page — the page where these comments are located, that is. If you go to the following page, it works: https://blog.kigurumi-shop.com/page/2/. Just scroll down and cast your vote! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a1f1ddf107dfecc4ee96f448789f3b55a0d7f6f8ea64c28adf462391d0d524d3.png

    I apologize for this inconvenience!

  • Jill

    That totally worked! Thanks!

  • Great! :D

  • Hi popplio! I’m very sorry for the issues with the poll. Can you try voting from this page? https://blog.kigurumi-shop.com/page/2/

  • thanks for replying! this one worked! ♥