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Vote for New Kigurumi

Vote for New Kigurumi

Raven, Snow Leopard, and Polar Bear Kigurumi coming in 2018! Thanks for sharing your ideas!

Almost every day our creative kigurumi lovers come up with amazing new ideas for kigurumi–kigurumi we don’t carry in our shop. We’ve been keeping track of everyone’s suggestions and now we have found a way for you to make your voice heard. Vote on your favorite or leave a comment telling us which kigurumi you’d love to see us add to the list.

If your favorite has enough votes, there is a good chance you’ll see a new addition to our shop! We’re excited, aren’t you?? ~<3~

Thanks for all of your votes! Because of your input, we’ve added the following Kigurumi:

Keep the votes coming!


  • Canadianplz

    I’d love to see a sheep added to the list, I’ve been wanting a sheep Kigurumi for the longest time <3

  • Could you add a tanooki? Please!?

  • Guest

    Unicorn for the win~

  • Great idea! We’ll add it to the list! ^^

  • Yay! <3

  • Kimberly Domingo

    Please try a snow leopard in the future :3

  • Thols

    Sloth sloth sloth sloth! I hope!

  • Oh pleeeease make the pug! I would want it for my birthday!

  • GirFace009

    I think the Skunk or Chameleon would make an interesting Kigurumi. Would like to see something completely new from the Kirgurumi Shop.. Sadly. I feel the Puffin would look too similar to the penguin suit that is already being made..

  • That’s a great idea! >.<

  • <3

  • Happy birthday! That would be pretty cute… ^^

  • Yeah! Those designs would be really cool to see! >.<

  • Soda

    custom kigurumis?

  • Do you mean the Mario character? Or the Japanese raccoon dog?

  • Unfortunately, we don’t make custom kigurumi but we are always keeping track of ideas. (:

  • sabrina

    i have kinda a small list of what i think would be cute as a kigurumi
    otter, ferret, meerkat, zebra, arctic fox, pudu, thylacine, tasmanian devil, panther, and a raccoon

  • Anonymous

    Lucky Cat, or Foo Dog!

  • Guest

    Also one like Pino’s costume, in Ergo Proxy the Anime.

  • J Mattson

    I’d dearly love having a fennec fox kigurumi. My younger sister already has the fox kigurumi at the shop. I’d like a fox kigurumi, but I don’t want to look the same!

  • Lemonade

    I really hope you guys can make a dolphin kigurumi! That would be so cute! :)

  • Mario’s tanooki suit! Unless you can’t get the rights to make it. :-(

  • I really hope you make a cute little Alpaca!
    I would love a Nyanpire one!

  • Those are all great ideas Sabrina! Thank you! <3

  • haha! >.<

  • We probably won’t be able to get permission to carry that character, but it sounds like a fun idea! ^^

  • A different kind of fox would be neat! ^^

  • omg I know right!? Dolphin’s are adorable lol >.<

  • Yes! I don’t think we’d be able to get permission to carry Nyanpire, but a great suggestion nevertheless! >.<

  • Elizabeth

    There should be a bat

  • read my mind exactly!!! <3

  • Robin33774

    i would buy a bat kigurumi!

  • Peachs


  • Ketch Up114

    me and my friends really wanna be whale kigurumis for halloween ^_^ would you please consider adding it to the list

  • Hermione123ron


  • Curlyfrygirl

    How about a llama kigurumi? :3 I’d totally buy that!

  • Guest

    What, no elephants?

  • We usually carry a bat kigurumi around Halloween time. (:

  • We usually carry a bat kigurumi around Halloween time. (:

  • omg cute! >.<

  • We’ll definitely consider adding it to the list! Thanks Ketch Up114! <3

  • eeeep! >.<

  • haha awesome! We’ll definitely consider adding that one to the list Curlyfrygirl! ^^

  • Awesome! We’ll definitely consider adding an elephant to the list! >.<

  • Iheartkigurumisbro

    I’d love to see some sea creature Kigurumi added to this list! Possibly a crab, fish, or whale? :p

  • someonesittingonthesidelines

    Hmm.. May I suggest the addition of a love bird Kigurumi? :O Birds are always awesome!

  • obsessedwithbeauty

    I’d purchase a hippopotamus Kigurumi in an instant! :D Hippos FTW

  • Drake00

    It would be awesome if there was a Chansey Kigurumi with a little pocket in the middle for the egg.

  • Bell Haedyn


  • id also like a sheep kigurumi but i dont see it on the list to get voted on?

  • Llamallama09

    hello me want nyan cat ya

    my homies

  • Frogsrgr8

    yo dog that is wak

  • chien à la maison

    Excellente idée

  • Sage Ricci

    Is there a chance that you will ever get rights to more characters? It’d be so cool to find a Gloomy bear or Rilakkuma kigurumi not on some japanese website.

  • Sage Ricci

    or a pikachu one!

  • koalaKing

    RAM! for my mom, shes an aries! :3

  • Miyazaki253

    I hope more than one can be added! I really wanna see the unicorn and the sloth added >.<

  • Kat

    Deer Kigu!! ;A; Antlers on guys little horns and flower patterns on the back for girls <3333333 OR BOTH YOU KNOW KIGUS ARENT LIMITED TO GENDER AND JUNK UvU

  • bubblePOP


  • Liz Zedella

    I think you guys should make the Japanese raccoon dog tanuki! Instead of Mario’s tanooki suit. You wouldn’t need permission to get it either. =) It would be totally adorable to see two people walking around together as the mythical fox and tanuki. Haha.

  • Just added the elephant to the list. Thanks for the suggestion!

  • We added a dolphin and a fish to the voting list. Thanks for the suggestion!

  • Ok we added it! Thanks!

  • Just added hippopotamus to the list!

  • We don’t have the license for Pokemon at the moment. Chansey is adorable, though!

  • there needs to be a sheep one. a big fluffy sheep…

  • Kmbernashe

    I really want a Fennec Fox kigurumi…

  • Thanks Chris! We’ll consider adding a sheep to the list! <3

  • hahaha that is a funny idea. We’ll consider adding it to the list!

  • We would really like to and it’s something we’re working on. Hopefully, we will carry more characters in the future! (:

  • Oh cool! <3

  • We’ll see how many votes the kigurumi ideas get. There will probably be more than one added. (:

  • Definitely! Get your friends to vote for the deer! Let’s make it happen! <3

  • We’ll definitely consider adding a sheep to the list. Thanks Emily! ^^

  • It’s so adorable! <3<3

  • Dolphin lover

    You guys have to make a dolphin kigurumi! I know it doesn’t have the most votes so far, but I have been wanting one so badly I’ve considered trying to make my own. The seal just isn’t close enough. By the way, when does voting end?

  • Hellie

    How about a raccoon kigurumi? I have yet to see one and I want one sooooo badly. >.<

  • AsianRockz

    there’s need to be a gray wolf…i love them XD

  • Rissy

    i know its licensed and everything but a Moogle from Final Fantasy would be an insanely adorable kigurumi :3

  • Hero

    I think a sheep would be adorable! If one comes out I will definitely get it!

  • Hero

    a moose would be sooooo cute! to match my moose pillow pet!

  • Rika

    I want every single one of these!!!!

  • Kate G.

    I would love to see an Otter kigurumi! They look like they are made for it! :)



  • I don’t see any ChineseJapanese Zodiac animals like the the snake, the horse, the sheepgoat. I know that the company responsible for these kigurumis already did mice and pigs. Still waiting to see all animals from the ChineseJapanese Zodiac in the collection!

  • xxlunadawnxx

    puffin! :D

  • Kitlera

    I would love a Flying Fox kigurumi! One with a lot of fluff around the neck! I’d buy it in a heartbeat! <3

  • Chloe

    Unicorn kigurumis are cute, but I’ve seen a lot of people find and wear them! If you guys do a magical creature like it, it’d be super cute to add little wings in the back and make it a unicorn/Pegasus combo, and have it in different colors, like white, black, pink and powder blue. I love the fennec fox idea!

  • Samantha M

    What about a shark kigu? I would’ve loved to wear that during Shark Week!

  • Kotone

    I’ve always wanted a crow/raven kigurumi! They’re so cute <3

  • M.Storm

    Kigurumi needs to make a Totoro!!!!!!!!!! That would be amazing :D

  • J

    a whale

  • We will continue voting as long as people continue to have suggestions. The Dolphin sounds like a really cute idea! >.<

  • Yes! That’s a great idea! ^^

  • They are adorable. Thanks for the idea! >.<

  • hahaha I love Moogle! Maybe one day we will be able to carry it! >.<

  • Yeah, it would be amazing adorableness!

  • haha That sounds adorable!

  • Me tooo!

  • Just big fluffy things haha Yup!

  • eeep! Great idea!

  • Yeah we’ve had suggestions for zodiac character kigurumi. That would be really cool! ^^

  • He’s takin’ care of business in that picture! lolz

  • omg it’s such a cool idea!

  • oooo different colors…that’s a great idea!

  • haha That would be pretty epic if you ask me…

  • Thanks for the idea! It sounds interesting!

  • We just don’t have the permission to carry that Kigurumi…it would be pretty epic though!

  • Yes!

  • sav

    Wow, you know what would be great? A bee!

  • i wish the moose had more votes. the second that becomes a kigu id buy it. i have a moose and mini moose pillow. also, what about a dodo bird?

  • MEEP


  • anotherother

    I would buy that.

  • Elephant~~~~~!

  • A bull would be the coolest. I’m a taurus! :D Thanks for all the cute kigu~

  • Doryhn

    It’s not on this list, but I’d love to see a Meerkat Kigurumi! Of these, I think Sea otter is the cutest idea.

  • Kyo-chan


  • EERP

    come on guys! dont be so bland! dont you want colorful kigurumis? i for one dont want a black, white, or grey one!

  • EERP

    the love bird would be a beautiful color scheme as well as the peacock

  • Krakalaken

    I’d like to see some bugs! Maybe a beetle, like a ladybug! That would be adorable. :3


  • angie

    Sugar glider!!

  • gorlac newt

    A whale! <3

  • lakepearl

    Humpback whale, please <3

  • Deniz


  • Deniz

    Are you guys not able to obtain kigurumis of pokemon ? :o because that would be epic!!!

  • Ms_Ako

    Donkey! Please!

  • hoang phan

    They need to make a corporate mundo kigurumi

  • Danielle

    Snow Leopard :3

  • lilmissblcksunshine

    a big dog would be awesome… like a husky or a saint bernard would be cute!!!!

  • bunni

    a purple bunny!

  • Temptedangel9306

    Omg yes, a Moogle would be fantastic!

  • Temptedangel9306

    Final Fantasy ones! (Moogle, Tonberry, Chocobo, Cactuar, Pupu, Cait SIth) I would buy each one!

  • ^^ I wish! It’s tough to get the permission to use certain characters. Maybe this will change in the future!

  • Ooo that’s a good one! ^^

  • I wish, but we don’t have the license to sell them at the moment. Hopefully this will change, but we’re not sure when!

  • Ok, I’ll add it to the list!

  • Different colors would be fun! ^^

  • Haha I had use Google to find out who Corporate Mundo was. I found sound clips on YouTube but I couldn’t figure out what he is from!

  • Hmm I’m not sure what a whale kigurumi will look like, but I’ll add it to the list! :D

  • Ok, I’ll add it to the list ^^

  • Good idea! :D

  • Alright I’ll add a Ladybug to the list! What kind of Beetle were you thinking?

  • Cool! I’ll add to to the list!

  • I’ll add it to the list! Thanks for the suggestion ^^

  • Ok, I’ll put one up there!

  • Temptedangel9306

    Could you like, email square enix or something and ask to make ones for said characters? O.o Cuz that woulld just be, winning and id get them all!

  • Bob


  • GOATS!

  • Cassidy

    how about a girl wolf? :o like a gray cute one maybe???? Wolves are my FAVE! :3

  • Maddie


  • sam


  • Is it too late to add Raccoon? :)

  • VioletFire

    I really like the idea about having a unicorn kigurumi, and I wanted to put in a suggestion that if it gets the highest number of votes, make the unicorn colorful or make the mane rainbow!!

  • ghj

    hedgehog hedgehog hedgehog hedgehog hedgehog!!!!!!

  • GSD

    Please German Shepherd!!!!!! I’ll buy 10 of them! and my friends will too! <3

  • GSD

    ooo, and I think a lizard or iguana would be cute too :3

  • GSD

    Tom and Jerry

  • GSD

    Mor dogs!!! XD

  • JJ

    A lemur would be so cute! And I work with lemurs..so I’d really like one :P

  • Shae


  • ALL OF DEM :D <3

  • gagangster

    Elephant…..roll tide….

  • NotQuiteJaded

    Don’t forget the nocturnals! I suggest the Bushbaby with giant eyes and realistically colored pygmy or horned owls.

  • David

    Great White Shark

  • ilovekigurumis


  • Please please~ I would so love to get my hands on an elephant Kigurumi~~

  • How many votes does one animal need to get to be chosen?

  • meowina

    I’d reallyREALLY like to see more kitty variety with cute kawaii faces :3 Like a Siamese/Balinese or like that iconic bug eyed orange and white cat that I see on Tumblr all the time oh my goodness

  • SockMonkeyKim

    We need a monkey hat… reminicent of the old “monkey sock doll” they made from socks as children. A nod to the old and new.

  • I’m with animal rescue transport,so I know we’d love to see more varieties of dogs and cats! I will help spread the word when you get them!

  • Please, do the wolf kigurumi from Where the While Things Are! Pleeeeeease!



  • BRE


  • Cass

    I’d love a grey wolf, just a regular grey wolf. That would be awesome.

  • A pink dinosaur! A rainbow unicorn!

  • Mack_b_jo

    why cant you just mix the narwhal and unicorn together

  • Alice in Wonderland white rabbit – you already have the pink one to work from! ^_^

  • AiZazer, there is no magic number. Sazac is looking to see which ones are the most popular and which ones will make the best kigurumi! ^^

  • I liek sloths

    OOOO sloth would be amazing!!!!! :3

  • costmary

    ahh white unicorn would be absolutely wonderful

  • How about an Oscar the Grouch one,PLEASE!!!!!

  • michiehaha87

    OMG the whale please! :0

  • Like a Turkish Van?

  • Hedgehog


  • wooo

    omg you’re so right!

  • sam f.


  • WALRY <3

    what about a walrus? I feel like tusks would be really cool!

  • ali p.


  • ?enoyna nacut

    tucan anyone?

  • Husky, please! <3

  • FuzzyRainicorn

    rilakkuma! or a pikachu!

  • FuzzyZehbrah

    Charmander! (or and orange dragon) :3

  • FuzzyZehbrah

    I want a Rilakkuma!

  • Please make a goat…

  • jmp

    how many is the kigurumi company choosing to make of all these? will it just be the winning vote? or will there be more? and when is this voting thing going to end?

  • nataluna

    The black and purple cat would be great as a hoodie. Also a tiger that was orange instead of yellow (for hoodie and full body kigurumi)

  • g

    arpakasso alpaca!!

  • SayuriK

    Omg yesssssssss!

  • Misskippy

    Totoro!! c: Studio Ghibli is the best!

  • Hi, jmp! This page is just a way for us and Sazac to see what kigurumi people are most interested in. We’re not really looking at this page as a contest with an end date and we don’t have any rules for the number of kigurumi that we will end up carrying in our shop, but I can say that there are 3 kigurumi on this page that are being designed right now!

    As we add kigurumi from this list, we’ll remove them and start designing the next popular kigurumi. To be honest, we’re kind of making it up as we go along! We didn’t know what to expect when we set up this page. It’s pretty cool to see all the kigurumi ideas we’ve received! :D

  • More Unicorns, griffon, and a husky. Also for cat, a Persian cat. And a wider variety of colors. More violet stuff. I really liked the nyanpire so more stuff like that as well.

  • Soda


  • Soda

    maybe a taurus bull? I would love running around as my zodiac sign :D

  • Whitney

    I already posted this on facebook but im stating it here aw well, i feel that this company should supply a kigurumi fashioned after boo from monsters inc’s costume. Sazac already supplies a Sulley costume and since the movie is being re-released in 3d and next year a second movie will be coming out i feel that it would be a good investment idea since people will have a renewed interest and would now and in the future supply great interest. Making penguin flipper like sleeves in grey material and a hood with eyes and grey yarn like hair and making the body out of scale patterned material, also making white teeth around the hood. It seems like it would probably be the best idea ever. PLEASE consider this.

  • How about food based ones? c:

  • nikki

    KON !! from bleach ;u;

  • Ferretplz!

    FERRET! I really REALLY need a ferret one! :) I know me and all my friends would def buy one.


  • hermione232


  • Michelle

    Manatee! Give me a manatee!

  • nck

    Black Bear!

  • Navi

    Pomeranian! :3

  • Amiikki

    Rilakkuma kigurumi is too cute! I’d be fantastic to see it here!

  • I really want a Nyago Kigurumi or sweatshirt. Actually both!! I got the Hello Kitty but would love Nyago. Perfect since hes a napper and cute kitty!! Can we get a picture up to vote for Nyago? I can give you one.

  • Shay


  • make a slow loris one so i can have a pic of me with my friend tickling my stomach :)

  • angela

    Parrot or toucan. A toucan might be difficult to design because of the large beak, but a parrot should be okay.

  • M.Storm

    More animals with pouches!! :D

  • FuzzyAnnoyingGopher ;)

    BigFoot and Yeti :-p

  • Nicole L.

    i already voted for the Alpaca kigurumi…..another great one would be a Pochacco kigu!! :D

  • Lunarand

    I agree to that! :)

  • Lunarand

    Griffon! :D :D :D

  • Lunarand

    If only they would have made them a little longer/bigger. Some people are just too tall to find the kigurumis comfy, and that’s a little sad…. Had they been bigger I could have bought kigurumis for my friends too! :) Like having a size option?

  • KiguKiguNya123

    How to we email our contest entry to you guys??

  • kahl

    Pink Panther!!!

  • xXTheOneAndOnlyWolfXx

    wolf wolf wolf wolf wolf! there needs to be a grey wolf!!!! please!!! make it cute!!!!

  • Name

    when will you release the platypus? I want to buy it for a gift, but I need to know when….

  • cool guy

    you should make a yogi bear one!!!!!!! That would be sooooo cute, or you could make a penguin with a bow tie and a hat!!!!

  • cool guy

    Weiner Dog!!!!!! OMG!!!!

  • AmyLou

    RILAKKUMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D He would make the cutest ever kigurumi!!!!!

  • AmyLou

    omg that would be amazing!

  • i NEED the moose…NEED IT<3!!!11

  • Dollface

    UNICORN!!!!!!!!!!!!! With pastel colors for her mane and and glittery horn O_O <333

  • Chi

    HEDGEHOG!! So cute and cuddly, it cuddles while curling up =3, something I’d LOVE to do

  • What about a Shiba Inu or Beagle kigurumi? Or maybe a Phoenix?

  • White Bison!!!!!!!

  • I would love to see that! Manatees are super cute.

  • efgefg

    H E D G E H O G < 3

  • everette

    you should make a gray wolf

  • Jaymi

    guinea pig kigurumi!!!!:D

  • Jaymi

    guinea pig kigurumi!!!!:D

  • Kate

    Capybara Kigurumi!

  • Kate

    Clouded leopard!

  • Kate

    Frill Necked Lizard!

  • Kate

    Arctic Fox

  • Kate

    Binturong (Bearcat)

  • Kate

    Red Panda

  • Kate


  • Emma

    When is this ending?

    Also, maybe add a Manta Ray to the list?

  • Chary:3

    what about Kero from Sakura CC or Mokona :3 it would be really cute !!!

  • Rashi

    A Scottish Fold Kitty! * u *

  • Sam Winchester


  • Zeda

    I’d love a horse kigurumi, and if you made it in light brown I know that a bunch of people would be buying it for a particular cosplay! ♥

  • nats

    i voted platypus….but not just any platypus…perry the platypus :O disney would probably buy it XD

  • waffo

    Agreed! I’ve wanted that for years!

  • waffo

    Oh my god, a fennec fox! It’s one of my goals to eventually have a real fennec fox as a pet (with the appropriate license, of course). I would jump immediately at the opportunity to have a fennec fox kigurumi! Their ears are so adorable!

  • PikaHaley

    Already bought pikachu!! Now MUST have charizard!! super kawaii!!!! :D


    are you guys gonna make a alpaca kigurumi? plz plz plz plz!

  • Add Mudkips :D

  • Edie

    Will you guys be able to get a Rilakkuma kigurumi?

  • Lo lo


  • laf

    reindeer? :)

  • Ryan

    A Fox Hoodie would be epic ^^ i really really want one

  • puglover

    yes! I would totally get the pug!

  • Joel

    I’d love to see a coyote kigurumi one day~

  • Hayley<3

    How about a golden retriever? :D



  • elin

    What about llamas? :(

  • pio

    I’m loking for a nice and beautifulTotoro kigurumi!

    I think that it would be a good idea if you makes one!

    It would be very adorable if he had a like face and a dark grey fur

  • slothlove

    do ferrets, polar bears, and sloths pleaseeeeeeee

  • Tay

    Mustache Cat!

  • CHARZARD ^_^

  • Tomato… please >_>

  • Sundown

    Bear, pleasssse please please. I really want a bear

  • Juju

    Oh my god, a donkey kigurumi would be soooo adorable!!! <3 <3 <3

  • sjelf

    I’d love a Finnish Spitz! They are so cute, I use to have one, it would mean a lot! :D <3
    Or a manta ray would be awesome!

  • kenzi

    yes yes yes!!!! it needs to happen

  • :D

  • a fruit bat kigurumi would be fantastic

  • I’d loooooove a rat kigurumi!

  • vivi


  • Heeoni

    Arctic fox please!!!

  • TraciBird

    a platypus!!!!

  • Erin

    Opossum! ;u;

  • Nessie

    Best idea ever!!! i was just thinking that Dx I would so buy that

  • Kirsten Grooms

    I think an otter or a wolverine would be cute…

  • Dag

    There NEEDS to be a good ram or sheep kigu! I’ve been looking for one for MONTHS and I’d be ecstatic to see one here!

  • ruby

    I am kind of shocked I am the first to ask but what about chinchillas? They are super cute and come in a lot of colors. Also, it might be fun to see a whole ‘anime’ line, where it’s just ‘mascots’ like Timcampy, Luna (from sailor moon) the black cat from Tirgun, so on.

  • Shambles619

    I want the walrus

  • Brie

    MAKE A RAICHU ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Amanda

    How about Angel from Lilo and Stitch to match the Stitch one you guys have? C:

  • dev

    a llama could be cool owo

  • OOOH! Could you maybe add a dragon to this list? Either cute and cuddly or fearsome and awesome!

    I’d love to wear a dragon one <3 And don't forget the chibi wings :D

  • Oh and BTW~ When i said dragon, i meant one like this :)

    Just a cute little baby dragon <3

  • Derpy Hooves as a Kigurumi would be pretty awesome, but if not, then a chinchilla! :3

  • I need to see a Sloth kigurumi!


  • Ashlynn


  • E4COOL

    I would love to see Any of the Godzilla kaiju kigurumi such as Rodan, King Ghidora, Mecha Godzilla, and an official Godzilla kigurumi or better yet, a Digimon kigurumi

  • Gumi

    I’m not sure if Jamie from mithbusters would agree with his image being used…lol

  • OMG I need a moose kigu. Just….. asjdsakshdkhsa that would be the most kawaii thing ever!!

  • Pug kigu most definitely

  • Bri


  • Bri


  • Kayla

    oh wow, i would pay for the peacock, flamingo, puffin and fennec fox kigurumi’s, those could look wonderful.

  • Natalie

    unicorn pegasus, deer with cute antlers, narwal, kidrobot unicorns, or my little ponies :3

  • Kayla

    mostly the peacock one, though, i love those. maybe i’ll just find someone to custom make it…

  • Hachi

    I’d LOVE a horse kigu so much! All the ones I have seen have horribly deformed faces or the mane and tails looked weird!!

  • Quynh

    Totoro!!! Or a jackalope. Or a sasquatch. Because mythical is always cool.

  • Lime_god


  • Mondai

    Purple bunny! PURPLE BUNNY! I need it for reasons! … Or maybe a green bunny, but that’s not an option and also ferrets are good!

  • DeMarcus

    Sloth and Hedgehog!!!:)))

  • melissa


  • snigens

    Pig or sloth

  • I want a Puffin kigurumi ;_____; It’s my favorite animal I WILL GIVE YOU 999,999,999,999$ for it !

  • Artless

    you know what would be adorable? Minecraft style stuff. although the snow leopard sounds amazing.

  • rockei

    Since there’s already a Gloomy kigu, how about a PoDolly one!!! :D there could be a couple options “regular” and also “wolf” version OMG!! *GENIUS*

  • bob



  • Addie

    Platypus. <3

  • Bubbles

    Red squirrel and the Pug!!

  • poopy1234

    you guys should do avatar the last airbender! please i will buy every single one in stock omg jgjdfsgku

  • Ebony

    Squirrel kigurumi

  • Catty

    my votes: sea otter, hippo, polar bear, hedgehog, black bear, and i would love love love to see a rhino!

  • Filipin

    A unicorn- and a polar bear kigurumi would be so cute!

  • SLOTH! <3

  • Liz


  • shibe

    a toucan would be soooo cute!!!

  • I’d love to see a sloth!

  • Kate D.

    FERRET or a shiba inu please???? :D

  • Tricksta Meddic


  • Bee

  • Anne


  • HEDGEHOG please<3

  • Gee

    Love to see a budgie one?

  • Justine

    It’s been about 10 months… any news? :/

  • Kyo Kasumi

    Charizard :3

  • Remi

    I tried to click the Tanooki, but it seems as though the thumbs up is missing from it?

  • Jessica JD Cress

    Rainbow Dash, please? Please?!?

  • Maria

    What about a horse?

  • Andi


  • Lukas

    Peacock!!! Imagine the flowing tail feathers!

  • sophie

    Rainbow unicorn ^~^

  • sophie

    I would so buy that!!!!

  • Jessica JD Cress

    I would buy that!

  • Salsiladox

    Tomato kigurumi please!!

  • jen jen

    what about Chococat and Batzmaru?? :D

  • Evaligne

    A TOMATO KIGURUMI would be adorable~

  • Emi Mac

    Now, how come there’s no antelope?!

  • Claudia

    pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease make the deer one (。・`ω´・。)

  • Proud Belieber

    Pikachu has to happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Some Lady

    It’s an unusual one, but what about a star-nosed mole?



  • Kenzie

    You should make a Monobear one from Dangan Ronpa or a Flying Mint Bunny one from Hetalia!

  • Eva Amore

    How about the Meow Wow from Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance. I know its licensed but could you please possibly get the rights to carry it? Those things are so cute and bouncy >u<

  • Eva Amore

    Id buy it. :3

  • Eva Amore

    Oh also I would like Charmander,Chikorita & Mudkip please. <3

  • Sam Winchester

    I really want a moose! They’re my favorite animal <3

  • Morgan LeFlay

    Sorry for my un-novel suggestion, but I’d buy one tomorrow if there was just a NORMAL Hello Kitty Kigurumi! Being dressed up as Hello Kitty dressed up as something else is cute, but what’s wrong with classic Hello Kitty?

  • Wiz

    can ya add husky or siberian husky.

  • Wiz

    Can ya add Siberian Husky.

  • Wiz

    Can ya delete my first post thanks.

  • Amy Walek

    how much votes in enough to add to the site? also how about Pokemon, squertal , bulbizor , bunnery , etc…..

  • Amy Walek

    an alien :D ( not from a movie , just a made up one )

  • spaz

    Sun conure and harbor seal? Because yes

  • spaz

    Also, what’s the averege for “enough” votes?

  • TifaniG

    Tanuki!!! Make a girl style and a boy style!

  • Hitori Hisui

    i would love to see more anime/game animal characters as well. . .but what i would love to get would be a different wolf such as a black wolf or a white and or silver wolf with the looks of a wolf or a husky wolf mix with the black wolf it would be cool to give it like red eyes or something like that and for the white and or silver give it the piercing blue eyes^_^

  • Yomi

    A giant otter Kigu would be super adorable!

  • Tamara Julia Evans

    I want Happy from Fairy Tail *___* PLEASE !!! Ohgosh that would be sooooo awesome !!!

  • Tobi

    I would LOVE it if you guys are able to carry a Pochacco kigurumi! :D

  • hello. uvu

    A sun conure Kigurumi would be awesome. :D

  • Marki

    If we can suggest another contestant then maybe a raccoon?

  • Marki

    Then my friend can finally be a walrus! OoO

  • SecretlyTanuki

    I need a Tanuki kigurumi. It’s the only way my life can ever be complete.

  • Francesca

    A Scooby Doo Kigurumi would be REALLY cute!! :)

  • Grimoire

    I’d be extremely happy to see a skunk added to the store. They are my number one favorite animal and have the fluffiest darn tails x3

  • Haedyn

    You guys should totally see if you could get a Goron or Zora kigurumi from The Legend Of Zelda Series!

  • Chloe’

    they should have a horse to vote on too :)

  • Roman

    You already have a Squirrel, definitely needs a Moose to partner up with

  • Nail Gun

    Siberian Husky?

  • vivi

    kuromi kigurumi??? :D

  • Reachel O’hare


  • Life_Glitch

    hey could you please make a Husky Kigurumi :3

  • Sandy

    I think a phoenix or a gryphon would be pretty awesome! :-D

  • Shorono

    Oh god yes

  • Aubrey ‘Nyuli’ Nguyen

    -fingers crossed- I hope you will have an alpaca kigurumi by winter. ;-;

  • Clockworkfox

    YESSSS! I’d buy it! c:

  • PuppiesPuppiesPuppies


  • Twig

    I would love to see more birds! An owl and angry birds just aren’t enough. A crow would be amazing :)

  • linds

    minnie mouse to go with the mickey!



  • Felix Keigh

    Ahh, sheep and pomeranian are my favorites!

  • Rowan

    You guys should make an Axolotl kigurumi!

  • Reachel O’hare


  • Misha

    When would the winning kigus be for sale?

  • Rebecca Dollison

    what about a Pink Axolotl?

  • Kaitlyn

    A camel!!!

  • Krislyn A Turner

    i would love to see Sonic characters! :D

  • lulu

    there should be an octopus :O

  • Nicki

    Ummm…….. HOW IS THERE NOT A GRUMPY CAT? Uh ya. Thanks.

  • Kayla

    I really want a sloth Kigurumi ! cx

  • Gaurdi-chan

    Maybe a crab kigurumi (a craburumi)? Particularly this little cutie http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gecarcinus_quadratus

    They are called Halloween Crabs and are one of my favorite crabs! They are super sweet and friendly, due to them being mostly herbivorous.

    The claws could be like the Snake’s or can hang like ears! :P

  • brynndelynn

    i think a rhinoceros would be cute :3

  • Talia Gonzales

    Waiting for a hedgehog one!!!! <333

  • karina

    pigrabit from ‘your beautiful’

  • tomato

    Please make this happen!

  • Carrie Cecilia

    You would seriously make a killing if you did college mascot ones. Great for tailgates!

  • Scott


  • drnh

    would the sloth one be a two toed or a three toed !!? vital information!! i NEED a three toed sloth!!

  • Madison

    Killer whale kigurumi, killer whale kigurumi!

  • XsilencedlifeX


  • Mariah Kelly

    it would be awesome to see a good octopus kigurumi
    because the one i always see on the internet is really lame, its just a small octopus for the head and the rest of it is regular blue.

  • SheepXD

    Scar From the lion king would be fantastic one day!

  • N


  • Annabella

    What about a FOX squirrel?
    Fox squirrels are orange-bellied gray squirrels. I have a pet one!

  • Annabella


  • LilSis

    I would LOVE to see the otter or ferret become cozy Kigurumis! Then I really can dress up as my spirit animals!!!

  • gojigirl


  • Totoro365

    Can you please make Totoro kigorumi?

  • Bonnie

    A stingray! Wouldn’t that be cute? Or maybe an octopus/squid!!

  • Yipyip

    How ’bout a pegasus to go with those unicorns?

  • Unicorn Wizard

    im thinking we need more characters from the MANHOODLIENESS! we need SONGBIRD (bioshock infinite) ethier that or some alien-ish stuff

  • Kawaii_Steph623

    Pokemon for sure! Pikachu and Charizard!

  • Izzy Huynh

    Purin and tuxedo Sam from sanrio

  • Johana

    Make a fish kigurumi I will buy two

  • Kawaii_Steph623


  • Kawaii_Steph623

    Oh please. My son wants a Charmander is the worst way! Or Charizard.

  • Kawaii_Steph623


  • Kellyann Higgins

    There should be a Catbug kigurumi <3

  • KDJ Scribbles

    Griffin! *^_^*

    myth creatures can be super cute, especially if the griffin is an owl-griffin like on the tumbler “Doodle Of Boredom” http://doodleofboredom.com/search/owl+griffin

  • Catherine c:

    An octopus kigu would be adorable :D

  • Ryukage

    There’s no love for sharks… ;_;

  • Himawari


  • Cacy Delaney


  • Doomkat

    I’d love to see more Pokemon kigurumis. Maybe some of the Eeveelutions? I’d totally buy an Umbreon kigurumi!

  • Elizabeth

    raccoon :3

  • Beth

    I wish I could get a hedgehog one for Christmas right now!!

  • Magpie

    How about a leucistic axolotl kigurumi?

  • Umiko Hinamori Walker

    I want a alpaca *^*

  • Snowy Owl

    grumpycat! :D

  • Kitty

    2 Kigurumis I would sell my kidneys for: No Face from Spirited Away, and an Orca. Orcas are my favorite thing, my spirit animal, and they’re super cute and underrated :c

  • Des

    Shiba kigurumi pleeeeeeeease.

  • Vulpes Inculta

    Pug kigurumi? :o

  • Kelsey Taylor Andrews-Drew

    im not sure but do y’all have a raccoon kigurumi? that would be awesome as well as a shark one.

  • Nicole Elizabeth


  • hanne

    i want a normal brown bunny kigurumi, with fur and the colours of the Chip kigurumi, but a bunny

  • hanne

    hi, i’d like a bunny, but brown, with fur and brown and light brown colours like the chip one, all the bunnies now are surrealistic

  • MsMina


  • itsjingles

    I don’t know if anyone has already say this, but there need to be a gir from Invader Zim. That would rock to have a gir kigurumi.

  • Eva

    A husky or furry wolf (not story like)

  • Nya-nya-chan

    Omg a No-Face would be amazing .o.

    ;u; now I want one

  • Bu


  • Tyler


  • Puuchukinjsh


  • Puuchukinjsh

    Or maybe you can make me a special one? :D

  • Puuchukinjsh

    Momo or Appa from Avatar- The last Airbender would be great too! :))

  • Awesome guy 123

    Guys, or girls, hear me out here, ok? Phoenix kigurmi, olive the winged kigurmi like the bat and a Phoenix with wings would be EPIC!

  • Awesome guy 123

    I mean I love not olive lol

  • Puuchukinjsh

    Momo from Avatar- The Last Airbender please! :)

  • Ridley


  • Ariel Laferriere

    I would love one but I can’t afford it so this is just a suggestion :a monkey

  • Ridley


  • Ridley

    A vulture kigurumi would be interesting.

  • Todd oliver

    Or my little pony ones.

  • Da king of da panda

    How about a panda with a mustache pls

  • Ridley

    A vulture kigurumi would be fabulous!

  • Tina

    Bear kigurumi would be amazing..it feels like it already should be in existence. like they NEED a bear one.

  • Kyle

    Please make a dachshund kigurumi. They are my favorite dog breed.

  • Asha

    I think a cockatiel kigurumi would be adorable!

  • Whale Shark!

    Whale Shark!

  • candace

    A Chihuahua Kigurumi WOULD BE AWESOME!!!!

  • Emily

    Please oh Please oh please oh please make an adorable Ocelot kigurumi <3

  • Nicki

    Any chance you’ll ever import the Hanyou Usagi (All-Purpose Rabbit) character kigurumis? Because I’d totally buy it

  • Ridley

    How about a Garfield and Odie kigurumi?

  • Lottie styles

    How about a Pikachu Kigurumi? THAT will be soo CUTE :D :3 I <3 Pikachu xD

  • Lottie styles

    YEAH NYAN CAT XD :D :3 that will be cute too xD

  • Lottie styles

    AWE D: Pikachu would be really cute i’d buy it :3 xD

  • Lottie styles

    :O random idea what about food kigurumi’s?
    xD :3 i would try to eat myself though e.e v.v xD

  • Lottie styles

    :O another idea……..i feel like im spamming you all D: SORRY
    Um how about a llama xD LLAMAS ARE SOO CUTE XD :3 X3

  • Danielle

    Catbug! That might have to be worked through with Cartoon Hangover though, idk.
    Or for teh aminals, Lynx methinks. :)

  • pikachu lover

    they should make an official pikachu because I looked everywhere and it just doesn’t look right there is way to many disinfected products. I trust this site to make a kigurumi just like my expectations.. I’ve ordered from here before and the kigurumis are excellent!!!!!!

  • Auren

    HUSKY! Artic Fox! orrrrr black and purple fox or black and blue fox? Those would be adorable! but for the black and purple/fox and artic, the design for the original Fox Kigu works perfectly! not toooo sure I like the Red Fox one….thats just me though ^^;

  • Emily


  • Potato

    They should add an Orca / Killer Whale kigarumi! Sorry if this is already created!
    Also, a manatee would be awesome!!

  • Potato

    You should add an Orca Whale and a Humming Bird kigarumi!! I would LOVE to get a Humming Bird and an Orca Whale kigarumi!

  • Allison

    I’d love more than anything to see a raccoon!!

  • Yvonne

    MONOKUMA from Dangan Ronpa. And Totoro! I will pay all the money in the world for them :3

  • Kristin

    I think that a totoro one would be really cool!

  • Mariah

    Maybe Catbug from Bravest Warriors???

  • Mariah

    Or even doing Grumpy cat!!!!

  • Kanade

    OMG, a Pikachu Kigurumi!<3

  • Juliaaa

    must have an alpaca and hedgehog kigurumi!!!!!!!

  • Juliaaa

    i would buy that immediately!!!!!!! please make NYAN kitty!

  • Anna

    I’d like to see a blue and a purple variation of the panda!

  • Anna

    It would be like Dr. Shrunk from New Leaf!

  • Zsuzsi

    I googled hipo kigu and this came up. It is my ideal kigu and the cutest thing ever. Can’t find it anywhere though. Anyone know anything?

  • Deshawn Denson

    I seriously would love to see a Monobear kigurumi.

  • Fulio

    Oh, what about a gryphon kigurumi?

  • Kayla

    I would die of happiness if you made an armadillo kigurumi and I would never need anything else from life ever again

  • camille

    what about a basset hound(i hope i spelled that right)

  • camille

    and summer kigu’s

  • A gray raccoon please!!!! TT___TT Would be so awesome~

  • Hello_cheshire


  • Hello_cheshire

    would the polar bear be kawaii PLEASE MAKE IT KAWAII

  • Hello_cheshire

    like this kawaii

  • Hannah

    I definitely think a Pikachu kigurumi would be perfect!

  • Daniel Brown

    Oh god PLEASE let the Narwhal kigurumi be a thing o.o

  • Matthew

    Mudkip, PLEASE!!!!

  • Great idea!!! I’ll pass it along :D

  • I love that! <3

  • puppies are the cutest!

  • cute idea!

  • Monkey is a great suggestion! Make sure you enter the giveaways when we post them. Do you follow on facebook?

  • cute idea! ^^

  • Awesome!

  • ponies!!! :D

  • hehe good one!

  • Awesome!

  • agreed!

  • that would be cute!

  • So adorable! :)

  • Cool!

  • Woof!

  • Good one!

  • Hi Nicki! We will look into it!

  • Great idea for character kigurumi!

  • =^_^= <3

  • Never thought of that! I’ll pass it along :D

  • Love Lamas!

  • good ideas!

  • Thanks! We need a good pikachu!

  • foxy ;) =^^=

  • Cute <3

  • Marine Kigurumi :D

  • Humming Bird is a great idea!

  • Cute!

  • lol good one!

  • polar bear is a great idea!

  • Awesome idea!

  • Miranda Hankins

    Oscar the grouch from Sesame Street to go with Elmo and Cookie Monster

  • heatimonster

    What about a Pangolin? Or Ugly Dolls like Ice Bat or Poe?

  • Hi Hannah! I agree! I will pass it along ;)

  • That would be SO cute!!! :D

  • Hi Miranda!

    That would be a funny one! :)

  • Hi Heatimonster!

    Great suggestions! :D

  • Silver

    i think a coati would be adorable with their long snouts and tails <33

  • Kayla Elizabeth

    Mantis Shrimp! All hail the Mantis Shrimp!

  • Miranda Hankins

    Thanks! :) Would that ever be able to make it onto the list of possible new ones?

  • Awesome idea! Thanks for the pic as a reference :D

  • Hi Silver! Such a cute idea!

  • Emily D.


  • Gator

    *lies down* there should be an albino alligator one qmq

  • Lifeasawalrus

    Walrus. Nuf said.

  • Lifeasawalrus

    So majestic!

  • UrbanElf

    OMG a moogle kigurumi would be amazing!!! :D Good way to hit the gaming fan base as well xD

  • Amber Michelle Hill

    Sally from nightmare before christmas…. yes….
    I thought at one point you guys did a jack? A zero would be cute as well… sry my obsession is showing

  • Amber Michelle Hill

    AHHHH no no…. DO TOTORO!!!

  • Olivia

    Coati or Ring-Tail? Both are relatives of raccoons.

  • Siren D

    The hedgehog has had the most votes by far this whole time, But you guys are working on the lower voted one’s first? This makes me and my boyfriend a pair of grumpy hedgehogs.!

  • Rina

    Chinchilla!!! (≧∇≦)/

  • Taina Hall

    I would so buy a Moogle kigurumi! It would be so cute! Maybe there should be a Chocobo one too.

  • Cassidy

    I would love to see a Crow kigurumi!

  • Gilbert Ruezga

    I would LOVE to ware a Mogwai and Gremlin Kigurumi from the Gremlins movies. Gizmo for cute and Stripe for fierce. <3

  • Badger

    Badgers Badgers Badgers Badgers Badgers Badgers Badgers Badgers Badgers Badgers Badgers Badgers, MUSHROOM MUSHROOM

  • rachel


  • Sammich

    Raccoons!! 0.0
    Lil gray and black balls of fluff!

  • nuriko455

    What about a Cubone one i would buy that now!!

  • foxtribe

    my sister and I are squealing at the possibility of a Pomeranian, sugar glider, fennec fox, love bird, and deer kigurumi! we would buy all of those, DEFINATELY!

  • Kakariki

    Sun conure!

  • Kakariki

    Ahhh a Chocobo would be precious! How about a Caterpie one as well?

  • Riverbreak

    English Bull Terrier kigu would be amazing!!! White with brown or black patches, like this one! – http://www.agraria.org/cani/bullterrier1.JPG

  • Riverbreak

    And a pink belly lol

  • Nana

    I would love to have the kigurumi “HAPPY” From the Anime “Fairy Tail” he is so cute! I can actually see that a blue jumpsuit with long wings a cute tail and cute little ears and a green bandana in the neck and if you incorporate little paws to it… I think Happy is a perfect one. Though hopefully you can have permission to make it. AYE SIR! <3

  • SRHtheHedgehog

    Stingray would make all my dreams come true…

  • Hi Emily! Mint is So cute… A Mint Bunny would be the cutest! ^^

  • Hi Gator! A White Gator is an Awesome idea! Thanks! :D

  • Awe! Cute Idea! :D

  • <3 it!!!! Great Idea Olivia!

  • We love the hedgehog! <3 I will definitely pass this comment along.

  • <3 <3 <3 :D

  • Hi Cassidy! Awesome Idea!

  • This is the BEST idea yet!!! :D

  • Hehe… We got the message! ;)

  • Hi Rachel! A white sheep is a great idea! :)

  • Hi Sammich! <3 that idea!

  • Awe! ;)

  • Hi Foxtribe! All are wonderful ideas for Kigurumi! :D

  • <3 ^^

  • Love the spotted eye :D

  • Hi Nana! That WOULD be SO cute!!! ^^

  • Cool idea! <3

  • takafru

    Come on people! Vote for ferret kigu!

  • Hi Takafru! We <3 Ferrets!!!

  • Cinna White

    Moth Kigurumi. There needs ta be a moth kigurumi.

  • Miku Mendoza

    i always wanted to do a moogle cosplay!! its would buy one in a flash!!

  • I would love to see more pokemon Kigurumis. I have a Pikachu one I ordered off amazon,. the tail was real messed up though. I would like to see all the starters including Eevee get a kigurumi. And more foxes. The foxes are cute, but not as cute as they could be! I got a short sleave panda recently because there wasn’t any fox ones. So maybe more short sleeve/ summer time designs could be made as well.

  • Kanade

    How about an Eevee or Pikachu Kigurumi!!! Please!! Or even a Slyveon one! Or VULPIX!!

  • Kanade


  • Guest

    How about an Eevee or Pikachu Kigurumi!!! Please!! Or even a Slyveon one! Or VULPIX!!

  • Cinna White

    Moth Kigurumi with cuddly moth neck poof thing and little moth antenna and fluffy moth wings

  • Cinna White

    I want this so bad

  • Guest

    Mieu from Tales of Abyss or repede from Tales of Vesperia would be awesome!!!!

  • Mieu from Tales of Abyss or repede from Tales of Vesperia would be awesome!!!!!

  • Hi Cinna! Cool idea! ^^

  • All are Awesome ideas Mimi! Thanks for the input! :D

  • <3 this! So cute!!!

  • Adorable <3 ^^

  • That would be a fun one!!! ;)

  • Tad

    I would LOVE to have a seahorse kigurumi!!! It would be like a dream come true! <3

  • Kanade

    A Slyveon Kigurumi please!!

  • radd




    anyone see banana guards in adventure time?

    run around and scream in sirens weeh-wooh weeh-wooh

  • noah allen

    They should have a Pallas cat kigurumi. I love me some Pallas cats

  • noah allen

    I need a Pallas cat kigu! They are sooooooo cool!

  • claire coyote

    afrcan grey parrot? goat?! coyote?!?!?

  • claire coyote

    YEEEEEESSSS a coyote would B a dream come true! I am a coyote!

  • Food is always a great idea!!! <3

  • Hi Noah! =^^= I love that idea!

  • Hi Claire!

    Both are Awesome ideas!!! :)

  • Oooooooo

    The sea otter shoed have a baby, rock with clams on it, or a fish

  • RainbowAlicorn

    I’d totally buy an alicorn kigurumi!

  • Olivia

    I know it may be hard since it’s liscenced, buy you guys should really consider trying to make the Oogie Boogie man from the Nightmare Before Christmas movie into a kigurumi. With his character it would seen really easy to make since the design is styled that way. Of course, the details may be another thing to take in mind. It was just an idea- he’s my favorite character and I always wanted to dress up as him.

  • claire coyote

    Afrcan grey parrot? goat?! COYOTE?!?!?!?!

  • claire coyote

    by “I am a coyote” I mean coyotes are my spirit animals

  • <3 it! Such a cute idea!

  • Great idea! Alicorns are the cutest! ^^

  • Hi Olivia! We will look into it. Great idea!!! Thanks for sharing! :D

  • Hi Claire! All are good ideas ;)

  • jess

    the sea otter is a must

  • luka

    A kawaii octopus would be awesome!!!!!

  • Isis Sample

    can you make the pink stitch? his gf??

  • nymph33

    I will say you need more summer kigurumis (suits, not 2 piece sets please). I wanted the rilakkuma one but its out of stock :(

  • Claire coyote

    Or a nixel from mixels

  • Claire coyote

    I’m just naughty like that

  • jess

    I’m dying to get my hands on a Toothless (Night Fury) onesie from DreamWorks How to train your dragon!

  • Hi Tad!

    Seahorses are So cute! Thanks for the suggestion!

  • Sea otters are the cutest! Great idea :D

  • Hi Luka! An octupus would be So fun! :)

  • Hi Isis! Pink would look great on Stitch =^^=

  • Hi Nymph! Summer Kigurumis are very popular! <3 more is always better

  • Fun idea!!! :D

  • Hi Jess! We <3 the idea of a Toothless Kigurumi!!! :D <3

  • Zephyr

    I would really love a raven kigurumi, or a dove maybe? Mainly just the raven though.

  • Isis Sample

    oh yes i’d love to have stitch then his gf in pink. it’d be very cute!

  • Nao

    A Monarch butterfly or a Blue Morpho butterfly

  • Nickle4aPickle

    Her name is Angel! <3 ^__^

  • Isis Sample

    ty! yes her! would be soo cute!!

  • Nickle4aPickle

    No prob. :D
    Yes, I agree! X3

  • We <3 those ideas! Creative animals make great Kigurumi! :D Thanks for sharing Jnosa!

  • Butterflies would be so beautiful!!! <3

  • Hi Zephyr!

    The Raven is a Cool idea!!! :)

  • paaaske

    A gecko with big sweeeeeeet eyes would be soo awesome

  • DeeDee

    What about a Hummingbird or a Butterfly (Like a monarch)?

  • catherinerae

    Can you do marvel ones. like wolverine deadpool ironman…. probably not… but it’d be cool

  • catherinerae

    some random ideas … t rex, otter,tiger, manatee, bearded dragon …… lol like I said very random list. Loved the husky and clown fish idea but my page won’t let me vote for them.

  • catherinerae

    Halo Spartan

  • catherinerae

    Alligator …

  • Charlie Rockitt

    moogle and chocobo!

  • RJazz909

    Please make a polar bear kigurumi, they are so CUTE!!! Please make a polar bear kigurumi!!! Please make a polar bear kigurumi!!! Please make a polar bear kigurumi!!! Please make a polar bear kigurumi!!! Please make a polar bear kigurumi!!! Please make a polar bear kigurumi!!! Please make a polar bear kigurumi!!! Please make a polar bear kigurumi!!! Thank you for reading this long comment about making a polar bear kigurumi in the future. I BEG YOU PLEASE MAKE A POLAR BEAR KIGURUMI!!! Thanks, :3

  • Kym Rich

    Would really love the sheep as I’m collecting the Zodiac (including the disqualified cat) You got all but the sheep.
    Sheep are great creatures, as they provide clothing (wool) and food (mutton). They are easy to herd as they follow the crowd without question, save for the ones who stray down the alternate path at the fork in the road.

  • catherinerae

    Dalmatian beagle or basset hound with those cute floppy ears<3

  • Mia

    Can ya’ll do Appa/the general sky bison look from Avatar: The Last Airbender?

  • Kristen Mohr

    This would be an instabuy for me. I want to dress like the twins from Peter Pan!

  • Kristen Mohr

    I absolutely love this. I want to be the twins from Disney’s Peter Pan!

  • Kristen Mohr

    I’m commenting positively on every comment that mentions these until it exists!

  • Kristen Mohr

    Commenting positively on every raccoon comment until we get one!

  • Kristen Mohr

    I want this sooooo much!

  • Kristen Mohr

    I support this!

  • Kristen Mohr

    This would be damn cute.

  • Kristen Mohr

    Yes yes yes!

  • Kristen Mohr


  • Kristen Mohr

    I see raccoon mentioned so many times. I would absolutely love to have one. I would buy it immediately if it looked like this…

  • Gabrielle

    a wombat Kigurumi would be nice!

  • Kym Rich

    What about ligertigons? To differentiate them from the lions and tigers, alternating the mane in the dark and light parts.

  • Virginia

    I think a River Otter would be a cute option, better than the sea otter in my opinion.

  • Sami J

    Pikachu!! or Charmander ^.^

  • Sami J

    and Charmander ^^

  • What a unique idea! We <3 it!!!

  • Great idea DeeDee! :D

  • We will look into it! Thanks for the suggestion Catherinerae :D

  • Also great recommendations! :)

  • We <3 those ideas Charlie!!!

  • Message received! Polar Bears are SO cute!!!

  • Interesting idea Kym. Thanks for the suggestion :D

  • We <3 puppies!!! Thanks!

  • Great idea Mia! Thanks!

  • Super Cute!!! <3 =^^=

  • We <3 that idea Gabrielle! Thanks!

  • Another Awesome idea Kym! :D

  • Awe! Cute Pic and Great Idea!!! :D

  • Kristen Mohr

    I know, right? I’d love to see it on the list.

  • janeway529

    Sheep/Lamb is a must! :D

  • Khamara Shamal Hollar

    pigeon and goat!

  • Khamara Shamal Hollar

    if they ever make goat i would hope it would have the cool rectangle shape pupils!

  • Kym Rich

    Thanks, I got many to work with. If you need help with the requested whale, just ask.

  • Shania

    I think a Attack on Titan kigurumi would be cool

  • Aineldiel

    Yes please.. I’ll take five.

  • Aineldiel

    I would like a carrot kigurumi. I just want to live out my carrot dreams.

  • Aly

    There needs to be more dog kigurumi! :)

  • Spock

    What about Kapp’n or Rover or one of the Animal Crossing villagers? ♥
    Or a Tanuki? ♥

  • Spock

    Yesss ♥

  • Spock

    That would be amazing, I’d buy it ♥

  • Spock

    I would buy two in a heartbeat so my best friend and I could be them

  • Spock

    Or what about Twink from Rainbow Brite?? ♥♥♥

  • Kristen Mohr

    I want one for a Halloween costume!

  • Tad Gonzales

    Is there anyway to put a seahorse on the list? :D I need one like that in my life!

  • claire coyote

    or an IPad kigu… that would be neat.

  • Anonymous

    I’d like to see a sugar glider kigurumi

  • Jenny

    I want a sheep kigurumi!!!!

  • Genesis


  • =^^= We <3 Pikachu and Charmander!

  • Hi Janeway529! Great IDEA! ;)

  • Hi Khamara! Pigeon;) Never thought of that one!

  • Hi Shania! What a Creative IDEA!

  • <<< Yum, Carrots!

  • Hi Aly! We love doggies! Any breeds in mind?

  • All are Great ideas!!! :D

  • Rainbow Brite is an Amazing idea! <3

  • Hi Tad! Seahorses are SO cute!

  • Thanks for the idea! :)

  • A sheep is a good idea!

  • Hi Genesis! Thanks for the idea!

  • Kanade

    A chocobo or Sylveon Kigurumi!

  • Kaitlin

    Jack Russell, Food, Llama, Koala or Sloth with a baby (I would but rn) , Rooster, Guinea Pig, Crab, or Owl :)

  • Miss

    I’d LOVE to see a western styled dragon, not that I don’t love the eastern styled dragon SAZAC already has. It would make my day to see a dragon in pink or pastel purple or some other traditionally “girly” colors, similar to the unicorn ones.

  • Dnewt309

    Hey what about a bearded dragon or a leopard gecko!!!!

  • courtney

    I need an octopus STAT! ⌒.⌒

  • Ari

    I second the Chocobo and Moggle suggestions :D

  • TJ

    I’m not gonna lie but it would be pretty awesome to see my favorite digimon in a very Cute & Cuddly form of a Kigurumi :”3 ♥

  • Nikki

    If you make a Llama Kigu, I will be the happiest person in the world.

  • Carissa Evans

    Anteater but maybe more specifically the southern tamandua, they’re so cute!

  • Ariana

    How about a Shiba Inu kigurumi and/or maneki neko kigurumi? They would both be adorable :D

  • Ariana

    Oooohh!! Animal Crossing kigurumi too! XD

  • <3 That is an AWESOME idea Kanade!!!

  • Hi Kaitlin! Thanks for your suggestions! We <3 all of them!!! :D

  • Pastels make everything pretty!!! <3

  • Great idea Dnew309!!! :D

  • An Octopus Kigurumi would be AMAZING! tHanks Courtney! <3

  • ^^ Thanks for the suggestions Ari!

  • ^^ Thanks for the post TJ! :)

  • Hehe… That would be adorable! Thanks Nikki!

  • That’s a very original idea Carissa! <3

  • <3 those ideas!!! :D thanks

  • XD all are Great ideas Ariana! THanks for the input! We <3 hearing from our Kigurumi Fans!!!

  • Dana

    A beagle would be amazing!

  • Mariah

    Moogle all the way if you guys had one I would buy it in a heartbeat

  • Bailey

    Babe the blue ox!!

  • Kym Rich

    How about stag beetles? Then I can go to my dance festival as a “dancing bug” from Adventure Time!

  • Polar bear! Or I’d live to see Jiji from Kiki’s Delivery Service!

  • Ridley Silva

    How about a pteranodon kigurumi?

  • Mama B

    How about a grey wolf? Although the husky is close!!

  • wow i LOVE sea otters

    deer? sh-shark? o-o-orca?! s-s-s-s-sea otter?!! SEA OTTER!!! SO many cute ones but holy carp i need a sea otter one.

  • yiffking fleabag

    oh pls make a GOAT kigurumi or maybe a BAPHOMET kigurumi !

  • Pink Kris Cat

    I really love the panther idea, my cat and I could match, lol :>

  • Kato


  • Why can’t all of these be kigurumis lmao

  • goatlover


  • BellyPats

    OMG! I think a goat kigurumi would be AMAZING!

  • Liz

    My bf would die if I ever got him an English Bulldog kigurumi! They’re his absolute favorite! I’d like to vote for: bulldog, alpaca, chameleon, and honey badger if that exists lol.

  • Magui Pietrobelli

    i want a pokemon onee hahhah

  • Alex

    pikachu kigurumi!

  • Shawna Snopek


  • Tolsi

    How’s about a golden tiger kigu?

  • May

    Please make more XL sized kigurumi for the tall folks!

  • Vivi

    What about a Kyubey Kigu from Madoka Magica??? :D

  • claire coyote

    how bout a purugly kigurumi

  • Raccoon Lover

    Tanuki/Tanooki or Raccoon!!! Plz and thank you!!!!

  • Secret Armadillo

    I really want an armadillo kigurumi pleasey please

  • Shannon

    I would love to find a pikachu kigurumi if you could carry those! =^.^=

  • Rei

    F Yeah Moogle!! Also I would buy Cait Sith in a flash.

  • coyote girl

    how about a coyote kigu, they r really popular in the plains and southwest. please?

  • Kaity

    Care Bears!!! I would want a Grumpy Bear one!

  • Kate

    I’d buy a fennec fox kigurumi!!

  • Amber Michelle Hill

    what happened to jack???

  • puru pochi

    Kyubey from puella magi madoka magica *-* i’ve seen his kigurumi but i cant find it anywhere, so im asking you <3 waaaah

  • Gwen

    A llama kigurumi would be amazing!

  • Roarbarking

    Yo dudes! Love the bird options, but a couple of things I really really want to see in the future, Jenday Conure and Maned wolf. Please mostly for the maned wolf. Jenday’s are hard from all of those colors but maned wolf is what me and my boyfriend both really want.

  • luminaire

    I really want a Honey Badger so I can show off my Harry Potter Hufflepuff pride and wear it with a Hufflepuff scarf.

  • Sammi <3

    What about Spyro? I love him <3

  • Jackie


  • Rinslet

    A swallow Kigu~ They’re my favorite animal c:

  • queen__zaira

    they need to have nyan cat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Onyx

    I think an adorable Pygmy goat Kigurumi would be nice!

  • Kay

    I think an Ant would be lovely.

  • Alice

    Thanksgiving Turkey please

  • We <3 Beagles!!! :3

  • Great suggestion Mariah! :D

  • ^^ Awesome!!!

  • Very creative! ;)

  • Awe! Such a GREAT idea! :D

  • ;) Cool suggestion Ridley!

  • =^^= Wolf would be So Cool!

  • <3 We <3 the Sea Otter Too <3 <3

  • GREAT Recommendations! :D

  • =^^= Meow and Roar! Cute idea!

  • Thanks for the suggestion KAto! :D

  • Good Point Kitkat! ;)

  • AWESOME idea!!!

  • ^^ GOAT! Message recieved :D

  • All are great recommendations!!! THanks Liz! :D

  • Pokemon is a very popular suggestion. We will look into it! =^^=

  • :D Thanks for the suggestion Alex!

  • So cute!!! :D

  • =^^= ROAR!!! :D

  • We hope to soon May! :D

  • YAY!!! So cute!!! :D

  • <3 that idea!!! :D

  • :D All Great ideas!

  • hehe an armadillo would be great!!! :D

  • Hi Shannon! It’s a popular request and we are looking into it!

  • Thanks for the recommendation!!! :D

  • We <3 the CARE Bears!!!! :3

  • =^^= Great! Thanks KAte!

  • All are great suggestions!!!:D

  • Thanks Gwen! We <3 that idea!

  • Message received! We will look into it!

  • That would be SO cute!!! :D

  • We <3 Spyro too!!! :D

  • Thanks for the suggestion Jackie! ;)

  • ^^ A great idea Rinslet! ^^

  • =^^= Meow!

  • Pygmy goats are the cutest!!! :D

  • interesting suggestion. Thanks Kay! :D

  • Thanks Alice! :D ^^

  • Famicom

    It would be so freaking awesome if you guys carried kigus with eevee and all of its evolutions including sylveon and fennekin as well as diancie (just pokemon in general but those are a few of my all time favorites)

  • Otaku For Life

    if you’re able to, maybe you can make a kigurumi of happy from fairy tail? i just think that’d be REALLY cute! try contacting hiro mashima, the owner of fairy tail.

  • Vanessa

    Mew from Pokemon!? <3

  • umbegirl

    Kiwi? they’re so cute!
    I would buy it immediately!

  • Aven

    Man, my life would be complete with a crow kigurumi.

  • Guest

    MOOSE !!!!!

  • Amanda Colleen

    Moose !

  • xanie

    Please add a llama :D

  • Sting Ray??
    Chinese Dragon?
    phoenix ?
    Aquatic Horse?
    fairy ?
    Rice ball?
    Pork Bun?

  • autumn

    what about a rhino with the cute horn on the kigurumis hood? thatd be cute!

  • emily

    if there is a sea otter kigurumi THEN I WILL LITERATELY DIE

  • Mileena Owen

    Am I the only one who’s like Five nights at Freddy’s kigurumis. I’m seriouslly in dying need of a bonnie (fnaf1)

  • McKenzie Varnado

    I would love to get a totoro one

  • Magui Pietrobelli

    Really?! I really love pokemon! T_T

  • Bex


  • Krista

    Mudkip from pokemon would a great kigurumi :D

  • greed

    omg please make a kuromi kigurumi to match the my melody one ;^;

  • Shyloh

    Make a stingray kigu!!!!!

  • claire

    my sister says rainbow unicorn & calico cat, my mom says hawk, my dad says grisly bear and I say goat coyote & African grey parrot

  • claire

    I like the idea of a Godzilla kigurumi!

  • claire

    yesssssss! spread the word!!!!

  • claire

    mainly just the coyote though

  • BalderRask

    Lion :D
    Goat :D

  • That’s a GREAT idea Famicom!!! THanks! :D

  • So stinkin’ CUTE! <3

  • Hi Vanessa! =^^= <3

  • <3 it!!! SO cute! Thanks for the recommendation! :D

  • Hi Aven! What a fun idea! Thanks ;)

  • <3 Thanks! <3

  • WOW Ruby! So many wonderful ideas! :D

  • Never thought of that Autumn! Thanks! :D

  • Sea otters are TOO cute!!! THanks Emily! :D

  • That’s an interesting suggestion Mileena! THanks!

  • <3 THanks for the input McKenzie. We appreciate it!! :D

  • <3 that idea BEX!!! :D

  • THank you Krista! :D

  • <3 that idea! <3

  • A stingray would be SO cool Shyloh! :)

  • <3 the family input! :D

  • We have lion:D

    Goat is a GREAT idea too!

  • autumn


  • Vessi

    I think you should add Raccoon to the list, all you have is red panda’s not any raccoons.

  • Unicorn

    I think a red phoenix kigurumi would be awesome <3

  • Kato

    Alpaca would be amazing

  • Kanade

    Thanks! ^°^

  • Anonimus

    I really want a Sea Gull, but a nice one, not one looking angry

  • Ashley H

    I think it’d be super interesting if Kigurumi Shop did some custom-ordered Kigurumis o.o i know just what I’d order

  • *..*..*..*..* What a spectacular idea!!!

  • Hi Vessi! A Raccoon would be a great addition! ^0-0^

  • Wow! I can see it now! Thanks! *..*..*..*

  • Stay tuned Kato! We may have one in the works ;) <3

  • A sea gull would be a great addition! Thanks! <3

  • Thanks for the recommendation Ashley! :)

  • Leanna

    Puppycat Kigurumi, please!!

  • Kas

    His name is Waffles!

  • Megan

    I feel like a lot of these suggestions have to do with Free! and Free! Eternal Summer… But that’s just my Fujoshi senses tingling.



  • Esuna

    I voted for the Love Bird Kigurumi. I MUST HAVE IT!!!! I’ve had a lot of Love Birds and they mean a lot to me, I really want this as a kigurumi. :D

  • Hiro

    Totoro, enough said

  • KAOS™

    I would instantly buy a Sonic the Hedgehog kigurumi!!!

  • Auntie Gil

    Squirrel kigurumi :)

  • sal

    Sonic would be amazing

  • Mariana

    Maybe you could get a license for pokemon onesies
    Or like someone said down below a nyan cat

  • Idil

    A Furby and a mermaid kigurumi oh my god

  • Sammie

    Raccoon please?

  • Kayleigh

    It’s probably licensed but I’d love to see a Teddiursa kigurumi.

  • eclipse

    Ooh a husky or fennec fox would be adorable

  • Nicki Mari


  • Athena

    OMG an alligator? Idk, maybe you have it I’m new here so yea.

  • Spitewick

    I’d like to see a moth kigurumi! Maybe a Rosy Maple moth or a Luna moth! That’d be super cute~

  • Ben

    Is there any chance that you guys would begin to carry your stitch kigurumis in XL? I’ve loved stitch since I was a kid, but the normal sizes are too small for me. I looked around on other websites that have fake kigurumis and they have XL, but I really want one of yours. My brother has a normal-sized dinosaur kigurumi and, aside from it being too short for me, it’s really comfortable :)

    If you guys sold Stitch kigurumis in XL, I’d buy one in a heartbeat!

  • Peter

    Tuxedo Sam from Hello Kitty please

  • Goat

    How about a Goat Kigurumi?

  • lexi

    I wish they would add more options to the lx section. I’m 5’10” and I know I would fit into a regular size just fine but I love the way kigurumi’s look on short people (super baggy and adorable). I’ve never actually bought one since I’m afraid I would try it on and realize I hate the fit. I want it to be long enough to tuck the bottoms under my heels of my feet. I’m I the only one who wants this?

  • TheCatGoesMeow

    Omg you guys should make pokemon kigurumi, it would be good advertising for both y’all and pokemon! And they would be super cute!!

  • TheCatGoesMeow

    I totally agree with ya there!

  • TheCatGoesMeow

    NO NO WAIT! You guys should make fnaf kigurumi!! :3

  • summer deer kigurumi option?

  • AwkwardEmo23

    What about an Enderman one or a Creeper from Minecraft?

  • Kelly

    A Pokémon; Eevee and it’s evolutions (Vaporeon, Umbreon, Sylveon, Jolteon, Flareon, Leafeon, Espeon and Glaceon), Vulpix, Shinx or Teddiursa. That would be soooo cute! Maybe a Rainbow Alpaca or Unicorn, too!

  • Windi Kuhn

    Totoro kigurumi, please!

    OMG! Could you make a TARDIS kigurumi??!!! That would be the BEST!!!!

  • ~ιѕαвєℓℓα~

    I am very disappointed in the sully onesie, what happened to te extra fluffy material?!?! I’m kinda po’d that you got rid of it. I got so excited to order it when it came back and now it has that towel like material. nope. I want the old sully back!!!


    Manatee !!!!

  • Meli

    How about a guinea pig? that’s sounds like a cute onesie and I would sooo buy it

  • Toby GoRawr

    me want more xl’s, specially bat! :(

  • Toby GoRawr

    you need to get permission to make a XL Zoroark from Pokemon! because i would love to have a kigurumi of it.. :(

  • Wesley Colten Ham

    Would a red frog kigu be a possible thing?

  • Sounds So cute Leanna!!! <3

  • Hehe Thanks Megan! :)

  • Oh Yeah! Thank you Looseeah! :D

  • AWE! <3 The <3 Birds!

  • Message Received. Thanks Hiro!

  • Hi Kaos! Sonic would be awesome!!!!! *..*..*..*

  • Thanks for the vote Auntie Gil!

  • Thanks for the vote Sal! ;)

  • We hope so Mariana! ;)

  • I like both those ideas! Thanks Idil! :D

  • That would be So cute =^^=

  • Thank you for your vote Kayleigh. We will look into it!

  • Hi Eclipse! :D =^^= Cute ideas!

  • Thanks for your vote! :)

  • Thanks for the suggestion Athena! :D

  • Hi Spitewick! Thanks for the recommendations. :D

  • Hi Ben! We are hoping to expand our XL offerings soon. We are not sure whether or not the Stitch Kigurumi will be included, but stay tuned.

  • Oh yay! thanks Peter

  • Thanks for your vote! :D

  • Hi Lexi! We are hoping to expand our XL offerings very soon. Stay tuned! :D

  • =^^= Thanks for your votes!!! <3

  • We are hoping to expand our summer kigurumi offerings soon! Stay tuned. :)

  • Thanks for your vote awkwardemo23! :D *..*..*..*

  • Wow! Thanks for all the recommendations Kelly! :)

  • YAY! thank you! :D

  • Hi Isabella! I’m sorry to hear you are disappointed. All of our officially licensed SAZAC Kigurumi are made out of high quality soft polyester fleece. If there is an issue with your kigurumi, please email, retail@kigurumi-shop.com and they will do their best to assist you.

  • Thanks for your vote Yolo Panda! =^^=

  • That would be really cute Meli! ;)

  • We are hoping to expand our XL offerings very soon. Stay tuned. :D

  • Wow! That would be awesome! :D =^^=

  • We will look into it Wesley! Thanks for the suggestion.

  • Hayliio_


  • Llama

    Please add Cockatiel to the list! I need more cute birdie kigurumi

  • Cheep

    Why not a cockatiel :D?

  • Manatee Lover

    THEY SHOULD MAKE A MANATEE KIGURUMI!!!!! but in the mean time, you should vote for the alpaca kigurumi.

  • Manatee Lover

    Would that be possible?

  • Land on the moon

    They should definitely make a Hummingbird Kigurumi.

  • Jeneane Weiss

    I would love a little twin star option! It would go great with my melody, keroppi and hello kitty

  • Beth

    The shark one pleaseeee

  • AWE Birdies are the best! Thanks Llama

  • Great suggestion “Cheep” :D

  • Manatees are Too Cute! Thanks for the vote!

  • Oooo! Good one! So many pretty color options too!

  • We do offer a hello kitty: http://kigurumi-shop.com/search.aspx?find=hello+kitty
    But the others are great recommendations too! :D

  • Thanks Beth! Sharks are Awesome! :)

  • Jeneane Weiss

    I know, I just added my melody to my collection…. Waiting for LTS next! Yay!

  • Fluffy Seal

    Based on this list: an Alpaca/Llama kigurumi would be amazing, especially if it’s as fluffy as the sheep kigu!
    Also, narwhal needs to happen. It combines two of my favorites, the seal and unicorn.

  • Guest

    Could you please make a ‘How To Train Your Dragon’ Toothless/Night Fury kigurumi??

  • Windi Kuhn

    This is my comment, don’t know why it posted as “Guest”.
    Anyway, here’s a picture of Toothless :D

  • Patricia K

    Yesss. I’m glad someone said this, because if no one did, I would’ve!

  • hello! not sure what the licencing is with anime characters but i think these guys would be perfect.

  • Domenica Lorena Sanchez

    Someone has to send an official letter to square enix to get this idea rolling. This would make them a lot of money lol. And maybe they can have a moogle , chocobo, and cactuar one. They would need to make them official square enix products though and sell it through kigurumi shop.

  • Ron-Ron

    A duck kigurumi would be great! : D

  • Minki

    Hi, um.. I was wondering if you could make character kigurumis from Five Nights at Freddy’s? It would be really awesome and I would totally save up to order a Mangle and a Springtrap :D

  • emily

    natsume yuujinchou please!

  • and mudkip ^.^

  • chicken huggit


  • Nickey

    A “grumpy cat”? Strictly in quotations due to any kind of licensing. Not sure what breed of cat that actually is.

  • Emily

    I’m not sure if you can do this, but I just think doing one of him would be really adorable and I can’t find any for sale. I’d love it if you guys made one!

  • Emily

    This is my cardiac alert dog Sundance(long story short, she alerts me when my blood pressure drops, they think they are able to tell by smell, not all dogs can alert. I used to faint A LOT and I haven’t fainted since having her. one of the pictures is from our first day at training when she alerted me for the first time), she is so adorable, soft, she has this “normal lab face” but her skin is so stretchy that she has these adorable wrinkles <3 and her fur is this beautiful reddish color, we think she is a "fox red labrador". here are a few pictures of her for reference (:

  • Llama

    omigosh please make a Cockatiel one! It would go great with the Budgie ones you guys have up!

  • towelgirl21

    Maybe the Doraemon kigurumi? (unless I’m mistaken, I think Sazac makes one in Japan) But I know, licenses and everything. A dub is airing on Disney XD right now, so more people would know who he is outside of Japan. Plus a fourth-dimensional pocket! That’d be awesome!

  • Cynthia25836

    I would honestly love a seahorse kigurumi.

  • Safeya LeeAnn Turner-Keen

    Boston Terrier Kigurumi please!

  • Tara McClenic

    Can we get an Arctic Wolf & Gray Wolf please?! ^_^

  • Cłaire Coyote

    Oh, a coyote. Please, please!

  • Great news! The Alpaca and Narwhal are in design and almost ready!!! :D

  • <3 toothless! He's the cutest fire breather!

  • Hi Kotoko! We can look into it! Thanks for the suggestion.

  • I like that idea… like a mallord with the pretty colors?

  • We can look into it Minki! <3

  • Thank you Emily! :)

  • haha got it! Thanks Chicken Huggit

  • Hi Nickey! =^^= Cute idea

  • =^^= Thanks for the recommendation Emily!

  • What a wondeful story. Thanks for Sharing Emily! She looks like such a sweetheart and what a smart puppy! <3

  • It sure would Llama

  • We can look into it! Thanks.

  • That’s a great idea Cynthia :D

  • What a cute puppy! <3

  • Hi Tara, that’s a popular request. I will pass it along.

  • Thanks Claire!

  • Emily

    No problem (: and thanks!

  • claire

    or how about a tri-corgi!

  • claire

    My sister’s cat had kittens and 2 of them were tuxedos. One was named Pepper and I fell in love with him! But sadly we couldn’t keep any of them so I got your “black cat kigurumi” to fill the hole and I love it! It is almost as good as Pepper himself!

  • Nelexin
  • claire

    thanks for making a tuxedo cat kigurumi, it really means a lot to me

  • Indexx

    SQUID KIGARUMI, Normal Squid head with tentacle sideburns going down to arms with the hands that flip back like the snake one, but with more tentacles

  • Katie

    Leopard gecko kigurumi!

  • Esuna

    Lovebird please!!!!

  • Kendra

    I want a sea otter one so bad. they’re my favs

  • LeighBear

    do you think you could do an orange tabby cat?

  • Jesse Markovna Iwanowski

    Caterpillar, they’re so cute and the fuzzy ones can be cuddly too

  • Esuna

    Lovebird please! (Also cockatiel and macaw!)

  • Crystal Abel

    Ok…I haven’t seen one comment yet about having My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic characters as Kigurumi! I would love it if you got permission through Hasbro to do this! I know a lot of Bronies that would absolutely buy them! They would sell like hotcakes! I would absolutely love a Fluttershy one (she is the yellow winged pony with the butterfly cutie mark). Oh..and if you want to be accurate Twilight Sparkle also has wings now because she changed to an alicorn princess :)

  • Kathy H

    Thylacine PLeASE PlEASe

  • Esuna

    Yes please Moogle and Chocobo Kigurumi.

  • Esuna

    Lovebird, Macaw and Cockatiel please!

  • Kendra

    I would kill for a cute sea otter one. I would like, live in it

  • Dylan Beeson

    I’ve been searching everywhere but no one has a Dolphin onesie! Please guys vote on the dolphin! I NEED IT!

  • Dylan Beeson


  • Kathy H

    I’ve said it once but I’ll say it again,a Thylacine or Dodo kigurumi would be awesome.
    I mean look at these guys.

  • Hiccup Frost Haddock

    A gingerbread man?

  • Christian Paul Candolesas Cura

    Gir from Invader Zim (ACTUALLY WITH TAIL!)

  • =^^= Glad you <3 it Claire!!!

  • Awesome idea Nelexin :D

  • Hi Indexx, we just came out an a new octopus kigurumi. I like the squid idea too. :D

  • Hi Katie,

    That print would look so cool :D

  • Awe. What a sweet idea! <3

  • Hi Kendra. Thanks for the suggestion :) >>

  • Hi LeighBear! An orange tabby would be a great addition to our kitty collection =^^=

  • <3 Awesome idea Jesse <3

  • <3 A bird Lover ;)

  • Hi Crystal! Those are all SO cute!!! > > <3

  • Thanks for the recommendation Kathy :D

  • Hi Dylan! Dolphins are great animals. Nice idea :D :D :D

  • LOL very creative idea ;)

  • hehe nice for the holidays >> :D

  • Hi Christian, Thanks for the comment :D

  • samuri donut

    please please make totoro

  • samuri donut

    i think a cat bug kigurumi would be amazing

  • samuri donut

    make toothless fro how to train your dragon

  • claire coyote

    how about an angel to go with the demon one

  • Lucía Palma

    Please, please, please! ♥

  • chaucersauce

    A guinea pig! Just imagine those floppy little ears! <3

  • Bora Kalem

    Tapir, bushbaby (aka galago), and capybara is a must. (At least capybara, they are really loved in japan)

  • Mila Deguzman


  • supripocks
  • KawzyJojo

    Toothless from HTTYD!!!!

  • Kawzt

    Toothless from HTTYD!!!

  • Kelsey

    Can you make a kigurumi for dogs? I want my dog to be a unicorn

  • Connor Sihon

    MAX! from where the wild things are! if you guys might be down for one time custom feel free to contact me

  • My name is jeff

    I would love a leatherback sea turtle kigurumi I think that would look soo cool :)

  • My name is jeff

    :D oh I just thought of an awesome kigurumi a shadow heartless from kingdom hearts would be freaking amazing I’d buy that in an instant you could even do the dusk nobodies from kingdom hearts 2

  • Akakko

    Pink Axolotl (I’d Die)
    *Cute* Gray Wolf

  • eddyonthequiz

    a werewolf kigurumi would be awesome

  • Talvi

    Catbus (My Neighbor Totoro), please.

  • Julia Logan

    Ferrets and Sea Otters, yay mustelids!!!

  • Tina

    A French Bulldog kigurumi would be awesome.

  • Marissa Womack

    Calico Kitty Kigurumi!!

  • eddyonthequiz

    yes Yes YESSSS!

  • eddyonthequiz

    yes I NEED a goat kigu in my life!

  • eddyonthequiz

    commenting positively on everyone that mentions goat

  • Vic

    Omg please make a husky!! I’ve been waiting on a husky for over a year and a half!!

  • Tank Zee

    What about a raccoon?

  • Tank Zee

    Can we get an opossum too?

  • Quincy

    Hi! I’d like to suggest a Cockatiel kigurumi! I think it would be super cute with the orange/red cheeks!

  • Rissa


  • Ratfan

    Blue and white Dumbo rat or a fancy rat in general, you would be surprised how many people actually have or love pet rats ;)

  • Ratfan

    my dwarf dumbo Siamese hooded rat- breeders pics of him before I got him

  • Carole Gauthier

    Adventure time! Jake, Finn, bmo and even lady rainicorn!

  • Maria


  • Janita Bethencourt

    Toothless kigurumi would be super cute!

  • Janita Bethencourt

    Toothless Kigurumi!!!

  • Natatia Cady

    Make a Bonta-Kun ‘rumi from Full Metal Panic! Fumoffu!! Not only is he adorable, but it would totally work!!!

  • Alex Parker

    Totally would buy a black and white husky kigurumi.

  • We will look into it Samuri! :D

  • Thanks for the suggestion!

  • That’s a popular request and we would love to… Have to get permission though ;)

  • Nice recommendation! :D

  • Awe! Cute idea Chaucersauce ;)

  • Hehe it’s SO cute!!!

  • Hi Mila! Thanks for the vote!

  • That would be a great one! Thanks for the idea!!!

  • We love that idea, but need permisson. WE are looking into it! :D

  • Hi Kelsey! We don’t yet, but that’s a fun idea! :)

  • Hi Connor, that’s a great idea for one of our character kigurumi!

  • I <3 sea turtles! Thanks for the suggestion.

  • Oooh! Good idea!!

  • Wow! Great idea!!! :D

  • Thanks for the recommendation Talvi!

  • Those of popular suggestions Julia, Hopefully soon ;)

  • Oh my gosh! So cute! ^^

  • Awe… that would be so sweet Marissa =^^=

  • =^^= I <3 that idea Vic!!!

  • Hi Tank! Thanks for the suggestion!

  • I think that’s a great idea Quincy!!! >>

  • What a <3able little creature!

  • Sounds like a fun group Carole! :)

  • why have we not thought of that Maria?! Thanks!

  • That would be great Janita!!! :D

  • Thanks for the recommendation Natatia! <3

  • Is that your husky! It’s SO cute!!! =^^=

  • Alex Parker

    Yes, he is a big baby. It’s his second Christmas. :)

  • Serene Angel

    I know it’s licensed, but I know a lot of people wondering about Umbreon. ^^
    A hedgehog summer kigurumi would be amazingly awesome too…

  • Ferchenko

    King Cobra please!

  • Alma

    Gudetama kigurumi! You have other Sanrio ones, so I think Gudetama would be a great addition.

  • Alma

    Actually, I just noticed they have one on their website. I’d like to see a Gudetama kigurumi without the giant eggshell though.

  • Leah DelTedesco

    I have been waiting for a ferret kifurumi forever!!! Will you make it with color variations like ferret pets come in? That would be awesomez!!! Please please ferret!! Ferret ferret ferret ♥ ♥

  • eddyonthequiz

    I can’t believe no one has mentioned this before but I think a line of “dragon mania: legends” kigurumi would be awsome.

  • eddyonthequiz

    ohh! I think the plant one would be especially cute!

  • eddyonthequiz

    I mean doesn’t that face just scream kigurumi?

  • Esuna

    Still waiting for the Love Bird (peach faced) kigurumi~ pleeeease. Also Macaw and Cockatiel would be nice.

  • ChipotleIsMyLife

    Not quite sure how you would do it, but I think Kigurumis of characters in Finding Nemo would be amazing! I would definitely buy one :D

  • Lucas Resende Tavares

    How do I buy an Axolotl Costume? HAHA :D

  • Lion

    The Lion King Kigurumi, would be awesome! Or the lion guard…

  • KyuumiNya

    Kuro Hanyou Usagi kigurumi please!

  • Alysia Hogg

    Should make a whale kigurumi

  • Alysia Hogg

    A blue whale please!! I would so buy it!

  • Kat Murria

    cockatiel!!!! I’ve been wanting one for a few years!!! my friends are dying for one as well!!!

  • C

    Dormouse from Alice in Wonderland. Or Tweedle Dee and Dum. Or the caterpillar. Or the oysters.

  • JimJim

    I think it’d be wonderful to have a Bull kigu. Please go vote for it

  • Harley Killough

    What about like
    A potato

  • adeliotherat

    I’ve been wanting a kigurumi for awhile but I’ve been waiting for the right one!
    Looking at the most recent polls, it seems like a cute ferret kigurumi might just be a dream come true!
    I might also go for a snow leopard or polar bear but a ferret is definitely at the top! *crosses fingers* =D

  • adeliotherat

    A rat one would be so awesome! We need one of these please!

  • I’d love a siamese cat Kigu ^w^

  • Adriana Meister

    Raccoon kigurumi please!

  • Mariah

    I’d like to see more cat colors in the style of the Tabby Cat. Maybe with orange fur and dark orange stripes and no collar.

  • Patty Davis

    A Chewbacca kigurumi would be amazing

  • Katrina Forster

    Fruit bat? I know they have a vampire one but I just thought a cuter one could maybe be made?

  • Sonia

    Can you PLEASE make a llama kigurumi?
    It’s my favourite animal!

  • Peridot

    A raven or crow would make me really happy ❤️❤️❤️

  • Greg

    Definitely waiting for a slow loris kigurumi!

  • Leafymint

    I would so buy a summer kigurumi that’s made of pile! It’s super hot where I live and I love these too much to not get one :(

  • Diabolical Raccoon

    We need a kuruma/kyuubi kigurumi.

  • Shelby West

    I would love a waddle dee!!!

  • CreeperLocke

    Toothless please! He is so cute

  • Ximena Molina


  • Kurtsa

    Why won’t you do cheetah?!?!

  • Rosie Piter

    Make a Jack-O-Lantern kigurumi for the Halloween lovers!

  • Shay Davis

    Omg I kigurumi from undertake would be so amazing!

  • eddyonthequiz


  • eddyonthequiz

    I need it so I can wear it to watch these guys um, beavers

  • Elemiel

    More bears, because I really like bears. ‘A’

  • Emily Jeackle

    Snorlax kigurumi. Do it now.

  • Josmarie Torres

    How about an Axolotl? Plzzzz?

  • Kira

    Phoenix? I would love a phoenix onesie

  • Jeru Cabezut-Johnson

    Make a badger kigurumi! I’d buy at least 3

  • Arabella Cullen

    Anime section of characters for kigurumi’s please!!!??

  • Arabella Cullen


  • Cya Marie

    Owl and Pug (fawn)

  • Alexis

    You need a rhino kigu. It’d be so cute.

  • Cathy Picciolo

    How about a Persian Cat Kigurumi?

  • eddyonthequiz

    you guys should totally make fur-suits/mascot costumes as well as kigurumi (i am a budding furry that loves your kigurumi)

  • Cypress

    Hello! I have no kigurumi 。゚(゚´ω`゚)゚。 But I would love to see a crow kigurumi (with a black beak)

  • Cockatiel or cockatoo!

  • Charlize Zimbelman

    Fairy Tail Frosch onesie!!

  • Sydney Mandragora


  • Timi Brown

    Please please please bring back Gizmo from Gremlins

  • Chaos

    Rat and goat kigurumi, please!

  • eddyonthequiz

    raccoon kigurumi please

  • Oriahna

    I would love to see a Maneki Neko or “lucky cat” calico kigu with tabby spots and the green bib please

  • Kisei Mitsukai

    Ferret kigu. I would buy it in a heart beat

  • Kisei Mitsukai

    Omg yes!

  • Taylor Bailey

    Maybe Blue from blues clues and have them and Magenta like you have Stitch and Angel

  • Hehe So Cute! :D

  • Agro

    A Black Horse would be cool. Would buy!

  • Cathy Picciolo

    What about a Persian cat and a red squirrel?

  • Marissa Guillory

    I would love love LOVE a Dreamin’ Dinosaur Kigurumi! <3 The pastel rainbow star pattern is so lovely and dinosaurs are super cool. It would be perfection!

  • Cathy

    Literally the day y’all make a ferret kigurumi I will buy one, and I will post a ton of pics with me wearing it with my ferts. DO IT.

  • Stephanie Swan

    Cheetah, snow leopard, raven, pls!! Cheetahs are my favorite big cat tied with tigers :)

  • Smidge

    Pangolins. Please!

  • Usuniki
  • Dave Edmonds

    We need a raccoon onesie!! The tanooki is cool too, but we need a raccoon one! Trash pandas are life <3

  • fangurley

    I would like it if the horse one came back :) My bf wanted to be bojack horseman.

  • Emma

    I so badly want that jellyfish one to be a reality (specially in plus size)

  • Dash

    Rhino kiguuuuuu

  • D

    I think the problem with a bulldog kigurumi is that it wouldn’t look enough like a bulldog or it would be too ugly. If you can make one that actually looks nice, I’d be all for it.

  • Heather Weinstock

    Red eye tree frog please.

  • Joe Ripley


  • Flamingo for the win! That would be so very funky!

  • CerealGirl

    I hate suggesting it, but Donald Trump would be a great seller.

  • We <3 that idea, but we don't have permission to carry that Kigurumi :(.

  • We do carry this hedgehog :D !!!

    >> https://kigurumi-shop.com/hedgehog-kigurumi.aspx

  • How cute >.< <3 Seems like a popular idea too! Thanks for the suggestion!

  • MyLilim Imvu
  • Such a cool idea! We <3 it!!! =^-^=

  • haha we are looking for animal suggestions :D

  • Seems like a popular suggestion. Thanks!!! :D ^^

  • That would be pretty cool! >> THanks! <3

  • Sounds awesome! :D

  • We would love to see a bulldog :D ^^

  • Thanks for the recommendation Dash!!!

  • We love the suggestion Emma! Tell your friends to vote :D :) <3

  • haha ^^ Good point :D

  • :D Thanks for voting Dave!!! :D

  • Oh Wow!!! <3 this!!!!

  • Thanks Smidge! :)

  • =^-^= Hey Stephanie! Thanks for voting.

  • Thanks Cathy! :D

  • Great suggestion Marissa! :D :D :D

  • Those sound fun =^-^=

  • Thanks for voting Argo! :D

  • That would be cute Taylor! :D

  • Yes! Ferrets! :D hehe

  • =^-^= YAY Oriahna!!!

  • That’s a popular one. We will have to consider!!!! :D

  • Thanks Chaos! ;)

  • Thanks for voting Timi! :D

  • So cute Sydney! :D

  • Thanks for voting Melinda! ;) ^^^

  • Cool suggestion Cypress! :D

  • Meow =^-^= <3 <3

  • Thanks for voting Alexis! :D

  • Thanks Cya!! :)

  • Good point Arabella :D

  • Hey Jeru, Thanks for voting! :D

  • It’s added to the list! Tell your friends to vote :D

  • Hi Josmarie! :D >>> Thanks for voting.

  • Thanks Emily! :)

  • ;3 YAY Elemiel! :D

  • OH yeah! We remember them! :D

  • :D Thanks Shay!

  • Good one Rosie! :) :)

  • :3 They are so cute! =^^=

  • Thanks Ximena! :D

  • He’s SO cute!!! :D

  • Thanks Shelby!!!! :D

  • Thanks for voting!!! :)

  • Thanks for the recommendation Leafmint. :)

  • Thanks for voting Greg! :D :D :D

  • Cool Peridot :D

  • Hi Sonia! <3 :D <3 :D

  • That would be cute! Thanks Katrina!

  • That would be Awesome!!! :D :D :D <3

  • Thanks for the suggestion Mariah! =^-^= <3 We love the kitties!!!

  • That’s a popular one Adriana! :D

  • <3 <3 <3 Thanks for voting =^-^=

  • Thanks for voting!!! :D :D :D

  • HAHA that’s fun too! :D

  • Thanks for voting JimJim! :)

  • Katie Holloway-Cook

    Toothless Kigurumi!!! We need a Toothless Kigurumi!

  • Heather Weinstock

    Thank you.

  • Glasses426

    I’d like to see an Orange Tiger Kigurumi.

  • =^-^= We have this TIGER! :D

  • Hey Katie!!!!

    Toothless is HERE!!!! :D :D :D <3 <3 >>>> https://kigurumi-shop.com/toothless-kigurumi-how-to-train-your-dragon/

  • Hi Guys!!!

    We’ve had a lot of requests for TOOTHLESS the DRAGON and he’s finally here!!! Check him out > https://kigurumi-shop.com/toothless-kigurumi-how-to-train-your-dragon/

  • Kyuumi

    Nyanko Sensei Kigurumi please :D

  • Thanks for voting Nyanko! :D >>

  • Cathy Picciolo

    Two headed dragon kigurumi please!!!

  • Kitty

    Cockatoo/Cockatiel Kigu!!! <3 I've been waiting for one. ;_;

  • marquel alexander

    Oogie boogie!

  • Cathy Picciolo


  • Kelsey Eck

    Sounds adorable! Thanks for you vote! :D

  • Kelsey Eck

    hehe that’s a new one ;)

  • Kelsey Eck

    That would be so awesome! Thanks for voting <3

  • Kelsey Eck

    Two headed dragon?! Never thought of that one! :D

  • Kelsey Eck

    Thanks for voting Kyuumi! :D

  • Kelsey Eck

    Seems like a good choice. Thanks! :D :D :D

  • Cathy Picciolo

    How about a crocodile kigurumi?

  • Chaeli Cardenas

    Can Lynx be an option?!

  • Britton Green
  • Katana B
  • Cassandra Le Zazzelz

    Please make a Dream Otter 💜

  • That sounds awesome! Have you seen our dragon kigurumi or the snake?

  • Hi Kitty! Thanks for voting :D

  • Thanks for the recommendation Marquel! :D >>

  • Hi Cathy! :D thanks for the suggestion. Have you seen the flying squirrel kigurumi!!! >>


  • =^-^= Thanks for voting Chaeli!!! :D

  • What a cool idea Britton! :D

  • That’s the cutest little thing!!! <3 <3

  • <3 Thanks for voting Cassandra! <3

  • Ardale Obia

    Pikachu kigarumi

  • Cathy Picciolo

    Little twin stars Kiki and Lala kigurumi PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE MAKE THAT HAPPEN!!!!!!

  • Hi Ardale,

    We are looking into it. Thanks for the suggestion! :D

  • Hi Cathy! That would be SO cute! Thanks for the recommendation! :D <3

  • Jessica

    You guys should make a Beagle kigurumi!!
    That would be so cute!! :000

  • Oh my gosh! I love Beagles! Thanks for the recommendation :D :D :D

  • Cam Jirrey

    Please make a Spyro Kigu next!!!

  • Jennifer B.

    They should make a ryo ohki kigurumi

  • Cathy Picciolo


  • Batssassin

    I would definitely love to see a German Shepherd Kigurimi!!!!

  • Daniel Duffy

    I would so get the Ferret Kigurimi. Make that happen please!!

  • kevjg

    Man, I know there are so many others with more votes (good ones too), but I would just be so thrilled if there were an official Sazac sanctioned Tanuki/Raccoon themed kigurumi that was available to purchase from you guys. I’m imagining something kind of like Mario in his Tanooki Suit.
    I came across some others after digging fairly deep which were somewhat close, but those were not official Sazac kigurumis and I’d rather actually get the real deal directly from you guys :(
    Also, it sounds like you’re trying, but it would be sincerely amazing to be able to get Pokémon kigurumis from you as well. More official Pokémon kigurumi options would also be great!

  • Thanks for the thoughtful message! We were looking into creating a Tanuki Kigurumi earlier this year, but decided to focus on other animals. I’ll bring up the Tanuki idea again.

    We are trying our hardest to get the license to make Pokemon Kigurumi! Keep your fingers crossed for us!

  • kevjg

    Hey, thanks so much for the response! Much appreciated!
    I’ll be rooting for ya!!

  • Ellie Gorgon
  • Beau Smith

    How about a pitbull one or grateful dead bears?

  • Iz

    I would sell my soul for a moth kigurumi.

  • test

  • Stef

    A spider kigurumi or a toucan kigurumi would rock!!!

  • stef

    A bearded dragon kigurumi would be nice

  • Lola

    What about having a Pelican kigurumi or a crocodile and a King Charles spaniel (one of the cutest dog breeds) kigurumi

  • Lola
  • Lola

    A beluga whale or an ant eater could make an interesting kigurumi

  • Thanks for all the suggestions, Lola! I’m adding them now :)

  • Ooo, that’s a good one!

  • Thanks, Beau! The Grateful Dead Bears may require a license, but I’m adding your Pitbull idea to the vote page ^^

  • Beautiful! I’m adding it now :)

  • Kat Fin

    I would absolutely love to see a dreaming hippo

  • Bek

    Bobcat needs to be added to that list! Lol

  • Nichole Ralston

    Omg I *NEED* a ferret kigu so I can dress up like my chunky ferret Kodo!

  • Kat

    Purple hippo purple hippo purple hippo purple hippo purple hippo purple hippo purple hippo purple hippo please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!