Katie’s Encyclopedia: Curious as a Goat

April 10, 2012

You talkin' 'bout me?

You talkin' 'bout me?

Here are a few interesting facts you might want to know. Just in case you come across a goat and need to defend yourself…

Quick Facts

1. Goats are incredibly intelligent and curious. They’ll investigate anything that catches their eye. (Keep your wallets secured!) They typically like to investigate fences. If they find a weak spot in a fence, they will escape! And they’ll keep doing it just to peeve off people. Troublemakers!

2. They’ll eat almost anything. They’ll nibble on anything that sparks their curiosity (including fingers!).

3. They are quite the climbers. These little guys are known for their ability to climb over even the most unusual of things.

Aside from their bad habits goats are very tricky by nature, so be on guard. What are some other things you can do to protect yourself from these things?


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A Little History of Kigurumi

April 6, 2012



How did these quirky costumes come to be? 

Well, the word “Kigurumi” comes from a combination of two Japanese words: kiru (“to wear”) and nuigurumi (“stuffed toy”). Traditionally, it referred specifically to the performers wearing the costume, but the word has since grown to include the costumes themselves. In Japan, kigurumi costumes are worn as a way to break the conventions of traditional dress… or just as comfy pajamas!

Yay, nap time just got even better! >.<

Where do they come from?

Kigurumi Shop’s costumes are manufactured by Sazac, the most respected and successful kigurumi manufacturer. They were the first! The particular style of kigurumi you see here at Kigurumi-Shop was originated by Sazac, and they pay great attention to detail by using the highest quality material insuring that your kigurumi will last.

It’s always great to know where your favorite things come from. Are you curious about the origin of anything else? (I found out yesterday how cheese is made. D:)  Let me know in a comment below!


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Katie’s Encyclopedia: Why Cats Have a Bad Rep

April 3, 2012



Let me be honest, I think cats are adorable. I love how easy they are to cuddle and play with. Recently, however, I was told by someone very close to me that cats are “stupid”. Well, I think his face is stupid, but I know he has his reasons. I’m going to highlight a few reasons why I think people don’t appreciate the cuteness of cats as I do.

1. Cats are independent.

They do what they want to do. All they need you for is food and cuddling. 

2. Cats are lazy.

They play hard. They also sleep hard (up to 16 hours! D:)

3. Cats are moody.

They want to play with you so bad and then they just walk away to find some place else to fall asleep. Don’t get your feelings hurt, cats just have very short term goals. 

4. “My cat’s breath smells like cat food.”- Ralph Wiggum

It’s a little fishy sometimes.

5. Cats are selfish.

They want to play with you whenever, wherever, even if that interferes with your schedule.

Good enough to eat.

Good enough to eat.

Tell me below what you think about cats. How are cats not adorable to everyone??


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