Kigurumi Photos | From Our First Contest

September 18, 2011

We received so many great photos for our first photo contest that we wanted to feature some of our favorites!

To see the winners visit this post and scroll down.

Kigurumi Shop Hello Kitty

Pouting Hello Kitty

Kigurumi Shop Skeleton

Skeleton just hanging out. It's what the un-dead do.

Kigurumi Shop Tabby Cat

Tabby Cat!

Kigurumi Shop Giraffe

Giraffe + Photoshop Magic = Two Giraffes and a box!

Kigurumi Shop Kangaroo

Vintage Kangaroo

Kigurumi Shop Panda

Pondering Panda

Kigurumi Shop Hamster

Not really cute but it's still awesome!

Kigurumi Shop Dinosaur

A wild Dinosaur Kigurumi in its natural habit

Kigurumi Shop Fox

Sad Fox :(

Kigurumi Shop Panda


Thanks again to everyone who participated!

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~<3~ Kigurumi Shop

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Animals in Kigurumi

We received quite a few pics of animals in kigurumi for our recent photo contest. I wasn’t able to add them to our Facebook photo album because we really wanted to see people in kigurumi, but these were too cute to not share!

Cute Kitteh in Panda Kigurumi

From Shawna

Cute Guinea Pig in Kigurumi

From April (found on

Angry Kitteh in Kigurumi

From Michael

Cute Kitteh in Kigurumi

Sebastin, from Slflower1950



~<3~ Kigurumi Shop

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